• For 13 Years: Torture of the Human Being Shaker Aamer by the United States

    October 31, 2015

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    Shaker Aamer was just released, after 13 years in captivity, from Guantanamo, and returned to Britain. His wife lives there, and he has permanent residence there. He was never charged with anything by the United States, simply kept. Here is what was done to him over the course of his 13 years at Gitmo.

    Bush denied, and Obama helped hide, the nasty stuff even existed, then used an ever-so-compliant media to call it all necessary for our security and very survival, then shaping dumb-cow public opinion with ersatz terms like enhanced interrogation to keep the word torture out of the discourse, then having the CIA destroy videos of the brutality, then imprisoning officials, such as John Kiriakou, who sought to expose it all, then refusing to hold hearings or conduct investigations, then employing black ops to try and derail even a cursory Senate report and finally allowing the torturers at the CIA themselves the final word on the watered-down public version of a Senate report on torture.

    The Torture of Shaker Aamer by the United States

    Yet, like a water leak that must find it’s way out from inside the dark place within your walls, some things become known. Now, we can read a psychiatrist’s report which includes, in detail, the torture enacted on just one prisoner of the United States, Shaker Aamer.

    The once-U.S. ally Northern Alliance captured Aamer in Afghanistan and sold him to the United States as an al Qaeda member. Who knows at this point who Aamer was at that time, or what he did or did not do. If you think any of that matters, and perhaps justifies what was done to him, stop reading now. This article cannot reach you.

    What was Done to One Human

    In his own words, Aamer describes the casual way his Western jailers accepted his physical presence, and skinny confessions made under Afghan torture, as all the proof necessary to imprison him in U.S. custody from 2002 until 2015. The U.S. created a world of hell that only had an entrance, not caring to conceive of an exit. In no particular order (though the full report dispassionately chronicles every act by time and location), the United States of America did the following to Aamer:

    — On more than one occasion an official of the United States threatened to rape Aamer’s five year old daughter, with one interrogator describing in explicit sexual detail his plans to destroy the child;

    — “Welcoming Parties” and “Goodbye Parties” as Aamer was transferred among U.S. facilities. Soldiers at these “parties” were encouraged and allowed to beat and kick detainees as their proclivities and desires dictated. Here’s a video of what a beating under the eyes of American soldiers looks like.

    — Aamer was made to stand for days, not allowed to sleep for days, not allowed to use the toilet and made to shit and piss on himself for days, not fed or fed minimally for days, doused with freezing water for days, over and over again. For 13 years.

    — Aamer was denied medical care as his interrogators controlled his access to doctors and made care for the wounds they inflicted dependent on Aamer’s ongoing compliance and repeated “confessions.”

    — Aamer was often kept naked, and his faith exploited to humiliate him in culturally-specific ways. He witnessed a 17-year-old captive of America sodomized with a rifle, and was threatened with the same.

    — At times the brutality took place for its own sake, disconnected from interrogations. At times it was the centerpiece of interrogation.

    — The torture of Aamer continued at Gitmo, for as an occasional hunger striker he was brutally force-fed.

    Torture Works

    The obsessive debate in this country over the effectiveness of torture rings eternally false: torture does indeed work. Torture is invariably about shame and vengeance, humiliation, power, and control, not gathering information. Even when left alone (especially when left alone) the torture victim is punished to imagine what form the hurt will take and just how severe it will be, almost always in the process assuming responsibility for creating his own terror.

    And there you have the take-away point, as briefers in Washington like to say. The real point of the torture was to torture. Over twelve years, even the thinnest rationale that Aamer was a dangerous terrorist, or had valuable information to disclose, could not exist and his abusers knew it. The only goal was to destroy Shaker Aamer.

    The combination of raw brutality, the careful, educated use of medical doctors to fine-tune the pain, the skills of psychiatrists and cultural advisors to enhance the impact of what was done worked exactly as it was intended. According to the psychiatrist who examined Aamer in detail at Guantanamo, there is little left of the man. He suffers from a broad range of psychiatric and physical horrors. In that sense, by the calculus his torturers employ, the torture was indeed successful.

