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    March 28, 2013

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    America’s favorite Diplomatic Security “special” agent Chris Deedy is engaged in what promises to be one of Hawaii’s longest trial processes.

    For those just joining us, recap here. For those too multi-tasked to click on the link, the real short now version is that in November 2011 while in Hawaii protecting then-SecState Hillary Clinton from the APEC conference, Deedy shot and killed an unarmed man in a Waikiki McDonalds. Deedy was arrested by the Honolulu Police Department and charged with Murder in the Second Degree and Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Separate Felony, punishable by a term of life in prison. Despite the whole thing being on both a surveillance videotape and on someone’s iPhone video, along with multiple eye witnesses, the case has not yet come to full trial. Deedy maintained that he acted legally in his capacity as a law enforcement official.

    Until now.

    On March 11 Deedy changed his story, with his lawyer withdrawing the request to dismiss the case on the basis that he was acting as a federal agent at the time of the incident. The new rationale for the killing is self-defense. Withdrawing the motion relieves Deedy of having to testify during a pretrial hearing. It also cancels his desire to have the case transferred to federal court. The change also, finally, clears the way for the actual trial to begin on/about April 2 in Honolulu unless some new delay is introduced.

    There has been no clear explanation/reason as to why the case has taken so long to (almost) reach trial. Deedy has been out on bail since the shooting, working a desk job at the State Department on full salary.

    Deedy also now has a “support” group on the web raising money for him (they’re up to $12k), as well as to provide his side of the story.

    According to the local Honolulu newspaper, in pretrial documents, city prosecutors say Deedy appeared “intoxicated” after a night of drinking and bar hopping and became the aggressor who started an altercation. According to prosecutors, Deedy kicked the deceased Elderts and repeatedly told him he was going to shoot him “in the face.”

    The defense’s position outlined in court documents contends it was Elderts who was the aggressor. Hart’s filings said an intoxicated Elderts called Deedy a “fucking haole” and challenged him to a fight. Hart said Deedy identified himself as a law enforcement officer, but Elderts attacked Deedy, who felt compelled to fire in self-defense.

    Deedy’s self-defense argument will need to convince a local jury that as a trained law enforcement officer from the State Department temporarily in Hawaii for wholly unrelated reasons, after a night on the town with friends, he was required to fire multiple shots at near point-blank range into an unarmed inebriated local man inside a crowded McDonalds at 2:30 am.

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    • Rich Bauer said...


      As PVB can attest, shooting off one’s mouth is a more serious offense in the eyes of the DS Flying Monkeys than shooting someone.

      “You want flies with that?”

      03/28/13 12:50 PM | Comment Link

    • teri said...


      I wonder if his “support group” is aware that he was successful in his suit to make his insurance company (the one that carries his tenant’s insurance for the house he rents) pay his legal fees. Maybe he “forgot” to tell them. And since he also retains his full-time job at State, where exactly is the need for financial support? Unless the “support group” simply feels he should be paid a little something extra for going “above and beyond” and having the “moxie” to outright murder one of the locals for being mouthy to him, which apparently a whole bunch of LEOs and wanna-be LEOs think is reasonable, if the comments from them are an accurate indication of the “thought processes” of the flying monkey brigade.

      03/28/13 12:53 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      The Deedy Dirty Harry image goes over real big in DS, which still suffers from an inferiority complex when dealing with real law enforcement agencies. The only words of remorse spoken in DS Devils Tower is for that “poor guy” Deedy.

      03/28/13 1:11 PM | Comment Link

    • meloveconsullongtime said...


      Coincidentally, recently I’ve been reading several books by an English medical doctor Theodore Dalrymple, who has spent half a lifetime treating thugs in English prisons.

      Throughout ALL of Dr Dalrymple’s books recounting his encounters with violent English criminals, there is a constant theme of the violent criminals says things like:

      “The knife went into him…”

      “…I lost my head and then he was shot…”

      “…something happened and then the gun went off in my hand…”

      Cf, from the AMERICAN movie “Chicago”:


      03/28/13 4:18 PM | Comment Link

    • meloveconsullongtime said...


      PS re my above comment: I apologise to the exquisitely beautiful (and non-felon) Renee Zellweger, for comparing her fictional performance to the real felony of the ugly, vular and mortally violent State Department thug Chris Deedy.

      03/28/13 4:53 PM | Comment Link

    • meloveconsullongtime said...


