• Iraq all Obama’s Fault

    September 29, 2012

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    This article is hilarious, just LOL funny. I gotta catch my breath. OK, The piece is from the ultra-conservative Hoover Institute at Stanford (Motto: Opposing Whatever You Like), people who still think Condi Rice was a great leader and that George Bush had nothing at all– nothing– to do with the mess in Iraq.

    Ok, spoiler alert: It is all the black guy’s fault.

    Where to begin? The Hooverite says:

    Little more than two years ago, Iraq seemed headed on a sure path to stability. A new Iraqi state seemed to be emerging in which enduring U.S. interests—ensuring the stable flow of Iraq’s oil, denying Iraq as a base for terrorist groups, and preventing Iraq from destabilizing the broader region—would be secure.

    All true, as long as you also don’t believe in gravity (“just a theory”) and ignore the constant sectarian violence that has eaten Iraq alive since unleashed by the US invasion of 2003.

    Hooverville continues:

    The political pact among Iraq’s main parties—the accommodation that has guaranteed the dramatic reduction in violence since mid-2008—is unraveling. Whether driven by fear, or tempted by an opportunity not to be missed, or both, Prime Minister Nuri Maliki’s Da’wa party sparked a crisis on December 15 by moving to purge its top political rivals within hours of the ceremony marking the departure of the last U.S. forces.

    What political pact? The half-assed efforts wrought by the US, or the Shiite-dominated power structure put in place by the Iranians eight months after the last US-led election failures.


    Our troops have left Iraq because Prime Minister Maliki and his Da’wa party saw no compelling interest in our staying. Nor do Maliki and Da’wa see a compelling interest, at present, in securing the country against Iranian influence. This is because he and Da’wa are embarked on a project to consolidate power and permanently eliminate Baathism and former Baathists from public life, aims that our military presence tends to impede but that the Iranian regime and its Iraqi militant proxies often support.

    Where to begin. Removing the Baathists was America’s goal in 2003, dumbass. Maliki spent his Saddam years in exile in Iran, and came to power in 2010 through Iranian influence. Of course he will seek closer ties with Iran. Why could anyone possibly be surprised by this?


    Historians will puzzle over how a nine-year American military campaign resulted not in democracy, but in an Iraq led by a would-be strongman, riven by sectarianism and separatism, and increasingly aligned with America’s regional adversaries… Perhaps, in the end, this is what comes of having declared an end to a war that is not over.

    I am speechless. Hooverman, read my book if you want answers. If you don’t like my version, try Tom Rick’s Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq. America got exactly the Iraq we created. The problems began in 2003, because of 2003. Don’t try now to blame it on Obama.

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    • Rich Bauer said...



      It’s all our fault because we’re addicted to the stuff; we pulled out of Iraq like a sailor who sobered up after a night of sexual escapades realizing the “homecoming queen” he was with was the whore of Babylon.

      btw – I never trusted the author, Lieutenant Colonel Joel Rayburn. Here he is communicating with the “enemy.”


      09/29/12 3:25 PM | Comment Link

    • Jhoover said...


      Iraq War the Greatest Disaster in American History

      09/29/12 7:26 PM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      What’s just as scary? That there are people that believe in the perspective pushed by the Hoover Institute or that it is perfectly okay to sex up intel “analyses”. Or that this person enjoyed almost a long career in intel. Perhaps the Hoover takes requests and could write a companion piece on where are the uranium stockpiles, the ones that precipitated the invasion.

      Sounds like a revisionist effort to attribute blame to who lost Iraq, as if we ever had it

      09/29/12 11:21 PM | Comment Link

    • Jhoover said...


      Before the 2003 I met two Americans in my work place one was a Computer programer and other is academic lecturer while we had a lot of talk and discussion I put these some points which I think need to stop on them how US citizen thinks in regards to Arab/Muslim countries specially to Iraq:
      The Computer Programmer
      1. ME @ Q- Why us support Israeli despite they having good friends in the region may more important than Israel in the region like Saudi kingdom and other gulf countries
      2. Him@ A – Religious things- most American thinks that NOT supporting Israel will brings disaster to US as it happen some hurricanes and so one and so forth.
      3. Him@ Is Turkey Islamic rules should be an example for future Iraq political future:
      4. Is turkey political system and Islamic system?
      5. Him@ No answer
      6. Him@ adding, Ba’ath party members are the most savage guys in Iraq and they control all the country!!
      7. Him@ Q- Why Saudi /Arab selling their oil to US not give us free!!
      8. Me@ A- did you give them you weaponry free?

      The cadmic
      When starting first discussion he shouting in front of me that GW Bush is maniac??
      He asked me what I am thinking if US troops goes to Iraq are the people of Iraq will welcome them with flowers?
      I replied NO they fight them with Kalashnikov (AK-47)
      Then I added if your country going to Iraq be aware of Iranian, make sure you seal the Eastern borders with Iran???

      09/30/12 8:57 AM | Comment Link

    • Jhoover said...


      تركيا تبعد معارضاً إيرانياً إلى العراق بناءً على طلب أمريكا
      Turkey deporting Iranian apposition to Iraq after CIA calling for his reals after been arrested inside Turkey for fraudulent passport!!

      Why Iraq? Anyone have answer CIA action?

      09/30/12 11:25 AM | Comment Link

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