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    October 20, 2015

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    As Trey Gowdy and his Committee prepares to interview Hillary on Thursday, here are the next of our continuing series of “Questions for Clinton.” (Some previous queries.)

    1) When Clinton’s private server was first made public in March, she stated there was no classified information on it. When emails released appeared to contain classified information (according to the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community), Hillary argued that the material was not classified at the time it was created, and that different agencies had different rules for classification. She did change her standard response to be “I did not send or receive anything marked classified.”

    However, a recent email included a memo from then-Secretary of State Colin Powell that appears to turn all of that into a lie.

    — The Powell document from 2002 is labeled SECRET/NOFORN (i.e., “NO FORreigNers” may see it.)

    — The document was labeled as classified when it was created.

    — The document was created by Hillary’s own agency, the State Department.

    Can Clinton please explain how this document does not contradict her previous statements about no marked classified?

    2) Clinton took office on January 21, 2009, but the first message she turned back over to the State Department was dated March 18, and the earliest-dated message she herself sent was on April 13, nearly three months into her time in office. Clinton stated the gap was because she continued using a previous account she’d used during her time as a senator for business at the beginning of her time as secretary. She claims she no longer has “access” to that account and thus those three months of email messages are simply gone.

    What account was she using? Why did she use that account instead of the private server or an official State account? Why are those account’s messages deemed inaccessible? Who controls that account and its server? Did anyone at State approve the use of that account? Did Clinton seek State Department approval to use that account?

    3) Clinton has stated, as recently as the CNN Democratic Debate, that she is committed to transparency. If we take Hillary at her word that she used some other email account between taking office in January 2009 and March 2009 when the first State Department emails show up in the tranche turned over to the State Department, where are those three months of emails? They are Federal records, and Clinton was obligated by law to preserve them.

    Where is that account? Nothing on the Internet is truly “inaccessible.” The FBI should subpoena the administrator of that account, if for no other reason than to make those messages available for the Archives and FOIA.

    4) On “Meet the Press” September 27, when asked about this discrepancy on when she began using the personal account, Clinton said “There was a transition period. You know, I wasn’t that focused on my email account, to be clear here.”

    What account did she use on Day One? When did she start using the personal server? It seems the easiest thing was to use the State Department account you were no doubt offered. It seems she did focus on email. Can she explain why she did not use the State Department account in this “transition?”

    5) Also on “Meet the Press” September 27, Clinton explained her use of a personal email account as “I did it for convenience.” In March she stated she used the account for the convenience of not having to carry multiple devices, yet almost immediately after that photos and video of her with multiple devices surfaced.

    Exactly what convenience was the personal account serving? Given that the State Department provided a fully functional email system on her desktop from Day One, with both a classified and unclassified account, plus portable devices such as a Blackberry already configured to those accounts, please state in detail what the added convenience of a private account was?

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    • StarkNakedTruth said...


      You forgot a question PVB…

      6) Should you succeed and win the 2016 Presidential election Ms. Clinton, going forward, will ALL federal employees be allowed to set up their own “home brew” computer servers and then use those computers for the purpose of hiding (and perhaps destroying) any and all email correspondence they don’t want to share with the Federal government? If not, why not?

      And as a follow up question, will ALL federal employees be permitted to establish non-profit foundations in their names, solely for the purpose of laundering money; deemed, “donations” (domestic and foreign for their personal and family use? If not, why not?

      10/20/15 10:16 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Let’s hope Gowdy has a silver bullet or a sharpened stake to finally neutralize a hydra who perhaps has lusted to be Queen Hillary since college. But, what truly happened in Benghazi may be so damaging to the two party facade it will be suppressed.

      10/20/15 11:52 AM | Comment Link

    • Bruce said...


      10/20/15 12:55 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      PVB. It may be that both parties have nuclear embarrasing information that would be revealed by various “truth seeking” committees that the truth is just too dangerous to reveal. BOTH parties are covering for one another now. The truth may just be too disruptive to our so called two party system that it must be suppressed. Pretty sad final stage melt down of this experiment in forming a Republic.

      10/20/15 6:25 PM | Comment Link

    • FYI said...


      the cia intelligence source was classified at the time blumenthal emailed the leak.
      mousa kousa was still undercover in libya and didn’t defect and escape until days later.

      10/21/15 4:10 AM | Comment Link

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