• White House Meets With Silicon Valley Execs to “Disrupt” ISIS Online

    January 14, 2016

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    Since our providers and tech makers in Silicon Valley are already deep in bed with the NSA to help spy on us, it should be little surprise that the White House now wants them to climb on board another Bill of Rights busting train and help “disrupt” ISIS online by editing the Internet.

    This new strategy is based on the government’s firm belief that the real cause of radicalization is because some suburban kid reads a Tweet and then poof! skips Spring Break for jihad. The idea that the roots of radical actions lie deep and involve complex motivations, including being torqued off at bloodthirsty U.S. foreign policy, meh, let’s blame social media and that damn rock ‘n roll you kids like and use it all as a way to clamp down on political speech the government doesn’t like.

    And now, mighty tech giants, you can help.

    Silicon Valley executives met with top government officials in a private (of course!) meeting this week to game out strategies to counter Islamic State online. The goal is for technology companies to crack down on ISIS’ social media. See, if Google does it based on government instructions instead of the government doing it directly, it does not technically violate the First Amendment.

    According to America’s best newspaper, the UK Guardian, executives from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Apple, and Microsoft attended along with FBI Director James Comey, NSA Director Mike Rogers, NIA Director James Clapper, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough.

    The Guardian obtained a copy of the agenda for the meeting, which focuses heavily on the devil’s tool, social media. So here’s how the government thinks ISIS will be defeated online:

    a. How can we make it harder for terrorists to leveraging [sic] the internet to recruit, radicalize, and mobilize followers to violence?

    b. How can we help others to create, publish, and amplify alternative content that would undercut ISIL?

    c. In what ways can we use technology to help disrupt paths to radicalization to violence, identify recruitment patterns, and provide metrics to help measure our efforts to counter radicalization to violence?

    d. How can we make it harder for terrorists to use the internet to mobilize, facilitate, and operationalize attacks, and make it easier for law enforcement and the intelligence community to identify terrorist operatives and prevent attacks?

    I especially love the bit in Item C about providing “metrics to help measure our efforts to counter radicalization to violence.” Exactly how does one gather metrics to prove a negative, i.e., how many people allegedly don’t join ISIS because of something they read online?

    Anyway, as a loyal American myself, and as a public service, I offer the following suggestions:

    — Hack each ISIS site so that it includes pop-ups, multiple invitations to sign up for newsletters and take surveys, autoplay videos set to high volume and use banner ads, lots of banner, ads for payday loan places and boner pills. No one will stay long enough to read the ISIS content.

    — Include more photos of Kim Kardashian interspersed with the ISIS Twitter feed as a distraction. Offer an hour with Kim (she’s a patriotic gal but maybe not a virgin) for each person who denounces ISIS with an emoticon. 🙂

    — Redirect any ISIS phone numbers to a call center in India with an endless loop of “Press or say 145.89 for customer service” prompts.

    — Stop killing Muslims and stop throwing gasoline into Middle East fires, close Guantanamo, have a truth commission expose American torture practices, and realign U.S. foreign policy to stop sucking up to the Saudis as its mainstay.

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    • chuck said...


      Can Google and other techs “disrupt” the terror and loss of lives around the world caused by the U.S.? Will Google help search for the “U.S. Torture report in full that the people have not seen? Can google and others delete Gitmo? Will the Popes meeting with a google exec. give u.s. a prayer for Snowden, Manning, and too many others who reveal the Truth?

      01/14/16 8:43 AM | Comment Link

    • Bruce said...


      That cat won’t scratch (except its own litter) :
      The definition of ISIS : US (CIA & Company).

      01/14/16 11:34 AM | Comment Link

    • RICH BAUER said...


      Item D also can be expanded to identify its true purpose: “how can we help law enforcement identify domestic dissent like Occupy Wall Street” since Obama really doesn’t believe ISIS is a threat to this country.

      Speaking of identifying real threats to US, does the NRA and members support a citizen’s right to shoot down government drones over private property?

      01/14/16 11:55 AM | Comment Link

    • Links 14/1/2016: Android Auto Adoption, SSH Hole | Techrights said...


      […] White House Meets With Silicon Valley Execs to “Disrupt” ISIS Online […]

      01/14/16 6:08 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      The NSA’s TAO department builds Stuxnet..destroys Iranian centrifuges and in Jordan I believe, shut down the entire internet feed to the country, via a “modified” router by TAO. And they can’t deal with ISIS online?

      01/14/16 6:27 PM | Comment Link

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