• That’s What Friends Are For: Israel Spied on U.S. Talks with Iran

    March 25, 2015

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    So U.S. counter-surveillance gets whooped by Israel, who then uses information gathered on Iran nuclear talks so that Netanyahu can try and convince Congress to torpedo Obama’s negotiations with Iran so that Israel can remain America’s bestie in the Middle East and shove Iran off to the side like a B-level Kardashian. And some people still prefer professional sports to watching politics?

    Israel spied on Iran’s nuclear talks with the United States — and used the information to undermine the Obama administration’s position with the GOP-led Congress, according to an explosive report in The Wall Street Journal. While Israeli officials deny the accusations, claiming they got the info by spying on the Iranians, the White House found out about the operation while it was spying on Israel. U.S. intelligence agencies intercepted messages among Israeli officials containing details that U.S. officials believed could only have come from inside the top-secret negotiations.

    The anonymous officials say that classified information, such as the number of centrifuges that Iran might be able to keep operating as part of a final accord, were then shared with GOP lawmakers in an effort to derail the talks.

    Now why would Israel want to undermine U.S. attempts to reach some sort of nuclear agreement with the Iranians that, if successful, would lessen the chance that Iran would become a nuclear state?

    Israel wants to accomplish two things. Well, three, if they could.

    Israel wants to remain the only nuclear power in the Middle East (and yes, of course they have nukes, c’mon.) They may be afraid the U.S.-Iran deal is 99 percent Obama-Kerry legacy grab and will be weak enough that Iran will remain a nuclear threshold state. The Iranians are unlikely to upset things by testing a device, but they’ll hover as close to the line as they think they can. That’s pretty much how the Republicans see the deal as well, so the Israeli connection is hand in glove.

    Israel is also concerned about any U.S.-Iranian rapprochement. Iran has all the makings of a regional power to rival Israel and the Sunni states which quietly more or less support at least some Israeli goals. About the only thing that keeps Iran in check is U.S. sanctions that cripple the country economically. A nuclear deal could pave the way for reopening of relations with the U.S. and the lifting of sanctions.

    The third Israeli aim is kind of a long shot. Israel would love to send Iran back to the Stone Age, nuclear development-wise. It would be most convenient for them if the U.S. were to bomb Iran, though Israel would be more than happy to do the job itself with U.S. permission and support. The bombing is very, very unlikely to take place. After all, if Dick Cheney couldn’t get Bush to sign off on it during eight years of near-constant saber rattling over Iran, who is going to get it pushed through in 2015?

    Yet despite all the spying and bad vibes these days between the U.S. and Israel, remember, money talks and bullsh*t walks. U.S. military aid alone to Israel exceeds $100 billion, with lots and lots of other official money flowing in around the edges. So smile whenever you read about diplomatic rifts in the relationship.

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    • Rich Bauer said...


      Shocking that Israel would feel the need to spy on the most corrupt (and dumbest) country on the planet. They learned – and so should we – you can’t believe anything this government says.

      Don’t trust. Verify. Rinse and repeat.

      03/25/15 12:33 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      The USA today would give SPECTRE a run for its money. Corrupt Goals and objectives:

      1. Destroy the global economic system. Almost accomplished in 2008. Will try again in 2018.

      2. Destroy the global climate system. Making great progress. Kock brothers and Governor Lord Voldemort in Florida deserving of special condemnation.

      3. Destroy chances for world peace by flooding the world with guns and ammo. Winning! Creating new markets in Ukraine

      4. Destroy resistance and lives of whistle blowers who dare break the code of silence. Other than that Van Buren guy, the system works.

      03/25/15 12:51 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      “The espionage didn’t upset the White House as much as Israel’s sharing of inside information with U.S. lawmakers.”

      “It is one thing for the U.S. and Israel to spy on each other. It is another thing for Israel to steal U.S. secrets and play them back to U.S. legislators to undermine U.S. diplomacy,” said a senior U.S. official briefed on the matter.

      Yeah, no fair sharing it with the real enemy- the American people.

      03/25/15 1:04 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck nasmith said...


      Remember Obama’s first press conference? Helen Thomas asked the first question. (Something like this!) Mr President, are you aware of any country in the Middle East with nuclear weapons? Obama’s reply… Helen, I will not speculate on that…Obama quickly points to a (paid for) so called journalist, for next question, and a change he can believe in.

      03/25/15 1:27 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Do you believe the American Dodo’s really an endangered species?

      What you don’t know can kill you:


      03/25/15 1:37 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck nasmith said...


      Educate, Organize, agitate, and have a nice day!

      03/25/15 6:21 PM | Comment Link

    • Lisa said...



      I agree with all you’ve written. I just heard on NPR this a.m. that Gov. Scott and his fellows will not accept government Medicaid assistance for FLA-Dumb because, well, they might stop giving it.

      “Yes, I think I shall stop using the tourniquet because, it might break …”


      Did you see your friend Mme. Clinton’s emojis on the cover of the New Yorker?

      I think they’ve captured the panoply, no?

      03/25/15 7:23 PM | Comment Link

    • Lisa said...


      Mr. Nasmith,

      And of course, Helen Thomas was a long-closeted anti-Semite, which is to say, an obedient member of the knee-jerk liberal club.

      Not that her question was not valid, but politicians do not deal in straight-speaking. Mr. Obama has perhaps been one of the most opaque Presidents in recent memory.

      03/25/15 7:32 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      bartender.. two bottles of Comeuppance and a Corpse Reviver #2 chaser…

      ummm..what’s that? You don’t know how to make it?


      1 part gin
      1 part lemon juice
      1 part orange liqueur (such as Cointreau)
      1 part Lillet (an aperitif)
      Dash of absinthe.

      Stir all ingredients over ice and strain into a chilled coupe glass.

      mmmmmmmmmM. … even nuclear talks can be revived. Just gotta have the right ingredients.


      03/26/15 12:02 AM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      Meanwhile, once in a while, a fresh breeze blows some cognizant dissonance across the landscape of bullshit..


      goddamm was that a nice breeze.

      03/26/15 12:42 AM | Comment Link

    • Lisa said...


      The security of Israel is a moral imperative for all free peoples.

      –Henry A. Kissinger

      03/26/15 5:26 PM | Comment Link

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