      But now, more seriously, for Chris Deedy – especially appropriate on the evening before Good Friday, the night when Judas took part in murdering Jesus…

      ..this is the reality of the consequences of murder:


      03/28/13 5:16 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      quote:”…which apparently a whole bunch of LEOs and wanna-be LEOs think is reasonable, if the comments from them are an accurate indication of the “thought processes” of the flying monkey brigade.”unquote

      Yeah, and I responded to one such LEO dimwit who suggested that this murderer was..ahem..”wrong”.

      quote “And IF Mr. Deedy got into a PERSONAL confrontation and then decided to use his federal agent status to solve it, then he was wrong. IF Mr. Deedy went out of his way to follow the victim outside of the club, he was wrong” unquote

      Far out. I’ll let the victim know he’s been posthumously vindicated. I’m pretty sure he’ll appreciate it.
      note to self..file under choice A, B, or C

      A. nominations for the terminally don’t get it

      B…the plum bob of incredulous

      C. hind sights of the galactic dumb”

      03/28/13 6:23 PM | Comment Link

    • meloveconsullongtime said...


      Murder is the US State Department’s business. The weaker and more defenseless the victim, the more Hillary Clinton’s twat twitches and the more she salivates. “Mmmm, aborted babies! Mmm, mashed infants! Sacrifices to the Goddess!”

      03/29/13 2:09 AM | Comment Link

    • meloveconsullongtime said...


      The Hamburglar with his mask off?

      03/29/13 7:06 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Unless DS can get to a few jurors Deedy may spend years behind bars in Hawaii. Cautionary tale- don’t carry your weapon while off duty. You may not get to become a hero under some circumstances but you sure won’t end up with this guy’s mess.

      03/29/13 3:15 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      A real cautionary tail: a man’s got to know his limitations…when he’s drinking. Of course Dirty Harry Deedy may feel lucky, punk, as he may have a get-out-jail-free card if he or a DS friend has knowledge of State secrets involving a certain candidate for Prez. I’m just talking…

      03/29/13 6:05 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Bauer- loyalty for knowing dirt and keeping silent does have its rewards. My theory is that many fell on their trick plastic swords to spare Hag Hillary, Patraeus and Obama. Had the truth been known about CIA meddling in their usual dark ways near Benghazi for months prior to the deserved fatal blowback from miffed war lords Obama could have lost the election and Hillary wouldn’t have a political future.

      03/29/13 7:32 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      I couldn’t give a RAT’s ass about HRC’s political future. The truth is this democracy doesn’t have much of one.

      Speaking of truth, would the War Party that used lies about WMD’s to kill thousands of innocent people use a real WMD to scare “patriots” to act?


      03/29/13 10:59 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Bauer- Maybe it is time to bury the term “democracy”. While we’re at it the term “Republic” should also be interred. What might best describe the USA of today is corporatocrazy- an awkward word- but perhaps very fitting. It is now the USA Inc.

      03/30/13 12:31 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Murder Inc.

      03/30/13 12:27 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Whenever Deedy gets his day in court, testimony by his drinking buddies should establish they too were carrying loaded weapons while loaded. Is this illegal practice SOP in DS? If so, expect changes at the top of DS Protective Service. I’m just talking…

      03/30/13 12:53 PM | Comment Link

    • Johnny Law said...


      I am a DS agent with State Department and when I see comments like below, I have to defend.

      “outright murder one of the locals for being mouthy to him, which apparently a whole bunch of LEOs and wanna-be LEOs think is reasonable”

      “The only words of remorse spoken in DS Devils Tower is for that “poor guy” Deedy”

      “Murder is the US State Department’s business.”

      “Unless DS can get to a few jurors Deedy may spend years behind bars in Hawaii”

      “Whenever Deedy gets his day in court, testimony by his drinking buddies should establish they too were carrying loaded weapons while loaded. Is this illegal practice SOP in DS?”

      I can assure you that the mentality of other DS Agents IS NOT “Poor Deedy” Its more like “WTF was he doing drinking with his weapon, @#%$ idiot!”

      The reason why he needs financial support is because the union respresentatives that would normally support a DS or Department of State employee in an issue like this, are not supporting him because of the circumstances surrounding the case (alleged negligence in drinking while armed, which IS IN VIOLATION of DS policy)

      That said, do not think that DS as a whole have support for a kid who should have never been employed with DS in the first place. What needs to happen is, DS needs to raise their hiring standards.

      04/4/13 8:29 AM | Comment Link

    • APSKANAPS said...


      this guy should be euthanized … piece of shit stay out of hawaii .

