• About That Delta Force Guy Killed in Iraq…

    October 27, 2015

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    The United States does not formally acknowledge the existence of Delta Force, and rarely mentions the names of any of its members, even after they leave the service.

    Unlike the SEALs, who seem to be prolific writers, Delta operators keep to themselves. Most of the unit’s actions abroad are never mentioned publicly, and when an operator is killed in combat, often the death goes unmentioned in the press, or attributed sometime later to a training accident.

    So the very public attention given at the highest levels in Washington to the combat death of Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler was more than a little significant.

    Wheeler was not only acknowledged as having fought with Delta, but his photo was widely published. That in itself is usually a no-no, for fear of linking him to others and outing active duty Delta. His place of death, on the ground, deep inside Iraq, on a strike mission, was explicit, with only a little b.s. thrown in about how Delta was present to provide security for the Kurdish raiding forces seeking to free some hostages. Well, well, nobody in their right mind believes America’s finest special forces are sent out to provide security for a bunch of gussied up militiamen.

    That all within the context that the president of the United States has made it explicit that his war against Islamic State would not involve any American “boots on the ground.” Well, Sergeant Wheeler most definitely was an example of boots on the ground. There were an awful lot of reasons to have said nothing about Wheeler, and instead much has been said.

    So why all the public attention to Wheeler’s death, and why now?

    One reason stands out: we, the public, are being readied for a larger U.S. combat role in Iraq and Syria, one big enough that it will be hard to keep hidden.

    The circumstances of Wheeler’s death are picture perfect for such a plan. He was a revered hero simply by the nature of the unit he served with. He was fighting with about the only competent and pro-American force left in the Middle East, the Kurds. He was fighting the most evil enemy of America (for now), Islamic State. He was on a successful rescue mission; hostages were freed, prisoners released, some IS bad guys dispatched. And the whole thing was conveniently videotaped — a videotaped special forces raid. How often do you see that? You don’t.

    The whole could not be more palatable to an American public perhaps just a little bit weary of war in the Middle East.

    Now hear this: in an “exclusive,” meaning the entire story was handed intact to a single reporter to jot down and print, The Hill reports “top leaders at the Pentagon are considering a range of options to bolster the military campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), including embedding some U.S. troops with Iraqi forces… A second option sent to Pentagon leaders would embed U.S. forces with Iraqis closer to the battlefield, at the level of a brigade or a battalion. Some of the options sent to Pentagon leaders would entail high risk for U.S. troops in Iraq and require more personnel.”

    Timing? Couldn’t be better. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Marine General Joseph Dunford (himself just back from Iraq) will discuss the options when they testify today, October 27, in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee. They will no doubt raise Wheeler’s name.

    I don’t like to traffic in conspiracy theories, but if you can put these pieces together in another way without having to use the word “coincidence” a couple of times, I’d be interesting in what you have to say. Otherwise, hang on, the United States is doubling down in the quagmire of Iraq. Again.

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    • John Poole said...


      Obama pretended at times to be a teetotaler but now he is a raging waraholic. It’s not something in the DC water but the laser guided moonshine from the distilleries of Boeing, Lockheed Martin and others that hooks every POTUS.

      10/27/15 11:51 AM | Comment Link

    • jim hruska said...


      Delta guys are close lipped except when Mark Bouden is around.
      He’s their unofficial publicist.
      jim hruska

      10/27/15 12:01 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      quote”One reason stands out: we, the public, are being readied for a larger U.S. combat role in Iraq and Syria, one big enough that it will be hard to keep hidden.”unquote

      Speaking of coinkydinks.. I don’t wanna say..I told you so..but I did. A month ago. Of course, the Congress just passed this years NDAA which includes a huge “contingency” war chest. They know something is up.

      10/27/15 2:48 PM | Comment Link

    • StarkNakedTruth said...


      Anyone willing to wager when Obama will say….

      I was against the 15 year war in Iraq/Syria, before I was for it.

      or how’s about:

      I misspoke. What I really meant to say that the JV ISIS team isn’t really that JV after all.

      10/27/15 2:59 PM | Comment Link

    • wemeantwell said...


      Well, my prediction took less than a day to come true: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/pentagon-major-changes-isis-strategy-163840122.html

      10/27/15 3:20 PM | Comment Link

    • StarkNakedTruth said...


      And the White House propaganda machine spin begins in…


      10/27/15 3:59 PM | Comment Link

    • john montville said...


      lets see, does this mean west wing of WH has failed to DEGRADE, DESTROY THE JV TEAM? Placing Gen. S. Rice ( #doltusnonerectus ) Prefectir in complete charge, sure Mirrors Community Organizer Hacks R Hacks, How about Winning & Complete Elimination of All Sharia Islamic s fighting to install the “Medina” Koranic Dogma on the WORLD.

