• Torture and the Destruction of the Human Being Shaker Aamer by the United States

    April 15, 2014

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    Somedays we have a little fun in this space, commenting on world events with a joke, some satire, a little snark. Today will not be one of those days.

    The Bush and Obama administrations have gone to extraordinary lengths to hide America’s archipelago of secret prisons and systems of torture. They at first denied any of that even existed, then used an ever-so-compliant media to call it all necessary for our security and very survival, then shaping dumb-cow public opinion with ersatz terms like enhanced interrogation to keep the word torture out of the discourse, then having the CIA destroy videos of the brutality, then imprisoning officials, such as John Kiriakou, who sought to expose it all, then refusing to hold hearings or conduct investigations, then employing black ops to try and derail even a cursory Senate report and, of this date, allowing the torturers at the CIA themselves the final word on what if anything will appear in the public version of a Senate report on torture that may or may not see the light of day anytime soon.

    The Torture of Shaker Aamer by the United States

    Yet, like a water leak that must find it’s way out from inside the dark place within your walls, some things become known. Now, we can read a psychiatrist’s report which includes, in detail, the torture enacted on just one prisoner of the United States, Shaker Aamer.

    The once-U.S. ally Northern Alliance captured Aamer in Afghanistan and sold him to the United States as an al Qaeda member. Who knows at this point who Aamer was at that time, or what he did or did not do. If you think any of that that matters, and perhaps justifies what was done to him, stop reading now. This article cannot reach you.

    What was Done to One Human

    In his own words, Aamer describes the casual way his Western jailers accepted his physical presence, and skinny confessions made under Afghan torture, as all the proof necessary to imprison him in U.S. custody from 2002 until forever. The U.S. created a world of hell that only had an entrance, not caring to conceive of an exit. In no particular order (though the full report dispassionately chronicles every act by time and location), the United States of America did the following to Aamer:

    — On more than one occasion an official of the United States threatened to rape Aamer’s five year old daughter, with one interrogator describing in explicit sexual detail his plans to destroy the child;

    — “Welcoming Parties” and “Goodbye Parties” as Aamer was transferred among U.S. facilities. Soldiers at these “parties” were encouraged and allowed to beat and kick detainees as their proclivities and desires dictated. Here’s a video of what a beating under the eyes of American soldiers looks like.

    — Aamer was made to stand for days, not allowed to sleep for days, not allowed to use the toilet and made to shit and piss on himself for days, not fed or fed minimally for days, doused with freezing water for days, over and over again. For twelve years. So far.

    — Aamer was denied medical care as his interrogators controlled his access to doctors and made care for the wounds they inflicted dependent on Aamer’s ongoing compliance and repeated “confessions.”

    — Aamer was often kept naked, and his faith exploited to humiliate him in culturally-specific ways. He witnessed a 17 year old captive of America sodomized with a rifle, and was threatened with the same.

    — At times the brutality took place for its own sake, disconnected from interrogations. At times it was the centerpiece of interrogation.

    — The torture of Aamer continues at Gitmo, for as an occasional hunger striker he is brutally force-fed.

    Torture Works

    The obsessive debate in this country over the effectiveness of torture rings eternally false: torture does indeed work. Torture is invariably about shame and vengeance, humiliation, power, and control, not gathering information. Even when left alone (especially when left alone) the torture victim is punished to imagine what form the hurt will take and just how severe it will be, almost always in the process assuming responsibility for creating his own terror. And there you have the take-away point, as briefers in Washington like to say. The real point of the torture was to torture. Over twelve years, even the thinnest rationale that Aamer was a dangerous terrorist, or had valuable information to disclose, could not exist and his abusers knew it. The only goal was to destroy Shaker Aamer.

    The combination of raw brutality, the careful, educated use of medical doctors to fine-tune the pain, the skills of psychiatrists and cultural advisors to enhance the impact of what was done worked exactly as it was intended. According to the psychiatrist who examined Aamer in detail at Guantanamo, there is little left of the man. He suffers from a broad range of psychiatric and physical horrors. In that sense, by the calculus his torturers employ, the torture was indeed successful. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan failed at great cost, al Qaeda has been reborn in Africa and greater parts of the Middle East and the U.S. has willingly transformed itself into at best a bully abroad, and a police state at home. But no mind; the full force and credit of the United States of America destroyed Shaker Aamer as revenge for all the rest, bloody proof of all the good we failed to do.

