• Is ISIS a Direct Threat to the U.S.?

    August 14, 2014

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    Is ISIS a Direct Threat to the U.S.? Doubtful.

    Get Afraid!

    First, a few samples of the fear-mongering rhetoric.

    “The militant Islamic State group could launch a direct attack on U.S. soil,” warned South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who claimed the militants are a “direct threat to our homeland… They are coming.” Graham, and his running dog accomplice John McCain, have never found a threat they could not exaggerate.

    “In reality, ISIS represents the most virulent form of Islamic jihad the planet has ever seen. These folks are not Muslims, they are animals, frankly… another 9/11 is imminent.” said Ali Khedery, who, as an advisor to five U.S. ambassadors in Iraq, is personally responsible for much of the mess there.

    “Every day that goes by, ISIS… becomes a direct threat to the United States of America. They are more powerful now than al Qaeda was on 9/11,” Representative Peter King said.

    R U Scared Yet?

    Well, that is all pretty terrifying. While the fear mongers depend on the idea that there is no way to prove a negative (i.e., ISIS will never attack the U.S., or Paraguay, or Bermuda), there is still room for rational thought. Here are a few of such thoughts:

    — ISIS has been in existence in some form since perhaps 2004, as part of Al Qaeda in Iraq. They formed their own organization, such as it is, in 2013. In the nine years of the U.S. Occupation of Iraq, no Mideast group launched an attack on the U.S. Nobody from the Taliban has shown up here since whenever, same for the groups unleashed after the U.S. attacked Libya. No Yemeni or Pakistani terrorists yet either. No Boko Haram, no Abu Sayyaf. Not even al Qaeda after 9/11. What’s different about ISIS?

    — Oh, the money? Yep, they seemed to have gotten ahold of a huge amount of Iraqi and U.S. currency, and American weapons, after the Iraqi Army gave up and ran away. Money can help, but in fact the 9/11 attacks may have cost about $400,000, and that included all that expensive flight training. Not small change, but certainly the kind of money that an international terror group could raise. Nope, no big change there either.

    — Many/most of the ISIS fighters are unsophisticated people with limited formal education, likely with no English skills and little if any experience outside their own areas. It seems unlikely they are the kind of people who will successfully obtain passports, travel to international airports, blend in, hop on planes, wander into the U.S., acquire weapons and navigate around America to strike important targets.

    — But what about the foreign fighters with ISIS? Aren’t there Americans among them who will return to the Homeland and carry out lone wolf attacks? Sure, that it always possible. But again, since 9/11, almost 13 years, it hasn’t happened. Is there something different about the ISIS Americans? Meanwhile, the very few acts of terrorism in the U.S. have been carried out by people already here, such as the hapless Boston kids, likely the post-9/11 anthrax attacks, and Major Hasan, a serving U.S. Army officer who shot up Fort Hood. We’ll leave aside the heavy death toll in America in the meantime by our own army of school mass shooters and workplace psychos.

    — And speaking of those Americans who have joined ISIS, perhaps the fear mongers might pause and consider what might encourage a young person to do that, and perhaps tackle the problem from the perspective.

    — Thinking ISIS will jump from the battlefields of Iraq to New York fails to understand the point of terrorism. ISIS has exactly what it wants already, and achieved its goal vis-vis the U.S. at almost no cost: they lured the Americans back into Iraq. What had been a struggle for territory among indigenous groups turned overnight into a jihad against the American crusaders, you know, the ones who promised to leave Iraq in 2011 and then instead came back?

    Nothing could be more helpful to ISIS in terms of recruitment, raising money and inspiring its forces than to recharacterize the conflict as something broader, with ISIS in the role of protector of Islam. If ISIS wants to kill Americans, they can do it right there at home.

    So sleep well America. ISIS is killing us over there because it is more convenient for them than killing us here. The rest is just fear mongering.

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    • Rich Bauer said...


      “ISIS has exactly what it wants already, and achieved its goal vis-vis the U.S. at almost no cost: they lured the Americans back into Iraq.”

      Back to the Future: the bitch’s poll numbers continue to fall with each gaffe, Rand Paul is elected our next prez on a platform to get US out of there, and ISIS attacks US to lure US back. The difference is ISIS has lots of money to make a bigger impact.

      08/14/14 12:47 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      quote”Meanwhile, the very few acts of terrorism in the U.S. have been carried out by people already here, like the NDAA, the Patriot Act, the 100 mile deep DHS Constitution free perimeter of the US, the militarization of every one horse town law enforcement, the NSA surveillance state, the TSA stasi, and now, the proof of the Executive branch coup d’etat



      There…fixed it.

      Who needs the fucking ISIS when we have our terrorist org right here in Murka.

      Is it too early for a bottle of TwoRollingEyes?


      08/14/14 2:27 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Speaking of the bitch’s views on the subject, it all depends what the definition of ISIS is is. When did the PTB stop using the catch-all “terrorist” label and mutate ISIS to “militants”?

      08/14/14 6:09 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Off topic: ever notice shitbags like Dick Cheney and Baby Dick NEVER commit suicide.


      08/14/14 6:18 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Cause they know they will burn in hell.

      08/14/14 6:23 PM | Comment Link

    • Jhoover said...


      ISIS it’s not new phenomena in warfare, during the occupation of Iraq we saw Al Zarqawi and his ilk as a hero and jihadist against the infidels, going back to Zarqawi personal history telling different story about him, is he a real Muslim and represent Islam?
      He is one of those drunken maniac and birth in his town, was arrested and been in prison in Jordan, many times and release after then showed in Iraq?

      Is he is real jihadist against the infidels, you all knew that US personal were in Jorden before the war spatially near Zarqa the birth town of the FuK. Zarqawi.