      10/27/15 4:02 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      The Iraqi flop can still be flipped? That defies culinary possibilities. Kerry (flip flopper) and Obama (flop flipper). Separated at birth?

      10/27/15 4:09 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Obama: Curca 2013:”We will not become Iraq’s Air Force!”.

      Today: “What I meant was that we would never limit ourselves to just Iraq. We plan to deploy our bombers and fighter jets for many Middle Eastern clients.

      10/27/15 4:25 PM | Comment Link

    • RICH BAUER said...


      “We have met the enemy and it is US.”

      10/27/15 5:17 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Bauer: Gotta keep those MICC workers busy. War is not only big business it is a necessary business for America- So now we have a faggoty president who has always lusted to be considered a “warrior”. How pathetic is that. Hey, Barack, you’ll still young enough and fit enough to suit up. Go for it! Lead your loser troops into battle.

      10/27/15 5:28 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Swords into plowshares? What bullshit. Could America ever convert or transform a $200 million F35 into something for peaceful use? I’m open for suggestions.

      10/27/15 7:46 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      PVB – tripling down is closer.

      10/27/15 7:48 PM | Comment Link

    • rover said...


      I heard that the Iraqi parliament just approved Russia’s participation in the air war against ISIS in Iraq.Could there be a connection Peter? We have seen the Russians moving closer to Iraq and our military wanted to rush in before Rus sians.

      10/27/15 7:51 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      John said:
      quote”What bullshit. Could America ever convert or transform a $200 million F35 into something for peaceful use? I’m open for suggestions.” unquote

      They didn’t build it to not use it for what is was built for. That is the point. Aggressive war. Look today at the incursion of US navel destroyers aggressively challenging China’s claim over synthetic islands they are building to extend their sovereignty over much of the China south seas. Big hubris backed with big sticks. This is what our foreign policy has been for 100 years. In other words,… the biggest bully on the block facing up to his challenger. sheeezus.. adolescent behavior 101. The USG.

      10/27/15 9:26 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      10/27/15 9:31 PM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      Regarding Rover’s point on the Iraqi parliament approving Russia’s role against Isis, earlier this month various Central Asian governments also signed another military agreement with Russia, whom they already have close relations with, for continued cooperation on Afghanistan and ‘fighting terrorism’


      There was also an interesting link to Eurasia net as well on a proposal for establishing “buffer states,” this time n Afghanistan. The idea is dated from last year, but it was floated by the Russians for setting up at least one buffer state in Afghanistan since it was believed our forces would draw down from there:


      Not sure where the buffer states idea stands now, but could also provide impetus for our government to keep things going in Afghanistan as well. Not to mention leverage vis-a-vis Syria and Ukraine

      10/27/15 11:32 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      10/28/15 5:26 AM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      Meanwhile, the USG doubles down on continuous war for the next 50 yrs.. if we survive as a nation that long.

      quote”The Pentagon hopes the radar-evading bomber will be able to slip through the increasingly sophisticated air defenses that both Russia and China are building, restoring in the process America’s eroding ability to wage war anywhere on the planet whenever it wants to.”unquote

      Wage war anywhere on the planet… whenever it wants to. right

      Any questions?


      10/28/15 5:31 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Pitch, and we thought only the Middle Eastern tribal nations weren’t into power sharing. Shit, Americans want it all! No power sharing with the Ruskies, Chinks, or whomever. This will end very badly as most of us know. I don’t think America will have a “soft landing”. We’ll just implode when we can’t sell our weapons as easily as we’ve done in the past thirty years.

      10/28/15 12:23 PM | Comment Link

    • Rudy said...


      Whe know all that western Special Forces were assisting ISIS on the ground, for me its not impossible that he whas killed during a Russian airraid and they organised this Hollywood narative to pretend he whas killed in an heroic mission rather than assisting “headhunters” from ISIS, moreover than the blame to have to recognice he whas killed during a Russian Aerospacebombing raid !!

      10/29/15 3:11 PM | Comment Link

    • About That Delta Force Guy Killed in Iraq… | Counter Information said...


      […] 29, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – “We Meant Well” –  The United States does not formally acknowledge the existence of Delta Force, and […]

      10/29/15 6:53 PM | Comment Link

    • Winston said...


      This whole fight against ISIS income earner is left untouched.
      $500M a year in oil revenue buoys Islamic State fighters

      10/29/15 7:19 PM | Comment Link

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