    Never Again, Always Again

    Despite the horrors of World War II, the mantra– never again– becomes today a sad joke. The scale is different this time, what, 600? 6000? men destroyed by torture not six million, but not the intent. The desire to inflict purposefully suffering by government order, the belief that such inhuman actions are legal, even necessary, differs little from one set of fascists to more modern ones. Given the secrecy the Nazis enjoyed for years, how full would the American camps be today? Kill them all, and let God sort them out is never far from the lips.

    Torture does not leave its victims, nor does it leave a nation that condones it. The ghosts don’t disappear the way the flesh and bone can be made to go away.

    The people who did this, whether the ones in the torture cell using their fists, or the ones in the White House ordering it with their pens, walk free among us. They’ll never see justice done. There will be no Nuremburg Trials for America’s evils, just a collapsing bunker in Berlin. But unlike Shaker Aamer, you are sentenced to live to see it.

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    • pitchfork said...


      quote” If you think any of that that matters, and perhaps justifies what was done to him, stop reading now. This article cannot reach you.”unquote

      Nothing can reach the sub-human pond scum who justify torture Peter, as they do not have the capacity to feel empathy towards human beings. In reality, this nation has become that which my father fought against in WW11. P E R I O D.

      “There will be no Nuremburg Trials for America’s evils, just a collapsing bunker in Berlin.” No, there won’t. However, day after day, this nation is collapsing. A just ending to an Empire gone completely mad. The land shall remain, and the government shall remain, and the citizenry will remain. Only it will be dead. Dead in spirit. Dead in morality. And dead in purpose. Good bye America.

      04/15/14 4:09 PM | Comment Link

    • Eric Hodgdon said...


      I’ve written before that after WW2 the evils of Nazi Germany were inherited by the federal government of the United States of America. The truth bears this out once the intervening years are soberly examined.

      Yet the propaganda machine has been around since humans learned speech.

      Technology advances giving the false notion of human progress – it’s only technological progress, not human progress.

      Flag wavers are, to me, sickening people on the same level as the torturers and anyone working for the federal government. I’m not sorry if this offends any current employees of the system that perpetuates the known and unknown crimes of the few outlined in the article above.

      Evil lives and is seen in far too many people today. God, for those believing, is on vacation, or is, as I deeply hold, is dead. Humans control themselves or they don’t. Humans are only another animal among the others. But, humans generally know right from wrong or claim such.

      Governments, being arbitrary and imposed without any consent whatsoever, at least in the United States of America, are illegitimate and thus do as they please. The People allow this illegal system to continue by way of being fragmented, alone, and afraid.

      04/16/14 1:02 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      Peter..as an aside. I can’t comment on your article at the Dissenter as Kevin has determined I am a “spammer” and has banned me(free speech isn’t his strong suit when it comes to his own blog).

      Anyway, you might want to consider updating your post there. Court costs isn’t the ONLY thing they are putting people in prison for not being able to pay. CHILD SUPPORT ARREARS is a golden egg for Private Prisons. I spent two years researching this perverted corrupt system. As the very first father to challenge the Sacramento Child Support DA in court, I found out the hard way just how deep the corruption goes. Clear down to the Judges. On the last day of my so called “proceeding”, my attorney admitted to me how corrupt the system was. As I had proof of their corruption, to keep me from entering it into the court record, through my attorney, they threatened me with incarceration for 10 YEARS, if I didn’t shut my mouth, sell my house, and move out of state..within 6 WEEKS. I did. Never to return to the State of California. Corrupt is a massive understatement. It’s a secret golden goose for states and corrupt to the core.

      04/16/14 1:09 PM | Comment Link

    • wemeantwell said...


