• Let’s All Do Something Useful Today: Write to Manning and Kiriakou

    January 6, 2015

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    Let’s all do something useful today. Call it a New Year’s Resolution.

    Prison sucks. Being in prison because you blew the whistle on our government sucks harder. Getting a letter makes it suck less.

    So if you want to do something good today, write a short letter to one of these guys. It need not be anything more than good wishes, or just introducing yourself as a supporter (if you can’t say anything nice, go post your bile somewhere else).

    You should assume what you write will be reviewed by prison authorities, so don’t write anything that could conceivable cause trouble or harm for the guy you’re trying to support.

    Both prisoners receive a lot of mail. Understand that they may face restrictions on how many letters they can receive each day, and are often restricted in how many they can send out. So, you may not get a reply, or it may take awhile. The point is to send something today to them.

    You must address the letter EXACTLY as shown below. You cannot change “Bradley” to “Chelsea,” for example.

    Bradley E. Manning
    1300 N. Warehouse Road
    Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

    I have been unable to locate information on what can and cannot be sent to Manning, so until/unless you know more, best to stick with short letters and no enclosures.

    John Kiriakou
    Federal Correctional Institution
    Loretto, P.O. Box 1000
    Loretto, PA 15940

    John is permitted to receive mail from anyone, and soft cover books and magazines only from individuals. Hard cover books may be received if sent directly from a publisher, a bookstore or Amazon.com.

    BONUS: Info on conditions in Leavenworth. I have seen the place (from the outside), and it is grim– heavy, Gothic castle in appearance.

    The photo is of John and me at his going-away party before prison. That’s the White House in the background. The location was chosen because we look down on criminals.

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    • Bruce said...


      In view of THIS, As ILL; I’m writing BarBarack Heinous ObamAssassin and patron Poppy’s putschists’ cabal to say, Fuck You (A$$ $OUL$) FOREVER, as perjorative epitome’, Instead!!

      01/6/15 3:40 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      As per Bruces link…

      Ditto. x 10. I’m living proof of what lies in store for most people in this country.

      quote:The photo is of John and me at his going-away party before prison. That’s the White House in the background. The location was chosen because we look down on criminals.”unquote

      Indeed. Funny they call it the “White House”. Like a whoring bride in a white wedding gown. Unfortunately..you can’t hide the stench with a coat of white paint or a bleached white fabric.

      Meanwhile, it “breaks his heart” for a Judge in Virginia.. to shame Virginia government by being forced to send it’s pathetic corrupt ex Governor to prison..for a measly 2 years.


      Shameless is a massive understatement.

      01/7/15 1:03 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      I hope John is writing a book about his experiences in the US -DCOTP- justice system. It would be an INTERNATIONAL best seller: “An Un-American Gulag.”

      Speaking of DCOTP, this guy is stealing my act:


      01/7/15 12:08 PM | Comment Link

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