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    June 21, 2014

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    I join radio host Alex Jones to discuss the situation in the Ukraine, and my new book Ghosts of Tom Joad. The part about the broader societal and economic issues underlying Ghosts begins at 13:30.

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    • pitchfork said...


      Holy mother of tinfoil hat haters. Glad to see you on Alex’s show. I do want to say Peter. You really do have a grasp on reality. That’s why I come here. Thanks for another outstanding interview.

      06/21/14 1:54 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      No thanks to Peter, all that effort by CNN and its ilk to confuse the dumbass American public completely wasted.

      06/21/14 2:19 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      Speaking of dumbasses.. I see some CIA schmuck is trying to conflate the CIA’s development of things to further their own agenda as things they developed to help the world.


      And then, there are people who shove the CIA’s bullshit right down the CIA’s throat…

      “Setty/Steven ‏@guacamayan 22h

      @incakolanews @CIA bringing good things to life


      06/21/14 3:25 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      Hey Peter, after watching your interview, how bizarre…you and Alex were dead on…..(no pun intended)


      Shades of 1962 deja-vu

      06/21/14 3:39 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      Hey, looks like MSM is finally recognizing the DCOTP(tm)



      06/21/14 3:55 PM | Comment Link

    • meloveconsullongtime said...


      Peter, my reaction to your dealing with Alex Jones is ambivalent. Because:

      1. On the one hand, sometimes the lunatic Alex Jones really does provide some information which is not usually available in mainstream media.

      But on the other hand:

      2. The fact is, after all, that Alex Jones is an opportunist AND a lunatic. Alex Jones has made his fortune by pandering half-truths. Alex Jones is half-right about many things, but a half-truth is even worse than a lie, because a half-truth is more believeable than a total lie.

      And so, part of me is sympathetic to and agrees with much of what Alex Jones says and publicises. But then another part of me – the part of me which is loyal to Truth more than anything – recognises and knows that Alex Jones is an opportunistic hack who exploits half-truths to enrich himself.

      If I could or would summarise what I think is wrong with Alex Jones, it would be not just his opportunistic way of making himself rich through his half-truthful style of appealing to America’s collective psychosis, but RATHER the MAIN thing I think is wrong with Alex Jones, is his typically American, arrogant way of presuming to speak with the authority of Christianity…

      …when in fact Alex Jones is just another (very American) Protestant Heretic who has absolutely no authority to claim that what he says is Christian.

      I mean, whatever Alex Jones says – even if some of what he says is true – he does NOT have any authority to represent Jesus Christ! As he often pretends to do! He’s just another ignorant American Protestant heretic who does NOT represent Jesus Christ!…

      …and I hope Alex Jones reads this comment! AND if Alex Jones DOES read this? Then I say to Alex Jones:

      “You, Alex Jones, ascribe to a heresy! So, Alex Jones, I invite you to COME HOME! Come on, Alex Jones, COME HOME and CONVERT to THE Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Roman Catholic Church!”

      πŸ˜‰ And unless and until Alex Jones does THAT, I will never take him seriously! (And yes I’m serious about that!)

      06/21/14 7:01 PM | Comment Link

    • meloveconsullongtime said...


      PS, to Alex Jones:

      Here’s a friendly message to Alex Jones, FROM the successor of the Apostle Saint Peter!

      Come on, Alex Jones! I know you really DO love Our Lord Jesus Christ! So, come on, Alex Jones, come and fully become a member of HIS Church, THE ONE AND ONLY Church! (Because Our Lord founded ONE Church, yeah?)

      πŸ˜‰ :-):


      06/21/14 7:12 PM | Comment Link

    • meloveconsullongtime said...


      PPS, to Alex Jones, a bit of fun about the difference between THE Church and our separated brethren (Protestants):

      “The Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club said in a statement posted online that it planned to host a historical reenactment of a Black Praise and Worship Service, including the desecration of a 16 oz bottle of Welch’s grape juice, as well as a loaf of Wonder Bread”

      HAHA! Oh you silly Protestant, Alex Jones, please just COME HOME! πŸ˜‰


      06/21/14 7:17 PM | Comment Link

    • teri said...


      Catholic v Protestant has anything to do with this? Really?????

      06/22/14 8:56 AM | Comment Link

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