      The State Department also denies US passports to persons who owe child support. In addition, because there is often significant lag between when you pay off the debt in your state, and when that information finally migrates into the State Dept computers, you can kiss travel goodbye for a very long time.

      04/16/14 1:13 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      quote”The State Department also denies US passports to persons who owe child support.”unquote

      Funny you should mention that. And guess who made it happen. During my 2 year research into the underpinnings of the Child Support laws, guess who was instrumental in bringing RUSSIAN child support policy into the United States? Here’s a clue. She was married to a president at the time..and then became ..of all things..Secretary of State. DOH!

      Ms Hate Men herself.

      04/16/14 10:49 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      ps..quote” In addition, because there is often significant lag between when you pay off the debt in your state, and when that information finally migrates into the State Dept computers, you can kiss travel goodbye for a very long time.”unquote

      Travel? Hahahahahahaha…how bout the rest of your fucking life? The child support system actually ruined my life. Even though, I had the written employer proof of my payments to the system. What nobody understands, is its the PERFECT SCAM. The DA’s hold the key. They can legally hold the non-custodial parent at bay, while they manipulate the WELFARE POOL in their county. Don’t ask to elaborate. The cesspool is so deep that even seasoned cockroaches would vomit.

      04/16/14 11:00 PM | Comment Link

    • meloveconsullongtime said...


      pitch wrote, “guess who was instrumental in bringing RUSSIAN child support policy into the United States?” (H Clinton etc)

      I wasn’t aware of that detail. But also, Pitch, in your research did you also learn that the FIRST “no fault divorce” laws were in Lenin’s USSR?

      (Disclaimer, I’ve never been divorced.)

      It ought to be a no-brainer, ought to be self-evident, that “no fault” divorce is designed to destroy families and thereby to empower the state. Lenin understood this. No-fault divorce makes marriage contracts un-enforceable, or even worse gives extra advantages to the spouse who breaks the contract, usually the woman. The most common situation is for the woman to decide to end the marriage, and American lawyers typically encourage divorcing women to make false allegations of spousal or child abuse – resulting in a restraining order and the husband’s disappropriation of his property, without due process of law.

      Since the “Family Courts” (another originally Soviet institution) findings of fact are not challengeable on appeal AND there are NO rules of evidence in Family Courts, Family Court judges have total, unrestrained and unchecked power to make rulings based on sheer fraud or to make up whatever facts they want to. And due to a peculiarity of Federal law, there can be NO Constitutional challenges to any (state) Family Court’s violations of due process.

      As for “child support” such as pitch has been abused by, the “judge” can simply make up whatever amount of income he thinks the husband ought to be making, and it’s not challengeable on appeal since there are no rules of evidence. They have incentives to make the child support awards as high as possible to keep their cronies in business.

      The purpose of all this is ultimately to deprive fathers of any family authority whatsoever, so that the state can replace the role of the father.

      In light of which I’ll add, that “gay marriage” poses NO threat to the institution of marriage! Because “no-fault” divorce has already destroyed marriage as a civil institution, and gay marriage is just an extra bullet in the already dead corpse.

      04/17/14 2:14 PM | Comment Link

    • Jon Jon said...


      Here’s a movie title for you: “Twelve Years a Tortured”. Yet again America a race of people is considers sub-human enough to deprive of life, liberty and anything even remotely like happiness.

      Here’s what to call the CIA: “The Torture Works”.

      Who is the worst offender here? The men actually perpetrating the torture? The Gov. bureaucrats signing off on the torture. The Gov. bureaucrats asking for those torture documents? Members of Congress who are blood-thirsty cowards? About half of American citizens who are blood-thirsty cowards? (Military excluded I imagine.) And most of the rest who sit back and do nothing? Or President Obama himself?

      Me? I’m in the latter, of course. What can I do? Write Congress?

      At least Mr. Van Buren IS doing something!

      04/19/14 10:02 AM | Comment Link

    • Jon Jon said...


      Ah, I’m in the “do nothing” category not the presidential category…

      04/19/14 10:06 AM | Comment Link

    • Jhoover said...


      What important is Reconstruction as an Insurgency

      04/20/14 10:25 PM | Comment Link

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