• State Department Quashed Investigations into McGurk Sex Caper

    October 21, 2014

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    Long-time readers of this blog will remember the name Brett McGurk. Embarrassing emails he sent using a U.S. government computer system in Iraq surfaced in 2012, just as he was heading into confirmation hearings to become America’s ambassador to Baghdad. We now learn that the State Department’s efforts to investigate the incident were quashed, in part by some of the same people involved in State’s handling of the post-Benghazi fall out.

    The McGurk Story

    McGurk worked in Iraq under multiple U.S. ambassadors and through both the Bush and Obama administrations. He was present at nearly every mistake the U.S. made during the years of Occupation. In return for such poor handling of so many delicate issues, McGurk was declared “uniquely qualified” and Obama nominated him as America’s ambassador to Baghdad in 2012.

    Unfortunately, around that same time a series of near-obscene emails appeared online, showing a sexual relationship between the then-married-to-someone else McGurk, and a then-married-to-someone else female reporter assigned to Baghdad. The emails suggested a) that official U.S. government communications were being used to arrange nooky encounters; b) that McGurk may have shared sensitive information exclusively with this one reporter as pillow talk; c) that he may have ditched his security detail to engage in his affair and d) rumors circulated that a McGurk sex tape, featuring a different woman, existed.

    McGurk withdrew his nomination for ambassador and was promptly appointed by the State Department as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq and Iran, a position without the title of ambassador but one with a significant role in policy making. Conveniently, the position was not competed and did not require any confirmation process. McGurk just walked in to it with the thanks of a grateful nation.

    An Investigation

    Still, senior officials behaving poorly can damage the credibility of a nation, and so State’s Office of Diplomatic Security (DS) was asked to investigate McGurk’s actions. State’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) later stepped in to look at the question of whether or not “undue influence” was applied by senior Clinton officials to that Diplomatic Security investigation so as to allow McGurk to emerge squeaky clean.

    It seems we now know what may have happened with that investigation. It was, in the words of CBS News, quashed.

    As part of a release of OIG reporting into various State Department acts of debauchery, prostitution, child solicitation and other such acts, we learn this:

    The third DS internal investigation in which OIG found an appearance of undue influence and favoritism involved the unauthorized release in mid-2012 of internal Department communications from 2008 concerning an individual who was nominated in early-2012 to serve as a U.S. Ambassador. (The nominee’s name was withdrawn following the unauthorized release.) DS commenced an internal investigation related to the unauthorized release of the internal communications. The then Chief of Staff and Counselor to the Secretary of State [Cheryl Mills] was alleged to have unduly influenced that investigation.

    OIG found no evidence of any undue influence by the Chief of Staff/Counselor. However, OIG did find that the Assistant Secretary of State in charge of DS [Eric Boswell] had delayed for four months, without adequate justification, DS’s interview of the nominee, and that delay brought the investigation to a temporary standstill. OIG concluded that the delay created the appearance of undue influence and favoritism. The case was ultimately closed in July 2013, after the nominee was interviewed and after DS conducted additional investigative work.

    Some are More Equal Than Others

    Small world: Both Cheryl Mills and Eric Boswell of the McGurk case were deeply involved in State’s post-Benghazi actions.

    Now, let’s break down some important parts of the OIG report. First, Diplomatic Security commenced its work by trying to track down the person who released the naughty emails, claiming they were “internal Department communications” even though they dealt with purely personal matters. Never mind what the emails revealed, DS’ first move was to try and hunt down the whistleblower.

    While OIG could not find evidence of undue influence per se, they certainly found an “appearance” of such. Finally, we learn that the center of all this, the man seeking a senior position inside State, McGurk, was never even interviewed for four months by Diplomatic Security, and no adequate reason was given for why that delay was allowed to take place. In the short-attention span of Washington and the media, four months might as well be four years.

    Where are They Now?

    It would be easy to dismiss all this as business as usual in Washington (it is), or sour grapes on my part (a little) or even an I-Told-You-So on my part given the role I played in seeing McGurk’s indiscretions reach a wide audience (guilty).

    But this is not just about me, no matter how much that was part of my motivation to write about the topic. It is, at the end of the day, about how our nation’s policies are created, managed an enacted, because the people and systems I’ve written about here do that.

    So where are they all now? McGurk, as we know, is deeply involved in America’s new war in Iraq. The reporter who appeared to have slept with her source still works for a major media outlet. Eric Boswell, who quashed the investigation into McGurk, was reassigned and then allowed to retire post-Benghazi. Cheryl Mills remains one of Hillary’s closest advisors and is expected to play a significant role in any Clinton administration.

    BONUS: The OIG report cited above was first surfaced by the best State Department blog out there, Diplopundit.

