• Hillary at Selma? Not in 2015…

    February 12, 2016

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    In the 2007 video below, when Hillary was last overtly running for president, at about the 0:37 mark she slips into a cliched African-American accent, kinda weird, and also weird that what appears to be a largely African-American audience applauds her. But that was 2007 and candidate Clinton shilling for Black votes.

    And in that same year, 2007, here’s both candidate Clinton, hubby Bill and then-candidate Obama marching in Selma:

    And here, in 2015, is Clinton in Selma:

    Oh, wait, she wasn’t there that year. Obama and his family were there. Hell, even George W. Bush and his wife Laura attended. Where was Hillary (and for that matter, Bill) on this very important 50th anniversary?

    In Miami, grifting at a Clinton Foundation Global Initiative event. The Clintons were in Miami, visiting Miami-Dade’s Coral Gables wealthy neighborhood for the weekend. Coral-Gables is 91 percent white and no doubt full of potential campaign donors. The Clintons did have time to drop by crappy Liberty City for a photo-op “community service” thing.

    Like they say, it is all about priorities.

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    • John Poole said...


      Well, now you’ve got me wondering about the cackle Hillary unleashed when Gaddafi’s death was confirmed. Did it have a distinct Sunni, Shia or Kurdish flavor or was it a patois mash up of all our proxie assassins in that region? Hmmm.

      02/12/16 9:48 AM | Comment Link

    • Bruce said...


      ALWAYS a cackle of $heer Croney ₵RAPITALI$M !

      02/12/16 11:33 AM | Comment Link

    • Links 13/2/2016: Debian 6.0 EOL | Techrights said...


      […] Hillary at Selma? Not in 2015… […]

      02/13/16 12:33 PM | Comment Link

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