• FBI, DHS Now Zero for 40 at Predicting Terror Attacks

    July 9, 2015

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    Did you make it through the July 4th weekend alive? No ISIS attacks? I drank 78 Red Bulls to stay alert and maintain constant vigilance in my backyard, after fearing ISIS chatter was singling me out for retribution. I lived to write this.

    Were you scared about the full week’s worth of warnings from the FBI, DHS and their spokespersons at CNN, FOX and other media outlets?

    You shouldn’t have been. Website Fair.org chronicles almost 15 years of fear-mongering via warnings that meant nothing. Their list is just below. However, first, it is worth noting that real terror things, such as the failed by being too dumb to set off a bomb Times Square bomber, the failed by being too dumb to set off a bomb “Underwear bomber,” and the killed (OK, sadly) all of three people Boston bombing were accompanied by no such government warnings. Not a word about the deadlier terrorist attacks by right-wing white supremacist terrorists.

    Here’s the full list of the government’s 0 for 40 warning record:

    October 2001: “Potential use of chemical/biological and/or radiological/nuclear weapons“
    November 2001: California bridges
    February 2002: “Hollywood studios”
    May 2002: Statue of Liberty
    June 2002: “Around the Fourth of July holiday”
    July 2002: Stadiums
    August 2002: “Landmarks”
    October 2002: “AQ to attack Amtrak”
    November 2002: “Spectacular Al Qaeda attacks”
    February 2003: “Apartments, hotels, sports arenas and amusement parks“
    May 2003: “Possibility of multiple attacks”
    May 2004: “Attempt to affect the outcome” of presidential election
    July 2004: “Military facilities and large gatherings” on July 4th
    August 2004: VA hospitals
    January 2005: Dirty bomb
    March 2005: US/Mexican border
    October 2005: NYC & Baltimore subways
    March 2006: “Sporting events”
    June 2007: Colleges
    December 2007: “Shopping malls in Chicago and LA”
    November 2008: “Al Qaeda to attack transit during Thanksgiving”
    November 2010: Mass transit in New York City
    October 2011: “Americans in Europe” facing “commando-style AQ attack”
    February 2011: “Financial institutions”
    May 2011: “Threats of retaliation”
    June 2011: Al Qaeda “hit list”
    July 2011: “Private jets of executives” involved in drone manufacturing
    September 2011: “Small planes”
    September 2011: “New York City or Washington around…10th anniversary of 9/11”
    September 2011: Airports
    March 2012: “Terrorist hacking”
    August 2012: Anarchists blowing up bridge during Tampa RNC
    September 2012: “Islamic violence over movie”
    August 2013: “San Francisco on high alert”
    November 2013: “cyber attacks”
    April 2014: “College students abroad”
    December 2014: ISIS targeting Mississippi River bridge
    December 2014: ISIS “sabotaging US military personnel” over social media
    April 2015: ISIS targeting “parts of California”
    May 2015: ISIS targeting “military bases”
    July 2015: ISIS targeting July 4

    Sleep tight America, knowing rough men stand ready on those walls to try and scare you into obedience.

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    • starknakedtruth said...


      Like I said Mr. Van Buren…

      You know who was you know where. Apparently he and his family didn’t get the memo.

      07/9/15 9:01 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Sort of suggests a generational shakedown racket by the beribboned gangsters at the Pentagon. We pay protection money so terrorists won’t behead us like frightened shop keepers paid the mafia to make sure their shop didn’t burn down in the middle of the night.

      07/9/15 8:05 PM | Comment Link

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