• The SEALS Beat a Man to Death — Should We Care?

    December 21, 2015

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    Here’s what happened:

    The three Navy SEALs stomped on bound Afghan detainees and dropped heavy stones on their chests. They stood on the prisoners’ heads and poured bottles of water on their faces in an improvised form of waterboarding.

    A bomb had exploded at an Afghan Local Police checkpoint where the SEALs were conducting training. Angered by the death of one of their comrades, the police rounded up half a dozen or more “suspects” from a nearby village. Along the way, they beat them with rifle butts and car antennas. The men from SEAL Team 2 joined in, jump-kicking a man kneeling on the ground. They beat one detainee to death.

    Four American soldiers working with the SEALs reported the episode. In a Navy criminal investigation, two American support personnel said they had witnessed the abuse by the SEALs, as did a local police officer. Another Afghan provided a detailed account to investigators.

    The outcome?

    SEAL command cleared the Team 2 members of any wrongdoing in a closed disciplinary process that is typically used only for minor infractions, disregarding a Navy lawyer’s recommendation that the troops face assault charges. Three of the SEALs have since been promoted, even though their commander in Afghanistan recommended that they be forced out of the elite teams.

    Should we care? Yes, we should care.

    The moral high ground is about all we have left on our side in the failed war of terror. The beating is horrific, and will echo through Afghan society and beyond. The lack of penalty against the SEALS is almost worse, because, like what happens all too often here in the Homeland everytime a cop gets away with the murder or beating of one of us, it simply sends the signal to the troops that their behavior is OK. Maybe the message is war justifies everything, or simply boys will be boys, or, like the Blue Line, thugs need to stick together and cover each others’ backs, right or wrong.

    A man who had no reason to die is dead in Afghanistan (and Baltimore, and New York, and…) and no one is held responsible. See the pattern?

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    • Bruce said...


      Imperial Sturm dupes! WTF US’ MORAL High ground?
      The charge should have been Murder 1 and the penalty DEATH, heads!

      12/21/15 10:35 AM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      My deceased dad’s best friend survived the Bataan death march. I remember at 7 yrs old, overhearing the stories he recounted, of the beatings and murder of US soldiers at the hands of the Japanese. I also heard my dad tell of stories he heard while a crew member of a PBY, that stopped on lots of little Pacific islands. It appears, some of our own troops we’re equally barbaric towards Japanese captives, even to the point of beheadings. Yes, beheadings. Of course, the American public never heard one word of these atrocities as even then, the US MSM was controlled by the USG. Also, in Europe, post WWll, American soldiers raped women in the thousands.

      So don’t tell me about this so called “moral highground”. It never existed in reality. As for these scum sucking, pig fucking animals called “Seals”, and moreover, the cockroaches that allowed them to escape accountability, I hope they enjoy what’s left of their life..cause they face an eternity in hell. There is no escape from judgement. Period. In that I find solace. As for the rest of the military that thinks they are the “exceptional good guys”…hahahahahahahahahahahahaha,

      Fucking spare me.

      12/21/15 11:18 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      American Exceptionalism.

      12/21/15 1:32 PM | Comment Link

    • teri said...


      Is that a photo-shopped picture? I ask in all sincerity, because it strikes me as pretty vulgar and obscene that those guys (“the best of the best”, “America’s finest”, etc., etc., ’til you puke) are wearing death-skull masks. The message is not that they are protecting anyone, but that they are just supposed to kill.

      I guess, though, without the costumes, you couldn’t keep track of which side was “winning”.

      12/22/15 4:36 AM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      teri… speaking of puke.. if this isn’t the epitome of what Murika has become… I don’t know what is.


      bartender.. I’ll take a double 100prf. FacePalm with a TwoRollingEyes beer chaser. Then call me a cab to the nearest parallel universe.

      12/22/15 5:39 AM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      ps.. as teri said, if that picture is real, it redefines the word grotesque. Moreover, if these schmucks are the military’s “best of the best”.. we’re in fucking trouble. I’ve got $10 that says Putin is rolling on the floor in raucous, gut splitting laughter.

      12/22/15 5:48 AM | Comment Link

    • teri said...



      Kardashian’s ass, eh? I still don’t know how she became “famous”, and I don’t really care, since it’s obvious from what I have [accidentally] learned about her that it isn’t because she does anything of worth to anyone on the planet.

      Only in America are people so consumed with asses. In Kardashian’s case, it’s kind of a case of “look at the ass on that ass”. Considering the actual function of that part of the anatomy, it’s clear that Americans will buy crap from anybody. (Get it? Har, har.)

      The end stage of capitalism: where a cretin can sell pictures of her stinky rear-end and make a billion or two from the rubes. We are fucked.

      Still want to know if that picture on PVB’s post is for real. Peter?

      12/22/15 1:08 PM | Comment Link

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