• Things are Messed Up When Putin Makes More Sense than Obama

    September 27, 2012

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    While Barack “Blood on My Hands Ya’ll” Obama bullied his way through the United Nations, basically saying he was too busy ordering drone strikes with his new NSA-supplied iPhone app to meet with any world leaders, and making a speech demanding regime change Armageddon style in Syria, Russia’s bare chested leader… made… sense.

    Putin said things like: “Violence only begets violence,” and that the international community should operate as a united front to soothe the tensions in the Mideast. Looking at how well things have worked out in Iraq, Libya and in Syria, Putin claimed that bloody regime change only fuels further unrest.

    Putin also said that attempts to circumvent U.N.-led diplomatic efforts would prove destructive. “Such action is fraught with potential for destabilization and chaos. Life has recently given us proof that this is correct. It is time for us to draw lessons from what is happening.”

    FYI: Estimate are that at least 30,000 people have been killed since the Syrian revolt began and hundreds of thousands have been displaced, many fleeing to neighboring countries such as Turkey and Jordan. Iraq took some 100,000 lives in its US-sponsored regime-change-a-poolza, and they still aren’t done counting heads (when they can be located) in Libya.

    It is way whack ya’ll when Bond-villain in waiting Putin makes more sense than our Nobel Peace Prize winning president.

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    • Eric Hodgdon said...


      International Affairs

      As our movements continue, a base is established in Australia, to bolster the Straits of Moluccas coverage, and maybe a much larger staging ground for later events? Or, is it to watch Indonesia?

      Will protection of Taiwan continue?
      China has always been a people a plenty place, is building its forces up, bent on re-taking Formosa, but there strength is a question, as their historical inward-looking habit would imply designs are not in geographical conquest.

      Russia continues to talk about consequences and destabilization. Is there real force behind the words? Can a leaner meaner Russia match old Uncle Sam, now seen with cane in hand, grey streaks about the temples.

      Is there a surprise brewing somewhere, other than economics, resource scrambles, or climate change concerns?

      More so are these, followed by some sort of Bio-weapon such as Monsanto’s latest attempt to create yet more poison proof seeds, so their poisons can continue to poison.

      This Bio-Tech is the unknown danger, Monsanto aside. Compact, portable, self-replicating, mutating, designed with the intent to kill, can be made to act once and die, or repeat for x-number of cycles. And then we’ve got our own Defense Department working on Neuro-Weapons of even more hideous proportions – see ScienceNews.org.

      Will our military ever stand down?
      Constant warfare has always depleted population or treasury, or both.

      Will we ever hold true to our mission at home? providing the required equalization of those factors which mark us as decent people, instead of the current descending nation?

      Mutually Beneficial Economics must replace the cutthroat cannibalistic capitalism few enjoy today.

      10/9/12 8:07 AM | Comment Link

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