• It’s Father’s Day, Call Your Dad

    June 21, 2015

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    You called your dad, right?

    As a public service to those waking up late, call your Dad. Some tips:

    — Don’t let him pass the phone to mom for at least 60 seconds;

    — You may only discuss the weather for 20 of those seconds. If you have recently experienced a hurricane or major earthquake, you can take 45 seconds. If Dad recently experienced a hurricane or major earthquake, you get 20 seconds on “weather” and then you have to roll the rest into the “So, really, how’s it going?”

    — You must listen to his health update as long as he wants to run with it. It’s Father’s Day, so sack up buddy, and hear all about that hemorrhoid the size of a Polish sausage, how he can’t pee anymore, or how Mom is making him eat yoghurt and “whatever the f*ck kale is” for his bowel thing.

    — You must listen to at least one “When I was your age…” story. You are, however, permitted to steer this toward safe-topics like bands he listened to that were better than the crap you listen to, sports team franchises that no longer exist, or, if you are lucky, stuff about his girlfriends before Mom as long as he keeps it clean. Dad!

    — Somewhere in the conversation you must mention one or two details of your own life. Actual details, not just “Yeah, work is OK.” This is an easy one. Complain about your boss. Something about computers not working. If you are unemployed or after Dad paid for four years of undergrad so you could study English your job is working fast food, best to make something up. It’s Father’s Day, after all, save him the coronary until another week.

    — Tolerate, just this once, any old-timey racist or sexist remarks, or jokes. He means well. He grew up in a different time and era. He doesn’t yet know about your new life partner of a different race or the same sex. Mom is sort of waiting for the right moment on that to tell him, such as maybe never in hopes you see the light and break up before Dad finds out.

    — Practice in the mirror: “Sure, put Mom on the phone. We should talk more.”

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    • John Poole said...


      I wish. Unless I have a Rod Serling wall phone it’s not going to happen. I’ll make an imaginary call-long distance call forward I guess might work.

      06/21/15 3:18 PM | Comment Link

    • Karen Davis said...


      Fortunately I talk to mine fairly often, and he’s as liberal as I am, and in pretty fair health for a 92-year-old. Every year I know I’m lucky.

      06/21/15 4:51 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      It was an important and worthy suggestion Peter so I called my 97 year old mother living in California. It was a horrid toxic call so I can’t thank you. She has nothing but bitterness towards me. Hope your parent or parents appreciate you in a healthy way.

      06/22/15 12:20 AM | Comment Link

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