    The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan failed at great cost, al Qaeda has been reborn in Africa and greater parts of the Middle East and the U.S. has willingly transformed itself into at best a bully abroad, and a police state at home. But no mind; the full force and credit of the United States of America destroyed Shaker Aamer as revenge for all the rest, bloody proof of all the good we failed to do.

    Never Again, Always Again

    Despite the horrors of World War II, the mantra– never again– becomes today a sad joke. The scale is different this time, what, 600? 6000? men destroyed by torture not six million, but not the intent. The desire to inflict purposeful suffering by government order, the belief that such inhuman actions are legal, even necessary, differs little from one set of fascists to more modern ones. Given the secrecy the Nazis enjoyed for years, how full would the American camps be today? Kill them all, and let God sort them out is never far from the lips.

    Torture does not leave its victims, nor does it leave a nation that condones it. The ghosts don’t disappear the way the flesh and bone can be made to go away.

    The people who did this, whether the ones in the torture cell using their fists, or the ones in the White House ordering it with their pens, walk free among us. They’ll never see justice done. There will be no Nuremberg Trials for America’s evils, just a collapsing bunker in Berlin. But unlike Shaker Aamer, you are sentenced to live to see it forever in your nightmares.

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    • John Poole said...


      PVB I agree 100%. The best we can do is to make sure we have those two decks of cards with America’s Most Wanted War Criminals buried in a time capsule to be dug up in 10K years by ?. John Negroponte will be a Jackoff of Spades and an ass clown like Colin Powers a lowly ten of Clubs. Their type owns this orb I’m just treading here by mistake I guess.

      10/31/15 8:27 AM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      I’ve already commented on the scum who ordered and carried out the US torture program. What I do want to say is the release of Shakar Aamer will in no way release those barbarians who tortured him, from the worlds moral outrage. Perhaps one day, a hacker will find and disclose these animals names. I would hope, that like the secret Israeli org that tracked down Nazi murderers to this day, some organization will form to track down and kill, every last CIA torturer, if not torture THEM to death. One can only hope. All I know is.. these bastards will not keep the world from remembering what they did.
      However, the stain left on this country will never be removed until these criminals are held accountable. Unfortunately, half this country still believes and stands by torture. In fact..they relish in it. Hence..this country is now the shameless, United States of Depravity.

      10/31/15 10:45 AM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      ps..the mere fact the US released him after 13 years..with NO CHARGES EVER FILED..is living proof what kind of monsters ran this program. They ALL need to be charged with war crimes. Of course, no MSM coverage what so ever. …zilch, zero…nada.

      whudda thunk.

      insert rolling eye smiley.

      10/31/15 10:49 AM | Comment Link

    • teri said...


      A poem Shaker Aamer wrote, published as part of a book of poems written by Guantanamo detainees in 2007.


      by Shaker Abdurraheem Aamer, Guantanamo detainee.

      Peace they say.

      Peace of mind?
      Peace of earth?
Peace of what kind?

      I see them talking arguing, fighting –

      What kind of peace are they looking for?
      Why do they kill? What are they planning?

      Is it just talk? Why do they argue?

      Is it so simple to kill? Is this their plan?

      Yes, of course!

      They talk, they argue, they kill –

      They fight for peace.

      10/31/15 4:29 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      Blessed are they that go to the grave knowing the truth.

      10/31/15 6:12 PM | Comment Link

    • Nic108 said...


      The White House criminals who ordered this absolutely will be held accountable for their monstrous crimes. The Laws of Karma exempt no one. They will be plummet into vicious Hells in the afterlife. “You can’t create Hell on Earth without expecting the same in the afterlife.” Paramahansa Yogananda

      11/1/15 5:16 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      quote”The White House criminals who ordered this absolutely will be held accountable for their monstrous crimes.”unquote

      I’m sure the victims of these war criminals will appreciate that. When you are dead..it’s a moot point. As for me.. only hangmans noose or a bullet to their temple will suffice.

      11/1/15 7:59 PM | Comment Link

    • Torture victim released after 13 years | Phil Ebersole's Blog said...


      […] For 13 Years: Torture of the Human Being Shaker Aamer by the United States by Peter Van Buren for We Meant Well. […]

      11/2/15 11:13 AM | Comment Link

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