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    • Kyzl Orda said...


      And how are things going in Iraq and Iran?

      Thought so.

      If people can’t get it together with their personal affairs, they don’t seem to do well either managing just a few tabbed, manila folders on their desks.

      Add a portfolio or two or three going to hell in a hand basket.

      Cheryl Mills can come out of the closet all she likes to hide more bodies. These people’s legacies are mud and that guy will always be remembered as Ambassador of the Roof

      McGurk recently went to Turkey and that is a mess now too

      Can someone please send in professional diplomats

      10/21/14 12:02 PM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      Not to mention, it’s a bit hypocritical isn’t it trying to hold the Secret Service accountable, and letting Mr McGurk skate with a wink and a nod and a promotion

      People already complain government employees are not pulling their weight. How does this help that? Not to mention this administration’s policy of promoting people like McGurk and Victoria Nuland, because they became inadvertant targets on the road to attacking the President while with irony being neo-cons themselves. People are getting killed on the ground, civilians, because of the mistakes of these two ‘diplomats’. It’s time to start factoring civilians into the policy and lack of human rights debates, who are more worthy of protection than the two egotistical and unworthy civil servants

      10/21/14 12:12 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      quote” The emails suggested a) that official U.S. government communications were being used to arrange nooky encounters;..”unquote

      question.. Is it a crime by statute to use intra-agency email for personal use? Or is it just a agency policy thing that carries little consequence if you happen to be within two hops of the Secretary? Just wondering.
      quote”OIG concluded that the delay created the appearance of undue influence and favoritism. The case was ultimately closed in July 2013, after the nominee was interviewed and after DS conducted additional investigative work.”unquote

      Move on along folks..nothing to see here.


      It would appear this whole affair is one more example of what a DOJ official, when asked why not one single Wall Street executive had been prosecuted for the economy meltdown, answered.. quote”…because these were NON-CRIME CRIMES.”unquote
      Direct from the OODG(Office of Obfuscation, Doublespeak and Gimmicks)..Non-Crime Crimes.
      Right. The entire gamut of current USG criminality appears to ride on the edifice of Non-Crime crimes. Unfuckingbelievable…

      On the other hand, if you happen to be black, and walking home from work late at night on an empty sidewalk, your non-crime becomes a crime qualifying you for arrest and strip search… again..and again..and again.

      Meanwhile, if you’re a high ranking DS official who fucks a reporter on an embassy roof after sending sexy emails over the agency email system, your given a promotion. Move on along folks…

      10/21/14 12:48 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Where is McGulp now? Probably on top of a building:


      10/21/14 3:21 PM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      “…quote” The emails suggested a) that official U.S. government communications were being used to arrange nooky encounters;..”unquote …

      Meanwhile, if you’re a high ranking DS official who [—-][my substitution] a reporter on an embassy roof after sending sexy emails over the agency email system, your given a promotion. Move on along folks…”

      But if you are a whistleblower who uses government emails to communicate with government officials on serious matters, you can be arrested or blacklisted and fired. Yeah, something is backwards

      10/21/14 6:39 PM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      If you are exercising something called your First Amendment Rights


      And both the above scenarios, as the author of this blog knows

      10/21/14 7:05 PM | Comment Link

    • Bruce said...


      ALL Poppy’s Company PNACis !

      10/22/14 2:04 AM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      quote” Yeah, something is backwards”unquote

      Backwards is a massive understatement. This entire war on whistle blowers, the corruption and lies at the highest echelons of every single agency, and all three branches of the USG has reached epidemic proportions to the degree that blatant criminality is rewarded, while exposing it becomes a crime. In reality, like I’ve been saying for years..this isn’t a “government” per say anymore. It is a criminal Legal Imperialism that does what it wants, when it wants, how it wants and will stop at nothing to protect the Plutocracy and the Oligarchy that it serves.

      There is no fixing this until the peoples blood is running in the streets. However, mark my words, before that happens, there will come a day when the PTB will try to rescind the 2nd Amendment, as every tyranny in history tried to take the very thing out of the peoples hands that allow tyranny to flourish…weapons, as even the most criminal Attorney General in history knows all too well…


      Meanwhile, there are collectivists who still try to usurp the 2nd Amendment any way they can, making thousands of law abiding gun owners into felons at the stroke of a pen. Fortunately, there are still thousands of county Sheriffs who have sworn not to uphold any laws passed in their respective state that “infringe” on the Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

      I suspect, should the day come enough corrupt Congress critters support a resolution to threaten States into rescinding the 2nd Amendment, their stupidity will manifest itself into an alliance of Sheriffs and gun owners the likes of has never been seen in the history of this nation. And THAT..is all it will take.

      10/22/14 11:55 AM | Comment Link

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