• Just Say No: Syrian Rebel Leader Calls for “Marshall Plan”

    October 20, 2012

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    Whoever the hell is now a “leader” among the thugs and al Qaeda wanna-be’s in Syria has stated that once his guys kill off most of the other guys and thus free Syria, he wants the west to drop a load of cash on him, a new Marshall Plan.

    “In the aftermath of the destruction we are convinced Syria needs a Marshall-style plan to ensure it stands again on solid financial and economic ground,” the thug said. “Without real comprehensive development, we will open up the opportunity for the growth of all kinds of extremism.”

    The US loves spending money overseas on reconstructing things. We spent $44 billion on Iraq and are over $70 billion in Afghanistan. I’m sure whomever is in the White House when the bank vault is opened to Syria will be tickled pink to reconstruct them too. Using your money, ‘natch.

    By the way, the Marshall Plan cost $12.7 billion in 1947 bucks, with its 2008 inflation adjusted cost of $115.3 billion.

    I think we should reconstruct America.

    So please say this to every politician and political candidate you run across:

    For me to give you my vote, do this: for every school, home and road we built in Iraq and Afghanistan (and Syria), build two here at home. For every soldier, hire the same number of people here at home to do the work, at the same pay and the same benefits. Buy all the materials as local as you can.

    When the politician says we can’t pay for that, tell’em to pay for it exactly the same way they paid for it when it was happening overseas. When they say we can’t do that because it’s unfair, or unequal or socialism, tell’em to do it here for whatever the hell reason justified it over there. When they say we had to spend the money abroad to defend America, just smile at ‘em and say that building jobs in America defends America better than any killing abroad does. Make them respond to all that. Create jobs, and we’ll see from there.

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    • Kyzl Orda said...


      This is like the Peter Sellars film, The Mouse that Roared

      10/20/12 6:37 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      I can’t be sure whether we are clueless patsies or the USA has some strange long range plan to shop for local thugs to use for a few years before bigger plans are put in motion in the region.
      I still can’t make any sense of the decision to kill Gaddafi by the USA via NATO proxies.
      I was there in Tripoli two years ago and there was no inkling that that he was doomed. Saw former PA governor Tom Ridge trying to sell his “security” services to the regime. The whole thing is a head scratcher!

      10/20/12 9:08 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      quote:“Without real comprehensive development, we will open up the opportunity for the growth of all kinds of extremism.” unquote

      That’s what I said to my congresscritter. His answer…”But we have the NDAA.”

      10/21/12 11:44 AM | Comment Link

    • Eric Hodgdon said...


      Money solves little, it only perpetuates the present.

      Acknowledging that Capitalism requires an external input for it to work escapes most economists, because they think solely from the perspective of the country they are in. So, for them and their theories, Capitalism will work, because there is an external input from the other countries.


      But, today our economy is said to be a part of the global economy, so now, the global economy is singular, so now there is no external input, so now, Capitalism will not work.

      By work, I mean, the economics of Capitalism will not raise the standard of living or raise the quality of life, for everyone.

      Should this be a goal? That is to say, in economical-wise thinking,

      “If the goal of any government is not to provide equality, or even a 5 to 1 difference in standards of living AND quality of life, then that government needs to be replaced. Governments are to enable, and require as much equality in these two areas, because it is why they exist.

      Government is to protect its citizens. Protection comes when all citizens have a common and equal formation. This formation is from birth to adulthood. This formation is from an equality of food, housing, education, etc.

      Is this socialism or draconian planned society?

      Not necessarily.

      Too often people grow up (formation) in poverty and or in crime riddled cites and towns in America. And it perpetuates generation to generation. This is unacceptable and criminal. It is not freedom. There is no liberty. There is only a continuation of conditions inflicted on children which perpetuates into the next generation.

      This inequality has been accelerated by changes in reasonable laws. Those reasonable laws had protected citizens of this country somewhat. However, now, without them, anarchy was revitalized and enriched, great harm can to many Americans – the opposite of why we have government – to protect the citizens.

      I do not advocate planned or socialistic outcomes or economics. My concern is having my fellow citizens with the tools they need, with the abilities they require, by a common and equal formation. The results will never be perfect, but it will make a large difference after a few generations.

      For too long Americans let poverty fester in an open sore, here in the United States, and did nothing but make it worse. Throwing money at the problem does not work.

      The money must be planted so it can grow.

      The wealth of the country is immense, and came from workers working and the external inputs, it does not belong to those who extracted from their fellow Americans sweat and blood.

      10/21/12 6:54 PM | Comment Link

    • Comprehending what the Marshall Plan was | Machholz's Blog said...


      […] Just Say No: Syrian Rebel Leader Calls for “Marshall Plan” (wemeantwell.com) […]

      11/1/12 2:27 PM | Comment Link

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