• Ready for 2024: Chelsea Clinton to Publish First Book

    August 8, 2015

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    While she is still a step or two away from her second term as president, Hillary is already grooming her daughter for the succession.

    Chelsea Clinton was, like William and Harry, born into royalty. Chelsea is only 35 years old and has already accomplished so much. What a bright future lies ahead! America is still a country where any child can grow up to someday become president — as long as your last name is Clinton.

    Chelsea’s latest faux-accomplishment is to announce she will write a children’s book, It’s Your World. Crazy coincidence: it will be published just weeks before the 2016 election when Mother Hillary will be hoping to follow Father Bill into the White House. Chelsea’s hard-hitting book, under the sub-heading “Get Informed, Get Inspired and Get Going!” will address issues such as poverty, access to education, and gender equality. Another coincidence: those are basically her mother’s campaign themes.

    Clinton the Younger is no stranger to the world of Clinton favors and corruption.

    Earning $445 Per Second at NBC

    Unlike most well-to-do young people who, after a decent education, take a series of unpaid internships and entry-level positions to begin working their way up some corporate ladder, Chelsea jumped more than a few rungs. Despite never having attended journalism school or otherwise having worked in the field, Chelsea was hired by NBC News to do feel-good stories as part of their “Making a Difference” series. Though the starting salary for such positions is already a chunky $100,000-200,000, Chelsea is being paid $600,000 a year for the same work.

    All told, in her almost three-year tenure at NBC, Chelsea has worked on all of 14 stories.

    Business Insider calculated since starting work in November 2011, Chelsea earned about $26,724 for each minute she appeared on air, or $445 per second. As in one-two-three, there’s your month’s rent.

    NBC has an eye for talent, at least the talent of children of important politicians. In 2009, it hired George W. Bush’s daughter Jenna to serve as a correspondent on the Today” show. In 2011, it hired Senator John McCain’s daughter Meghan as a contributor on MSNBC.

    More Chelsea $$$$$$$$

    In addition to her gig at NBC, Chelsea also serves Vice Chair of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

    Chelsea also benefits from a job as a board member for Barry Diller’s IAC/InteractiveCorp. Salary for Chelsea: $300,000. The board position also pays an annual retainer of $50,000 and a $250,000 grant of restricted stock.

    Chelsea, though she only graduated with a master’s degree in 2010, started teaching graduate level classes two years later at Columbia University’s School of Public Health. Chelsea holds another academic post, salary unknown, as assistant vice provost for the Global Network University at New York University.

    Chelsea’s personal fortune is estimated at $15 million, most earned as a consultant at McKinsey & Company and by working for Avenue Capital Investment Group as a hedge fund manager. Chelsea and her husband live in a $10.5 million condominium in Manhattan.

    A feature of oligarchy is the dynastic ascension of new leaders, children who rise to positions of power and wealth simply by the luck of birth. We welcome Chelsea Clinton to the club.

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    • bloodypitchfork said...


      quote”A feature of oligarchy is the dynastic ascension of new leaders, children who rise to positions of power and wealth simply by the luck of birth.”unquote

      Another feature of oligarchy is their up to the last second denial that the 99% WILL revolt at some point, and cut their heads off. Piketty even warned them to deaf ears. One single event will trigger it. Like an massive coroneal ejection(EMP). Or an attempt at confiscating weapons. It’s only a matter of time. Let’s just hope it happens before Chelsea meets the equalizer. I’d personally release the lunette.

      08/9/15 7:14 AM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      Meanwhile, these people make Chelsea look like one of the 99%. Hopefully for her, she’ll be able to watch each one of them receive the lunette first. You know..sorta like an appetizer.


      Btw, I’m building one of these as I type.


      A half scale replica, that I’m mounting in the bed of my pickup. With a sign on it that says… The .1%-2016. Vote here.

      08/9/15 7:29 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Pitch- do you have a tiny little open trailer to hitch to the truck- something the heads can roll into from the truck bed once the guilllotine speaks for the 99.9%? It might be a nice touch!

      08/9/15 3:27 PM | Comment Link

    • Todd Vaclavik said...


      Both changes took place quietly soon after her Hillary Clinton stepped down as Secretary of State, but have become controversial in recent weeks as she prepared to announce her presidential campaign. Chelsea Clinton herself acknowledges she’s right in the middle of all her family’s big decisions.

      08/30/15 4:43 PM | Comment Link

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