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    December 11, 2012

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    Well, to be honest, it was just one email, but it says much about the quality of law-abiding American who thinks it is perfectly righteous to gun down some smart-mouthed punk in a McDonald’s. Out of pity more than anything else, I’ll omit the sender’s email address, though quite appropriately it was sent from an AOL.com account and no doubt typed on an aging Windows 95 system. Here’s the email in its entirety:

    Gee you are certainly an objective source of information.

    It appears that you are so full of fecal material that it is flowing out of your auditory canals.

    Translation: You are so full of Sh*t that it’s coming out of your ears.

    You obviously have some sort of axe to grind.

    This is poetry. Note the attempt at sarcasm to lead off– “Gee you are certainly an objective source of information” which is hilarious because see, it isn’t really true.

    Then the body, using repetition signaled by the clever transitional device of employing the word Translation. Symbolically, this could stand in for the gap between the rough-and-tumble world of law enforcement, where gun fights in fast food restaurants are necessary, and the soft-handed world of the blogger, where the only violence visited is the occasional incorrect punctuation,

    And finally, as a jarring conclusion, the zinger of a cliche dropping some knowledge on you. See, it all meant something.

    Thank you, dear reader, for this holiday season gift. And hey officer, time to back away from the word processor. Those donuts aren’t going to eat themselves you know!

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    • Rich Bauer said...


      AOL LOL

      12/11/12 2:39 PM | Comment Link

    • jo6pac said...


      Another shill for Amerikas govt.

      12/11/12 2:51 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      “Finally I’ve found something that combines my love of helping people with my love of hurting people.”

      Homer Simpson, on his job as a cop

      12/11/12 3:14 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      State can’t be blamed totally for the Dirty Deedy at McDonalds House of Pink Slime. If Congress gave a better per diem rate for Hawaii, they would not have to eat there.

      12/11/12 3:23 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      PVB- Now you know why Tom Engelhardt does not allow reader responses- too disheartening, vexing and tedious to wade through.

      12/11/12 5:03 PM | Comment Link

    • hruska at ranger said...


      I feel good when i get such comments at RANGERAGAINSTWAR because this shows that i’m getting thru their wire.

      12/11/12 6:12 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      quote:”If Congress gave a better per diem rate for Hawaii, they would not have to eat there.” unquote

      Oh, haven’t you heard. Pink slime is the BEST cure ever for a hangover. Why do you think it’s on the DOS’s “recommended list” of restaurants? The downside is, merely being in close proximity results in “lapses of judgement” that could cause death…especially if you are carrying a gun.

      12/11/12 6:55 PM | Comment Link

    • Eric Hodgdon said...


      Folks get a grip.

      Remember the Twinkie Defense?

      Deedy will walk.

      12/12/12 9:09 AM | Comment Link

    • Lafcadio said...


      Mr. Deedy is symptomatic, the utmost expression of the “managements” inabilty to manage or lead. Bad leadership and corrupt management produce “Deedy’s.” And the main reason there is no worthwhile management or leadership at State is that there are no consequences for failure.

      Unless you liberally define promotion and awards to be a consequence of failure.

      Just two examples: DS personnel were killed in Iraq when they tried to execute bootlegs and j-turns, elbaorate anti-terrorist driving manuevers, in heavily armored topheavy SUV’s that simply can’t make such manuevers, due to a little thing known as “physics.” No one was held responsible for these deaths. The training program at DS was quietly revamped to exclude bootlegs and j-turns, but no one was held responsible. My suspicion: the people who designed the training and thought it would work in all circumstances were all promoted.

      In the second example, somebody was actually held resposnsible, but State “rehabilitated” the person. Maura Harty, as head of Consular Affairs (an organization in which the three straight Assistant Secretary’s have been fired for varying degrees of malfeaseance/incompetence) was fired in 2007 for her failure in the great passport debacle of 2007, in which millions of Aericans were denied vacations, honeymoons, business opportunities, etc., because of CA’s failure to produce passports in a timely manner. Although the righteous indignation of the American people forced State to fire Harty, her good buddy, Janice Jacobs, took over at CA. A year later, she hired Maura’s husband in a phony make-work GS-15 positions, directly working for Ms. Jacobs, so the Harty family income wouldn’t suffer. Now the Office of the Inspector General has actually hired Ms. Harty herself, thereby corrupting two organizations in one move.

