• Afghan Militia Loyal to Someone Behead Islamic State Fighters

    December 30, 2015

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    Judith_Beheading_Holofernes_by_CaravaggioHo, ho, ho, can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys. That might as well be America’s war of terror slogan (copyright, 2001-2015.)

    So see if you can sort out the Good from the Bad. Pretend you’re Secretary of State and this is a puzzle Barack has asked you to solve. Here are the facts:

    Afghan militiamen loyal to no government but currently used by Haji Zahir, deputy speaker of the U.S.-created Afghan parliament, beheaded four Islamic State fighters and publicly displayed their severed heads. This ultra-violence highlights an increasingly brutal conflict as ISIS makes inroads in Afghanistan.

    The beheadings by the Afghans of ISIS are in retaliation for ISIS earlier beheading four of Zahir’s own Afghan fighters. In what is a great statement, Zahir said “If they behead you, behead your son, do you expect us to cook sweets for them? Sweets are not distributed during war. People die.”

    To make his point crystal clear, Zahir’s men placed the severed heads of the four ISIS fighters atop stacks of stones on the side of a main road.

    ISIS, for its part, continues to scoop up disaffected Taliban fighters, who are unhappy with their own group’s level of violence and are increasingly lured by ISIS’ signature brutality.


    — ISIS is now a thing in Afghanistan, after 14+ years of American occupation and nation building there. Fun facts: ISIS did not even exist when the U.S. first invaded Afghanistan in 2001, and the younger American soldiers now deployed there were in First Grade when the initial U.S. invasion kicked off;

    — The deputy speaker of the U.S.-created Afghan parliament has his own militia;

    — People sort of on the good Afghan side are doing the same brutal things such as beheadings without U.S. condemnation, as ISIS is doing elsewhere with U.S. condemnation, but that’s OK;

    — Afghanistan is so f*cked;

    — And so sorry to the 3,512 American and coalition deaths expended to create that free Afghanistan! Things will work out better in Syria, we promise.

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    • John Poole said...


      Poor Goliath-beheaded while semi conscious by a sadistic novice boy warrior who would grow up to be a king of the Israelistes. Who knew?

      12/30/15 8:34 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      What is happening to this world. Bing Crosby charged with sex crimes today?!!! Happy New Year all. peas…….

      12/30/15 10:31 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Bill C did not have s.. with that women. Killary/2016

      12/30/15 10:34 AM | Comment Link

    • Bruce said...


      It’s ALL on US; we’re Both $IDE$, now! (And Both BAD)!!
      The definition of ISIS : US (CIA) bogeys (jest ask Poppy Bush PNAC Attacker, Hellary)!!!

      12/30/15 10:54 AM | Comment Link

    • RICH BAUER said...


      When The Donald assumes the throne, then you will see some real head cutting.

      12/30/15 11:13 AM | Comment Link

    • RICH BAUER said...


      12/30/15 1:25 PM | Comment Link

    • RICH BAUER said...


      “You can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys.”

      In the good ol USA the “good guys” will cut off your head:


      12/30/15 6:32 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      Darwin must be bowing his head in shame.
      Meanwhile the custodians of Merriam Webster quietly remove the word civilized from their bible of words as well as redefining the words “good” and “bad” as interchangeable. Evolution becomes a myth.
      Beheading becomes the 4th most used word of 2015, just behind ISIS, Syria, and Donald Trump.

      bartender..two rounds of 100prf FuckMe and a bottle of ShitferBrains beer chaser.

      Happy New Year.

      01/1/16 4:11 AM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      ya know, given the human race survives it’s own stupidity, at some future point, some archaeologist will dig up severed heads in the millions from the 21st century and surmise either planet earth must have been invaded by brain sucking alien parasites or civilization went completely, stark raving mad due to the discovery God was Bill Hicks.

      01/1/16 4:27 AM | Comment Link

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