• Hillary Calls in Sick on Benghazi

    December 17, 2012

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    Or will she go all-out and claim total amnesia?

    Hillary, now suffering from a self-inflicted concussion, dodges for the fifth time publicly testifying about the disaster in Benghazi. 2016 baby!

    Here is the piece-de-resistance de Clinton:

    Hillary Ducks Once

    Right after the attacks in Benghazi, when the US Government was still trying to sell the lie that it was all because of that dumb anti-Islam movie, Clinton did not go on the Sunday talk shows, Unter Fuhrer Susan Rice did it. And hey, Susan, how’d that work out for ya?

    Hillary Ducks Twice

    Then, just prior to the re-election of Barack Obama, lickspittle Hillary proudly proclaimed that she would assume full responsibility for what happened in Benghazi without actually saying or doing anything.

    Hillary Ducks a Third Time

    But, then she didn’t show up for the first round of Congressional hearings in November. Because she was “traveling.”

    MS. NULAND: Matt, they’ve asked for closed hearings, closed briefings; that’s what we’re complying with.

    QUESTION: The Secretary won’t appear before any of these committees?

    MS. NULAND: The Secretary has not been asked to appear. They’ve asked for the individuals that are coming.

    QUESTION: Would she be willing to fly back from Australia to appear?

    MS. NULAND: Again, she has not been asked to appear. She was asked to appear at House Foreign Affairs next week, and we have written back to the Chairman to say that she’ll be on travel next week.

    Hillary Ducks a Fourth Time

    So with the election now history, Congress scheduled some more hearings on Benghazi for December 20. Clinton was scheduled to appear and testify. But then we learned that State’s own internal report on the death of one of its ambassador’s abroad would be delayed and well, maybe Hillary would not be available. She is also listed as sole witness on the 9:00 am, December 20, hearing at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Benghazi: The Attack and the Lessons Learned.

    But then, maybe Hillary would not be available to testify. Here’s the exchange:

    MS. NULAND: Again, the Hill has talked about a planning date on the calendar. That presumes that the ARB is finished. I don’t have any dates – any schedule of the Secretary’s to announce here. It’s dependent upon events between now and then.

    QUESTION: She hasn’t committed to testify?

    MS. NULAND: Again, it’s dependent on the work being finished. Okay?

    QUESTION: Are you aware that Senator Kerry announced that she will testify next Thursday?

    MS. NULAND: She has made clear that when the work is ready, she will go consult with Congress on it. And that’s a commitment she’s made, and she intends to keep it.

    Hillary Ducks a Fifth Time

    Well, because that lame prevarication was not enough, just the other day Hillary announced that she had the flu, and would need to cancel some travel and work from home for a full week (government employees get great sick leave benefits). And since that excuse did not seem, um, sympathetic enough when most Americans are forced to go to work no matter how sick they are, we learned that Hils got dehydrated, passed out, hit her head and got a concussion!

    One More Time?

    Update: “She looks forward to continuing to engage with them in January and she will be open to whatever they consider appropriate in that regard,” Spokesdrone Nuland said following the concussion.

    And We’re Spent

    She will thus not be able to testify before the Senate on December 20. Of course we then plunge into Christmas, New Years and poof! before you know it Hillary’s time is up, John Kerry is sworn in as Secretary of State and we are all told we are looking forward, not backward.

    The upshot of all this is that Hillary ends her term as SecState without any naughty video of her fibbing about Benghazi to follow her into the history books.

    Or into 2016.

    Note: Of course I am not implying that Hillary is faking her concussion for personal political gain. All of us here at We Meant Well wish her a quick recovery, and a joyous holiday. We join in thanking her for her tireless service to America and hope she and her staff are feeling well soon.

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    • Rich Bauer said...


      What a choice for US to make in 2016: Betray-US or I-Forgot-US. Now that’s change none of US can believe in.

      12/17/12 3:38 PM | Comment Link

    • teri said...


      A whole bunch of people don’t believe this crap and aren’t fooled it – check out the comments under this article:


      12/17/12 5:19 PM | Comment Link

    • teri said...


      Aren’t fooled BY it. Sheesh.

      12/17/12 5:20 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Maybe there will be a Wrongful Death charge by one or both of the deceased SEALs survivors against Hag Hillary. If so I would assume such plaintiffs are furious at how she is tap dancing her way out of testifying.

      12/17/12 9:25 PM | Comment Link

    • Lafcadio said...


      So HRC basically gets away with dealing with Benghazi. Slippery politician escapes accountability.

      What a shock.

      I have a suggestion for holding someone accountable, although it’s not HRC (we can always wish).

      As I often point out, the Consular Bureau at State is a frickin disaster. But there is an opportunity to change that. Or, to be more accurate, at least change the people at the top.

      Former CA Assistant Secretary Maura Harty was fired in 2007 for bringing about the great passport debacle. Her successor and good buddy, Janice Jacobs, hired Harty’s husband, James Larner, at a phony make-work GS-15 positon. And after a cooling off period, and hoping that no one is watching, the Department just hired Harty herself. She works with State’s toothless OIG. But her main job will be to protect her buddy Jacobs from any criticism from within the ranks by finking on the whistleblowers to Jacobs.

      There is an opening here to get rid of Jacobs. When Obama begins his second term, all senior officials, political appointees and career, have to techincally submit their resignations. Usually, these are ignored and the person keeps serving in their current capacity. But if enough people voice their displeasure to our pathetic Congress and lousy press, we might prevent these twin travesty’s from further fucking up CA and State.

      See the links below. The first one is an old one that shows Harty married to Larner, document design coordinator at State. The others document various atrocities at CA.