      That was part of Negroponte and his team G. Steal and other from Lateen America warfare cookbook writers. & Cookers

      Time change for new regime change in Syria, ISIS or Al-Nosreah, whatever fuk. Names they came under and staring their war with full aid from US, Gulf oil wonderland, Jordan and turkey.
      The question here why US not sent Drones to Jordan to kill those fuk. ISIS new blood?

      Or why US silent about them in Turkey?
      مدينة حدودية تركية تشكل مركز التسوق لمقاتلي «داعش»

      08/14/14 7:44 PM | Comment Link

    • teri said...


      Slightly off-topic: I just heard that instead of “tens of thousands” of Yazidis, there were actually only a couple of thousand on that mountain. If our super-duper spy satellites, supposedly able to read license plates from outer space, are not more accurate than that, why does the government rely on them? Or was the government lying to us about the numbers all along? Y’know, so we could have a “mission”. Hmmm. And where is our satellite info on the bombing of that Malaysian plane over the Ukraine, by the by? Russia showed us theirs…

      The pictures I saw on CNN showed the Yazidi people just walking down the hill; not even surrounded by the redoubtable Yankee dough-boys. Some of them were really pissed off at the Americans they encountered along the way, although I haven’t been able to find out why. Maybe for the same reason everyone on earth is? Or maybe because the US made a spectacle of them and used them as an excuse to go back into Iraq? Anyone know?


      08/14/14 10:13 PM | Comment Link

    • wemeantwell said...


      2003 WMD = 2014 Yazidi

      Same shit, different packaging, same gullible Americans lead by their media lapping it all up.

      See ya’ll in Baghdad!

      08/14/14 10:19 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      “2003 WMD = 2014 Yazidi”

      ummmm,..Peter, you better be careful. The MSM just might pick this up and then what? Oh..wait….I get it.
      you sly dog

      WE MEANT WELL 2.. coming Jan. 2015. Just in time for your Pres. candidacy press release.

      damn. And here I thought you were kidding.

      geezus. I can be a real dunce sometimes.

      08/14/14 11:36 PM | Comment Link

    • pitchfork said...


      quote”And where is our satellite info on the bombing of that Malaysian plane over the Ukraine, by the by?!”unquote

      funny you should mention that.


      other people are asking the same thing teri.

      08/14/14 11:49 PM | Comment Link

    • jhoover said...


      Did anyone read this story?
      Ok, he is Jihadist as on his worlds he is with his kids went for Jihadists Syria and Iraq?

      So jihad is only on the Islamic land?
      What about his immigrated & born land? Is there Jihad not accepted by Allah?
      Are there any verses in Qur’an telling the Jihad should be accepted only on the Islamic Land?

      Make no mistake him and his family on social welfare enjoying free lunch and life but this F* criminal should hold account with what he doing, what about his family and his one or four wife’s left behind in Australia?

      Why not pack them with this jihadist’s kid and send them back from where they came? And see him how he will follow the jihadists.

      08/15/14 1:51 AM | Comment Link

    • jhoover said...


      08/15/14 1:52 AM | Comment Link

    • teri said...


      So, I have been able to find out that a bunch of the Yazidis were already escorted down the mountain (i.e., saved) by the Syrian and Turkish Kurds days before the US began Operation Dogwhistle. Or whatever they called this farce. The US media doesn’t want to report on this because these guys (the PKK) are called a terrorist organization by Washington. Of the roughly 4000 Yazidis still there, more than half of them don’t want to leave the mountain because they, well, live there. As it turns out. The UN disputes all this and claims that 70,000 Yazidis still need help off the mountain, but Obama has declared the humanitarian crisis over. Oddly, there is no proof of any number of people on or off or near the mountain from anyone. Jesus Christ, where is the hard “intel” around this crappalooza of conflicting verbiage?

      Obama says we will continue airstrikes and military operations around and about as needed, nonetheless, but that no “combat troops” will be on the ground in Iraq. He is avoiding the use of the usual “no boots on the ground” phrase because by stipulating only no combat troops, he can use special ops forces, “advisors”, and “trainers”. David Cameron says the UK will likewise continue to bring “assets into place” so as to be at the ready when needed (assets being Chinooks and Tornados and other such assorted military hardware which the UK has been moving in over this “humanitarian crisis”). So the US and the UK are back in, baby. Operation Dogwhistle served the purpose of getting us back in, whatever the truth behind the whole exercise. For now, we will follow the lead of the mainstream media and quit asking questions. We’ll also ignore the fact that this new Iraq offensive is being launched against the same group we armed and funded in Syria in an effort to stage a coup against a guy we wanted out.

      And hey, in other news which pisses me off, Deedy was just found not guilty of murder in his second trial for the killing of Kollin Elderts in Hawai’i. The jury was dead-locked on the lesser charges of manslaughter and assault. Doubtful a third trial will take place to reconsider the lesser charges again.

      Americans are stupid.

      08/15/14 12:59 PM | Comment Link

    • wemeantwell said...


      So thanks Yazidi “folks,” we’re done with you now. We needed you to wag the dog, to create the emotional thrust needed to get America back into the Iraq war in a way palatable to our dumb ass population. You’re back to be being an obscure, suffering people again. Love, Barack.

      08/15/14 1:46 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      “We needed you to wag the dog, to create the emotional thrust needed to get America back into the Iraq war in a way palatable to our dumb ass population.”

      I’m sorry, but what part of THE DUMBEST COUNTRY ON THE PLANET (TM) don’t you understand?

      08/15/14 6:31 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      “Americans are stupid.”

      See above.

      08/15/14 6:34 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      08/15/14 6:50 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      One bird brain in the Bush is enough.

      08/15/14 6:51 PM | Comment Link

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