Bosom buddies?

This photo was taken at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., where Christina Aguilera, a UN World Food Program Ambassador, was being honored for her philanthropic work.

At a ceremony hosted by the former first lady, Aguilera, along with business tycoon David Novak, were awarded this year’s George McGovern Leadership Award in recognition of their help in fighting global hunger. Together, Aguilera and Novak, are said to “have raised $115 million for the WFP and others, providing 460 million meals to hungry children around the globe.”

Bosom buddies? Getting ready for breast cancer awareness week? Or is Hillary still thinking about laughing off war with Iran? We kinda expect these sorts of things from Bill, but I guess it runs in the family.

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  • Your Pal on said:

    Yes, you were let go. Yes, you are angry. No, you don’t need to post lame sexist crap. Go back to your usual analysis.

    • I wouldn’t call this sexist per se, perhaps a bit cheeky, maybe a little mean.

      My point is not to comment on Hillary’s sexuality but to point out she lacks the core diplomatic skills of class, dignity and professional presentation America needs. Her qualifications for the job were dubious, and the results were thus predictable. In return for playing the role during Bill’s intern sex scandal, Hillary was rewarded with a Senate seat. She did not distinguish herself there, voting, among other things, in favor of the Iraq invasion. Then, in return for her playing the role in bowing out of the 2008 presidential race, she was rewarded with the SecState job on a very, very short leash. She now expects that in return for playing nice in that role, she will be the candidate in 2016. She is not so qualified.

  • John Poole on said:

    OK, I’ll bite. Who says Bubba’s fabled satyristic proclivities aren’t his way denying and fighting a shameful “orientation”. This is psych 101 folks.

  • John Poole on said:

    To Your Pal: Trying to dwell into Hillary’s psyche is an attempt at saving lives (not necessarily hers). She hangs with creeps like Baker who use terms like “Take ’em out” in reference to military action which would be horrendous. Her sexuality IS important. My guess is that repressed sexual
    fetishes account for most of the misery all humans experience. I doubt PVB is sexist. He wants change and gleaning our political operators real identity can make us all safer from the militaristic madness that rules in DC.

  • jo6pac on said:

    she will be the candidate in 2016. She is not so qualified.

    dog I hope not but I just couldn’t help to pass along the picture and thanks for tell us about were it came from.

  • Lafcadio on said:

    PVB, you’ve seen similar pictures before, after all, you used to work in CA!

    Hillary and her sychophantic cronys tend to operate under the old George Costanza rule. To wit: it’s not a lie if you believe it.

  • jo6pac, my apologies for not crediting you as the person who pointed out this epic image of Hillary and her close friends. You provided a public service.

  • Kyzl Orda on said:

    It’s funny, along with other State employees, I was supposed to receive an award from Secretary Clinton. For volunteering in a Haiti crisis assignment. Instead, the day before I was supposed to attend the ceremony, (I had been notified by someone in R i think??) I was removed from the Department after requesting an Ombudsman over events taking place in ECA, my bureau.

    My supervisor had refused to issue two performance evaluations I requested and my career was being wrecked after I raised red flags about cancelling the Fulbright program for Gazans, that would have among other things stranded these Fulbrighters who’d have been removed from the US (where they were) and dropped in a third country with their minor-aged kids – possibly indefinitely since they didnt have required Israeli clearance to enter the West Bank in order to get back to Gaza, which was the route PAS Jerusalem had been trying to negotiate. I was accused of ‘disloyalty’ for warning a PAS office in the Department. Later then-Secretary Rice had to step in and REINSTATE the Fulbright program for Gaza when it was cancelled (That is an interesting story too, including how the officer in PAS Jerusalem who was blamed had been subject of bullying by my office of Fulbright leading up to that event. He too had opposed canceling the program and was notified by me of retaliation I encountered before the program was cancelled months later – in fact just before that happened).

    It’s ironic the Agency cant have a level playing field — unless you are someone connected and in a superior position. What’s perturbing looking at the picture – is seeing two people who are lucky to have the positions they do yet there’s more meaningful work remaining to be done.

    Like what? Per the WFP’s own literature (sourced below) 89% of its donations go toward its food operations and for $1, that will buy 4 meals-in-a-cup for kids. It’s stated in on of the other links below, about $17-22 million is being spent on food programs in Iraq for 800,000 kids — which buys a 100 gram high energy biscuit and 200 ml (about a measuring cup) of milk.

    I hope I missed important figures somewhere because if this is correct, that means a high energy biscuit and little thing of milk costs $21-$27 a day for each kid. That’s more than the $16 a muffin USDA deal in Washington DC. and this isnt even Washington DC. If these figures are right, couldnt the Secretary and Ms Aguilerra advocate for more food to be added to these kids meals? A biscuit and bit of milk seems not quite right

    It’s bad enough food programs for poor kids in our own schools are being cut. But there’s money out there to support such programs





  • John Poole on said:

    For Jo6pack. I don’t see Hillary running for the POTUS in 2016. Her ethical dementia will be in full bloom by then and even her loyal supporters might be wincing and looking away.

  • jo6pac on said:

    JP, thanks I feel a little better but I’m sure we’ll just have another cycle-0-path in her place.

  • Dear Peter,

    Lesbians like nice jugs, too.

    Per JP:

    “My guess is that repressed sexual fetishes account for most of the misery all humans experience” —

    So true! Overplaying one’s hand, underplaying …
    Sad to think that the satyr WJC was overcompensating for his role as Hillary’s beard. “Billary” … the original “Brangelina”?

  • John Poole on said:

    Lisa- what’s titillating about looking at plump plastic baggies inserted under the skin on top of the rib cage? It’s sad to realize how women have been mislead about what is alluring.

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