• Your Son May Die in Mali: Clinton Seeks Yet Another War

    October 31, 2012

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    While Hurricane Sandy dominated the ever-shorter attention span of America’s media, Secretary of State Clinton slithered off to Algeria in hopes of involving the US in another war in next-door Mali.

    Clinton was in Algeria seeking support for “intervention” into yet another country threatened by “al Qaeda.” She is doing this because the other interventions have worked out so well in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Never Neverland. The idea is to gather up some willing African troops as ground fodder, supported by US (and French) logistics, drones, special forces and the like, wrap it in a UN bow and start killing us some more Muslims (in Mali).

    Despite the attractiveness of having foreign troops marauding around its territory (and the French have a particularly horrific history in Algeria, of course), Algeria seems cool to the idea. Among other concerns, the Algerians are worried that the troops could push extremists out of Mali and back across its own borders. Algeria has maintained a modus vivendi with the bad boys on its border and sees no reason to stir things up just because the US has found another location to export the War of Terror to.

    The US of course remains blind to the continuing failure of its war orgasms, and in particular their horrendous secondary effects. In fact, the new “crisis” in Mali is sort of our fault. The fall of Qaddafi in Libya prompted ethnic Tuareg rebels from Mali, who had been fighting alongside Qaddafi’s forces, to return to northern Mali with weapons from Libyan arsenals. They joined with Qaeda-affiliated Islamist militants who had moved to the lightly policed region from Algeria, and the two groups easily drove out the weakened Malian army in late March and early April. Then the Islamists turned on the Tuaregs, chasing them off and consolidating control in the region in May and June. But hey, we got another regime change notch in our belt, so it’s cool.

    Mali is a wasteland, so the war is unlikely to make things too much worse, right? About half the population live below the international poverty line of US$1.25 a day.

    The 100% percent-substance free official State Department read-out of the Algerian trip was contained in the longest run-on sentence in bureaucratic history: Virtually the entire meeting portion focused on our counterterrorism cooperation and Mali, and they agreed that we need to now work together to build on our existing strong U.S.-Algerian counterterrorism cooperation to work together against the problems that are being exported from Mali and to help Bamako and ECOWAS with the AU and the UN support as well deal with the security threats inside of Mali.

    BONUS: Savage War of Peace by Alistair Horne is one of the best books about the Algerian war for independence against the French. The book is also important reading in that it discusses the French decision to employ torture against the Algeria rebels, and details the extreme costs to the French in terms of loss of moral superiority that flowed from that choice. The book is also a textbook in counter-insurgency warfare, albeit once again mostly negative lessons.

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    • Rich Bauer said...


      Given the incredible (read: unbelievable) mess our fearless leaders have gotten US into (e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc), perhaps it is time for the spineless Congress to take the keys away from them and put an end to their mindless intervention in areas they have proven to be incompetent. They know not what they do.

      Speaking of incredible events, the WAPO actually wants US to know what its going on too.


      10/31/12 8:33 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      The chicken hawks lay an egg:

      “Of course, instead of continuing to waste all of this money on government security efforts, America could be made even safer by simply meddling far less in Islamic countries. No one has ever paid much attention to this primary reason that Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda have given for attacking U.S. targets, because it wasn’t in the interest of politicians and security agencies to lessen the fear of voters and taxpayers, who would reward them with additional votes and dollars, respectively. In fact, then-President George W. Bush preposterously told us that al-Qaeda was attacking us for our freedoms. This enraged bin Laden, who put out a lengthy rebuttal and tried to refocus the world on U.S. interventions in the Islamic world. But of course, at that point no one was interested in paying attention to an evil mass murderer, even thought it might have been astute to ascertain what motivates an enemy to attack.”


      10/31/12 11:23 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Peter- if the parents are “into” having their son or daughter serve this monstrous empire there should be no pity. Only sadists would serve the American empire now. The pathology of our current leaders or wanna bes is clear. They WANT Jesus to reappear. There is a religious insanity to Obama and Hillary.

      11/1/12 1:16 AM | Comment Link

    • teri said...


      Regarding sons of America dying in Mali (should anyone be stupid enough to sign up, like, on purpose):
      Let’s carve “We came, we saw, he died” on their tombstones. Hillary can carry the wreaths herownself. ‘Twould be fitting.

      11/1/12 9:43 AM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      “Regarding sons of America dying in Mali”


      (a) Let it be resolved, all first military draft choices for any new wars per 822-02(b), declared or not, shall be drawn from those names of age eligible sons/daughters of all elected and appointed Federal officials who vote yes for any war, or for funding of any and all military budgets per 822-02(b).

      (b)New wars shall be defined as any military action after January 1, 2013, of a period no less than 10 seconds, so stipulated by the Executive branch, in any foreign nation, state, ocean or cyberspace, by either personnel, machine, or data.

      (c) All inductees, per 822-02(a) shall serve their duty for no less than 6 years active service in those sphere’s of conflict per military action voted as yes, by their respective Federally elected or appointed parent, or until such time said military actions have been officially terminated, by either order of the Executive branch, DOD, or vote of Congress, or by death of inductee.

      (d) Should service be terminated by death, all possible future military income of deceased inductees, shall be reconstituted to the Federal Reserve Audit fund, which shall be managed by the Peoples Congressional Wallstreet Indictment committee, who by vested authority, shall use said fund for the express purpose of identifying, arrest, and prosecution, of any and all parties who financially profit from any military action per 822=02(b), which was authorized by virtue of a yes vote, by any elected Congressional member, or the President of the United States, who received $1 or more in campaign contributions from those parties in question.

      (d.01) Any and all elected or appointed officials, who by virtue of evidence entered into the Court record at any trial of those parties, convicted per 822-02(d), shall be indicted per the NDAA for the charge of terrorism, per “material support of terrorism”, by virtue of military actions which said elected official voted for authorization, result in collateral damage to innocent parties in any and all foreign nation, country, state, or ocean.

      (d.02) For purposes of National Security, any and all elected or appointed Federal officials who, by virtue of (d.01), under the appropriate sections of the NDAA, shall be deemed a “terrorist”, and indefinitely detained, with no access to any due process, regardless of any Constitutionally guaranteed right, until such time the NDAA should be deemed either(a)unconstitutional by the Supreme Court,(b)amended by Congress to remove said Sections, or (c), violent overthrow of the US Government by the citizens of the United States, who, by virtue of the citizen group in power, shall ..well, do as they damn well please, but hopefully will include restoring the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land.

      I had a dream last night. 🙂

      11/1/12 6:11 PM | Comment Link

    • Eric Hodgdon said...


      I’m astounded. I’m in awe.

      Never before in our recorded history has any combination of letters been so formed into such an arrangement as you have done so, and which still makes absolute and prefect sense – why it’s so fantastic as to be unbelievable – and yet there it is for the entire world to see and admire.

      Good job.

      However, because of its perfection, it won’t pass committee review. While it has the required complexities and paramount Byzantine inter-dependencies, perfection in Congress is seen as unintelligible.

      11/1/12 9:46 PM | Comment Link

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