• Interview: The Daily Report, KTNF AM950 in Minnesota

    April 27, 2014

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    While some media outlets still roll their hipstar eyes when someone wants to talk about the dilution of the Middle Class, deindustrialization and the working poor, the Midwest gets it. Hell, they live it.

    So it was a pleasure to talk Ghosts of Tom Joad with Aaron Klemz of The Daily Report, KTNF AM950, the Progressive Voice of Minnesota.

    Here’s some audio from that interview. Scroll down for the sound from “The Daily Report Hour 2 – April 25, 2014” and hit play.

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    • meloveconsullongtime said...


      That was a good interview, and even better was your essay to which it referred, “Apartheid of Dollars”.

      I just find it ironically incongruous that the host radio station is self-described “Progressive”, since America’s de-industrialisation was in fact done in the name of “progress”. Progress is qualitatively and morally neutral, and sometimes a regress is an improvement.

      In many ways the conditions of ancient Roman slaves were better than what you’ve described of today’s American “working poor”. Since their sustenance was guaranteed by their masters they didn’t have to rely on public assistance. A Roman citizen who dared to ask the state to pay for his slaves would be publicly shamed, stripped of his citizenship and enslaved himself.

      04/27/14 2:49 PM | Comment Link

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