• SILENCED: Documentary to Watch for in 2013

    December 19, 2012

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    Keep an eye out in 2013 for a new documentary film, SILENCED: Washington’s War on Whistleblowers.

    In addition to appearing in the film, I had the privilege of observing some of the other interviews. This is some pretty powerful stuff coming.

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    • Mr. Shea Brown said...


      A decent investigation would have certainly come up with enough evidence to have Bush/Cheney and some of their administration prosecuted for lying us into the invasion of Iraq. I have read that Eric holder wanted to pursue that investigation and possible prosecution. A real justice department would be investigating the legality of our drone strikes now. We are not following the laws. There is an odd silence about the fact that Obama has lost more soldiers in his first four years than Bush lost in his eight years. Bravo to our brave whistleblowers and truth tellers, and shame on our public for not speaking out about their treatment. How long before America, the country, wakes up and realizes that they have been taken over by America, the nation state, that is being controlled by a basket full of military/industrial lobbyists in Washington ? U.S. citizens have about as much control over their federal government as do most Saudi citizens over their royal family Saud.

      12/19/12 3:43 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      quote”….and shame on our public for not speaking out about their treatment. “unquote

      Oh, on the contrary Mr.Brown. They spoke LOUD and CLEAR with their Great Moment in Monumental Stupidity on election day.

      quote “How long before America, the country, wakes up and realizes that they have been taken over by America, the nation state,…” unquote

      Oh, they’ll wake up alright. The moment they realize that nice team of Men in Black are actually draging them off care of the NDAA, ..you know, to be “interviewed” with all the accompanying accoutrements..like leg irons and of course..you got it..no access to that pesky ole “due process” stuff…nosireeebob, none of that stuff for us. Just a all expenses paid straight shot to Gitmo..no TSA..or long lines at the airport ..nosireeebob..nothin but the best for us here citizens..in FACT..they’ll even provide a couple of CIA “escorts” ..you know..to make sure ya’ll’s body is prepped real good for eternity in a hellhole.

      Of course, ya’ll might just be one of the lucky ones..Obadass might jus put ya on his good ole “kill list” and vaporize ya’ll care of a Hellfire missile…man, talk about “privileges”.. how cool can that be, right?

      Yeah…they’ll wake up all right.


      12/19/12 5:02 PM | Comment Link

    • Eric Hodgdon said...


      @ Mr. Shea Brown…
      U.S. citizens have control over their federal government, but they are divided, disbursed, and dejected from acting in the required numbers to FORCE their will onto that Evilly controlled federal government.

      And with each day and every day, the value of each citizen is reduced by the addition of more people, citizen or not, thus the effort required to bring people into the People is more and more.

      I welcome and encourage all to speak up and join into local groups with the intent to dislodge and remove the Evilness in the federal government, and then to make something new.

      12/22/12 9:24 PM | Comment Link

    • Eric Hodgdon said...


      “According to the Justice Department, those who leak sensitive information to the public are a threat to the nation’s safety…”

      And why is this claim being made?
      To what is so important to “National” security?

      Tell the People, and let them decide what is or is not a so-called threat.

      If the Federal Government is not doing anything wrong, then they must not have anything to worry about when being examined, or their employment activities are show to the Public.

      The Federal Government is the greatest threat to the Planet and its People, and is an entitlement which should be cut.

      12/22/12 9:34 PM | Comment Link

    • leonard hevian said...


      Whatch what is doin for the Facebook controlers: opinions must be doin only in one color.Facebook controlers like the K.G.B in the ex URSS are using scissors to cut services If there are ” somethings ” they Think don’t like to “Someone ??”.
      All the disgusting issues, all the persecution, all the identification control sistems with the expiration dates day after day more and more shortly implanted in the ex-URSS now are living in ours states government as well as the Federal one. Go and try to open a new business in USA in actual days. Try to cash a payroll check.Try to get or renew a driver license. Try to rent a room in a hotel.Try to get a new job.Try to rent an apto or house. Ist like be living in the ex Soviet Union with Lennin or Stalin era.Sooner o later we are to be force to report to some neighborhood community comand Center any time we go out of the house to the shopping center or hospitals or to work and report times and places GPS monitoring 24/7 365 days all our movement as well as ours families group. Its will be beautiful to see a science fiction movie became a reality in the lives of tax payers Americans: “To protect and serve in 2016”

      12/29/12 2:19 PM | Comment Link

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