      04/6/13 1:00 AM | Comment Link

    • Da Kine Guy said...


      Dear Johnny Law,

      That was a well put statement and it nicely wraps up that the agent should not have been carrying his weapon while he was off duty and drinking. Most civilians don’t understand the amount of regulations that Federal employees have to follow and that each department takes a violation very seriously because all it takes is one idiot to make everyone else look bad. With that said, justice isn’t being served because of his position with law enforcement, he has added options that a regular citizen doesn’t. No one thinks he’s innocent, yet he still claims his innocence even changing his story to self defense so he wouldn’t have to testify. Did his lawyer not tell him that the entire event was caught on video? How could he avoid prosecution for such a long time? What strings did Mrs. Clinton and President pull to keep him out of jail for so long? Will his buddies back up his claims or tell the truth? Chances are, you guys have a code, he may be a dirt bag, but he is your dirt bag and you will lie to protect him. I seem to remember a statement from the State Department when they were investigating Secret Service agent buying hookers and using drugs while on duty. They said that it was an isolated incident and not a part of the culture. I for one know that to be a complete fabrication because it is just a very important part of the culture and if you fill out your claims for correctly, you can even get the tax payers to pay for your fun. I’m sure he’ll go to trial and everyone will get what they want, Hawaii sees justice and someone from your side will find a way to pardon him or reduce his sentence for all of his service and when he gets out, a friend will set him up with a contractor job with some company who owes Mrs. Clinton a favor. Don’t try to pretend that you’re a white knight in shining armor when you wade through filth all day protecting back room dealing politicians.

      07/15/13 5:22 AM | Comment Link

    • Trippin Billie said...


      I’m planning to contact Deedy’s attorney and the local media with my complaint regarding the Deedy trial. I was once arrested for DUI in Hawai`i. I went to court a total of 17 times before my case was finally dismissed. I’m not writing this to vent or as a “sour grapes” post. I’m writing this because the reports I’ve seen on Hawai`i local news are now starting to focus on Deedy’s sobriety – or – his alleged lack thereof.

      For my trial, I requested police reports from contributing “witnesses”. Every report I was given stated at the very beginning of each document; “When I met the defendant I noticed a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. He was slurring his speech and his eyes were glassy.” This pattern of “reporting” was repeated throughout EVERY report and EVERY Police Officer/jailer I encountered.

      It was as if EVERY report was written starting with a “DUI Template.”

      And BTW I had my charges dismissed because the arresting officer lied to me and denied my request for a “Blood Alcohol Test”. He also missed about 10 court appearances. Trust me – as a 35+ year resident of Hawai`i nei – I love my life and the state I live in however, I can confidently state that – this trial and its tactics are nothing more than the SOS.

      The point I’d like to make is – that the current emphasis on Mr. Deedy’s sobriety is a total load of BS and yet, that testimony has dominated the local news here in the Islands for the past week. I pray that this ridiculousness does not impact the jury’s decision as regards to Deedy’s guilt or innocence in this case. Any visitor or Haole resident in the Islands knows the fear and trauma Mr. Deedy must have experienced that tragic evening.

      As for the whole racial factor – yes – it’s true. There is a racial undertone of prejudice here in the Islands. But, after you live here for a while you assimilate. The people you meet with these types of racial biases are nothing more than morons. On the mainland these people are referred to as, “poor white, (or trailer) trash. The fact of the matter is here you learn to ignore/adapt to the stupidity. A person does need however more than 1 or 2 weeks in Hawai`i to truly understand, cope, or, learn to ignore the prejudice. As for all my white mainland friends, family, and visitors, I’ve found that most are just not used to being the minority. This feeling for some people is quite unsettling. I’ve found that my own personal minority status has been both humbling and educational. In time, Haole residents do learn to live with it. Unfortunately, Mr. Deedy did not have the appropriate advice or tools necessary to respond to his predicament.

      My prayers are with the Deedy as well as the Elderts’ families. Tragedy is tragedy; just look at the Travon Martin / Zimmerman trial. Unfortunately when fear, lies, prejudice, alcohol and drugs collide, quite often it’s a perfect storm; nothing positive or good ever comes from it. I have faith in Hawai`i people and I’m sure that justice will prevail. My heart goes out to the human race, our country, our state, those immediately impacted by this tragedy, and, our local citizens. Good luck everyone and aloha.

      07/22/13 8:41 AM | Comment Link

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