      These are just two of many. State is a disaster, and I’m drifting towards the scholl of thought of tearing the whole corrupt organization apart.

      12/12/12 10:57 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      “Mr. Deedy is symptomatic, the utmost expression of the “managements” inabilty to manage or lead. Bad leadership and corrupt management produce “Deedy’s.” And the main reason there is no worthwhile management or leadership at State is that there are no consequences for failure.”

      The fish rots from the head.


      12/12/12 1:36 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      quote:”The fish rots from the head.”unquote

      In this case, it produces a stench of Biblical proportions.

      12/12/12 4:58 PM | Comment Link

    • Lisa said...


      Dearest Peter,

      I must lead you to The Oatmeal for a very pithy take on this phenomenon:

      Please do see on Making Things — it will make you smile, I hope.


      12/13/12 3:38 AM | Comment Link

    • Eric Hodgdon said...


      “…that there are no consequences for failure.”

      I propose the People or Citizens must continually apply pressure on all of their governments.

      Strategically, focusing on the Pillars of Support will bring down any size of government, be it a dictatorship or elected dictatorship like in the USA.

      The Pillars of Support are the people hired in government, the citizens who obey the laws, and the infrastructure elements which supply the buildings and people in government. As can be quickly extrapolated, the number of pillars can be extensive. However, not all need be removed. A select number may cause enough instability to cause the necessary change in government to satisfy the citizens enough to notice a problem.

      For more information on this exciting topic in Non-Violent Methods, see http://www.aeinstein.org
      for several books – downloadable, such as,
      “From Dictatorship To Democracy” and
      “Self-Liberation” which outlines the study plan. They make excellent Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, and festive handouts. There’s even one for teens. Best of all, most are free. They will take donations.

      12/13/12 8:38 AM | Comment Link

    • mokibrabrant said...


      It is now the middle of Feb. 2013: I have continued to watch the mis-deeds of Deedy, not out of a sense of enjoyment or a fixation of the Macabre. But because I am not confident that we are not again witnessing the duality of our Justice System: Where either the well placed, or the well heeled (Pfluegar) have a wholly different standard of accountability: Pfluegar now, awaits trial for the mass murder on Kaui, now involuntary manslaughter, and has managed to delay his trial for the alleged crime for nearly 7 years: Though he has lost legal battles on so many fronts, it’s absurd, is currently on trial in Federal Court, has settled in civil court for his crime, and yet has not performed the pledged payouts, and simply has managed to go about his life, whatever that might entail, unfettered, as a free man.

      And Deedy, in a few more months will be drawing close to his two year anniversary of delays and specious motions: Again, still employed living outside the jurisdiction: His treatment from the onset has been one of preference, from my perspective. Somewhere, somehow, within 24 hours of his arrest, where of course he refused a sobriety test, which would be an additional charge for we mere mortals, and could have been subject to a compulsory blood test had cops desired. I’m confident had it been a dead police officer at the end of Deedy’s gun, we would surely have the results of a sobriety test. I digress. I new this would be an unusual case to follow, from the onset. Somehow, over a weekend, deedy had been granted bail, and allowed to leave the jurisdiction. Until his next court date. I have attempted to keep up with all the machinations of Mr. Hart, with regard his client, and time drags on, and witnesses, and evidence, and memories fade. Also the indignation of a collective memory tends to also become tempered.

      So I’m waiting, alive, alert, and somewhat wanting. The trial will happen won’t it: There won’t be some behind the scenes plea deal, that we will find out about after the fact will there?
      I think it would be prudent, for Collin’s family to reach out to a PR firm or the Press, keep this thing alive in the collective memory. I have a fantastic ability to not forget and to focus on those things that are of interest, and even in my mind all the nuance and preferential treatment accorded Deedy have escaped me.

      I am hopeful, not confident, this will be resolved in a court of law before a jury: I will view this as the conceited betrayal of a Judicial system with pronounced bias toward the privileged and the monied, if I awaken one morning to learn that Deedy has pleaded to a lessor offense, has been granted probation, and has been allowed to immediately leave the jurisdiction of the State. But then that would just be another in a litany of betrayals so commonplace here in the Islands: Where justice for the Rich, is the exception rather than the rule…………but I am watching.

      02/19/13 7:29 AM | Comment Link

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