      12/17/12 9:54 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      PVB: this highly flawed female has a huge fan base-mainly clueless gals, lesbians and many many many gays. I don’t know many hetero males who want her in politics. I have discussions with her supporters and they just go blank when I mention her monstrous actions and ethos. So, if she indeed ends up the POTUS in 2016 we have entered into Nero land.

      12/18/12 12:00 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Of course, HC will say this all a massive RIGHT- WING CONSPIRACY. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vast_right-wing_conspiracy

      “Secretary Clinton has sent letters to the chairs of both committees making it clear that she is open to further meetings after the holidays, when Congress is back in session and she is feeling better, said Nuland.

      “She was ready to testify, she very much wanted to, she was preparing to, and except for this illness, she would have been up there herself.”

      Can’t Susan Rice fill her spot?

      12/18/12 2:02 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      Benghazi.. who? Oh..isn’t that where diplomats or someone were having a party and someone played some kind of video porn, which drove the ambassador insane, and he went on a seltzer water shooting spree, showering everyone, until he pissed off a Seal, who, drunk, fired off a couple of rounds, which killed the Ambassador and the Libyan who was peeking through a window at the porn of Clinton and a dog, who then fell backwards off a ladder only to land on Clinton who was just entering the building below, which caused her to fall and get a concussion, which in her daze, thought it was Bill on top of her, and went into a sexual frenzy, only to realize a crowd had formed, that upon realizing it was Clinton, surged forward for autographs and pics of her exposed body with a dead body on top of her, thinking Clinton had killed him during a mad sex encounter, but as the crowd began to riot, CIA torturer’s in another room realized they had better skedattle outta there before all hell breaks loose, but upon seeing a perfect opportunity to blame the crowd, proceeded to fire weapons into the party room, whereby the occupants, in a mad dash to avoid blowback from the crowd, hurled the video out the window, where some journalist caught it, and seeing it was porn, decides to report it over Aljazzeir, whereby the whole mideast gets wind of it, which now causes the USG to declare war everywhere to keep the video from being distributed to the US, which causes retaliation from the bloggosphere, thereby creating conditions for the entire internet to be shut down, which causes mass riots in America, which then causes Congress to call on Clinton to explain the whole damn mess, who upon realizing the entire episode could be blamed on her, not to mention the video, has the CIA destroy the tape and confirm to Congress that it was Patraeus in the video which caused the Ambassador to go crazy as it was his wife with Patraeus in the video, which now Congress demands Patraeus resign, in secret of course, but as the scandal unfolds, it’s leaked that in reality, it was Susan Rice in the porn video, although it can’t be verified, who then goes viral on TV, denying everything while claiming the tape was actually the Islamic thing, which gives cover for destroying the Mid East, as it was ready to form an alliance against the West, ……whew… which we couldn’t stop with a few drones, so Israel is called upon to unleash WMD on their enemies, who now, seize an opportunity to shut down the oil flow, which causes America to shut down, which everyone knows is exactly what the USG wants as now it doesn’t have to worry about an insurrection cause nobody has any gas…or food…which now Congress decides it better seize the opportunity and starts rounding up all the dissidents per NDAA, in secret of course, calls on FEMA to activate the massive rail transportation of detainees to the newly built FEMA camps, which now begin to fill exponentially, and then, to keep any photographers from filming, declare Marshal Law, thereby killing two birds with one stone.
      Unfortunately for Rice, no one believes her story, so she pulls her name for SOS, which now makes Congress crazy for someone to blame, who now calls on Clinton, who, still reeling from her concussion, decides to take a break till next year,……..(sighs)……ummmm..well…that’s what my neighbor told me anyway. Hey, gotta go..my favorite program is comin on. Dang do I love ‘merican Idol. See ya.

      12/18/12 5:22 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Shouldn’t the place kicker be the
      American public and not Obama? We’re trying to kick the truth ball towards the end zone to score knowledge.

      12/19/12 12:26 AM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      A panel report came out on Benghazi and according to today’s Washington Post, and this may come as a total out-of-left-field-surprise:

      “The report found significant lapses in judgment and oversight by a few unidentified State Department employees but said no mistake amounted to a dereliction of duty. It did not recommend that anyone be fired.”

      Is there an update on the whistleblower status of the State employee who testified and is the one who had asked for more security and was denied? Supposedly he requested this when called to testify before Congress on actions of his State superiors. Thanks


      12/19/12 12:14 PM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      Um, people died. Are they for real??

      12/19/12 12:24 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      The recent report on Benghazi claims the State Department for years has been hurting for resources to “carry out its work…” Well, if you outsource most of your “work” to the Pentagon and CIA you’ll just have to learn to get by with less. Seems fair.

      12/19/12 1:34 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      “Despite all the criticism, the board found no U.S. government employee had engaged in misconduct or ignored responsibilities and did not recommend any individual be disciplined.

      Clinton, who is recovering from a stomach virus and concussion, ordered the review in the aftermath of the attack.”

      Is this doesn’t make you vomit:

      PVB documents the clusterfuck in Iraq and gets fired.

      The ARB documents the DS clusterfuck in Benghazi and NO ONE is fired?

      12/19/12 5:00 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      quote: “PVB documents the clusterfuck in Iraq and gets fired.

      The ARB documents the DS clusterfuck in Benghazi and NO ONE is fired?” unquote

      Now now now Rich, let’s not get all cynical and shit. After all, we gotta Look Forward …right?

      ya know, I think my teeth are starting to rot from all the puking lately.

      12/19/12 6:18 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      Kyzl Orda said…
      quote:” Um, people died. Are they for real??”unquote



      dagnabbit Kyzl, yer killin me.

      12/19/12 6:25 PM | Comment Link

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