• Brave Afghan Forces Kill Inside Hospital, for Freedom

    March 3, 2016

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    Apparently a new feature of the modern war of terror is the shameless, blameless, overt targeting of hospitals, doctors and bed-ridden patients, all without the means of even modest self-defense.

    Following the American destruction of a Doctors Without Borders facility in Afghanistan, the Saudi targeting, using American weapons, of hospitals in Yemen, the Israeli destruction, using American weapons, of Palestian hospitals in Gaza, and the Russia/Syrian destruction of a Doctors Without Borders facility in Syria, we now have another case, perpetrated against the rules of war, international treaties and simple humanity.

    (The child shown above was injured in Gaza, 2014. Serves her right for choosing to live among terrorists, amiright?)

    Afghan security forces, possibly accompanied by NATO advisers, raided a hospital south of Kabul and abducted and then killed at least three men suspected of being insurgents.

    The raid began in Wardak Province, 100 miles from Kabul, at a hospital run by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, an international aid agency. Initial reports differed about whether the units involved in the four-hour raid, whose members descended from helicopters, belonged to the Afghan Army or the police. The number of casualties was also not clear, with different accounts suggesting that between three and five people had been killed.

    The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan denounced the raid, which it said the Afghan Army had conducted, as a gross violation of the Geneva Conventions.

    Yeah, whatever, how quaint.

    “Medical facilities and medical staff are to provide treatment to anyone in need, and patients are to be granted safety according to humanitarian law,” Jörgen Holmström, the Swedish group’s country director, said in a statement. “We will further investigate this violation and let those responsible be held accountable.”

    “Held accountable.” How quaint.

    A spokesman for Wardak Province’s police chief said elite police units, who were possibly accompanied by Americans, had conducted the operation.
    “Those killed in the hospital were all terrorists,” he said, adding that he was “happy that they were killed.”

    A spokesman for the American-led NATO coalition denied involvement. “At this point, we have no reports of any coalition operations near a hospital,” said Col. Michael T. Lawhorn.

    BONUS: The UN states Afghanistan chalked up record civilian casualties in 2015.

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    • bloodypitchfork said...


      “We will further investigate this violation and let those responsible be held accountable.”

      Wait…….wait…what do you mean..”let” those responsible be held accountable.?

      Ya know, I seem to recall there was once a country that would hunt these murdering bastards down one by one and hang them. Don’t remember it’s name though. It seem to have disappeared shortly after WW2.

      bartender…yeah, a bottle of TwoRollingEyes…and a shot of 150prf HowQuaint vodka.

      Nothing else left to say.

      03/3/16 10:42 AM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      Not to sidestep the subject at hand, but…ut oh..


      hmmmm…looks like Clinton isn’t the only one with a little black book. And yeah..they should be gettin nervous. This could even change my prediction. Of course, there’s still Clintons black book. Which one prevails is the question.

      Ok, carry on.

      03/3/16 1:11 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Pitch- even if Hillary gets the nomination and somehow is protected right up to election night might there be a movement to write in Sanders’ name? Does anyone know about the technicalities and legalites of such an act? Is there a place to write in a candidate?

      03/3/16 1:57 PM | Comment Link

    • jo6pac said...


      #3 Yes on the write in

      03/3/16 4:32 PM | Comment Link

    • Helen Marshall said...


      IF we do this enough, no one notices..just like the mass shootings, how boring, they move to the back page -if that…

      03/3/16 6:43 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      John..I dunno. Stranger things have happened. But like jo6pac said…”#3 Yes on the write in”
      Count me in. I mean.. geezus.. what’s our choice? fuck

      Helen Marshall said..

      “IF we do this enough, no one notices”

      Yeah. Well, in that case I suggest you take that time and invest in an hour of your time at your local pub and have a nice stout. At least you got something out of the time, no? And besides..no one notices. 🙂

      03/3/16 8:50 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      Helen Marshall said…

      “..just like the mass shootings, how boring, they move to the back page -if that…”

      …Helen. We understand. Sometimes us humans as individuals don’t have he capacity to stop what is ordained by our reality. Sometimes, to keep sanity, we just have to row row row our boat.

      03/3/16 9:10 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      ps Helen.. just think what would happen if Trump becomes President.

      03/3/16 9:12 PM | Comment Link

    • teri said...


      You know, Pitch, I hadn’t bothered to actually listen to a full Trump speech [sic] until yesterday. Because, why bother, right? A coupla soundbytes tells you enough. Haven’t watched any of the debates, either. But yesterday I did watch his full “rebuttal” to Mitt Romney, who had publicly said that Trump wasn’t qualified to be president, that Trump’s ideas were either costly, illegal, or embarrassing to the country. (CNN and MSNBC each gave Trump a full 30 to 45 minutes of free air time of live TV coverage to air his speech – they don’t even play Obama’s press conferences in their entireties, but they did this for Trump. What is the game here?) I can report that Trump is really intent on getting rid of anyone who doesn’t support him, first of all. Anyone the crowd points out as a “plant” is taken out of the venue (a non-Trump supporter who came in to check him out, or a protester who questions the Trump – I don’t know how they can tell in some cases that someone is not really a Trump fan; sometimes a person will yell out a question and “out” himself, but sometimes the crowd seems to be able to mysteriously identify someone as a poser and draws Trump’s attention to him. Who knows? Maybe the guy frowned or something.) Anyway, once a non-supporter is somehow identified, Trump will interrupt himself and order security to remove the person. He won’t answer questions or tolerate one second of any sign of less than complete approval. He did this at least 4 times yesterday. “Get him out! That’s it. Get him outta here. Why do these people bother? Buh-BYE!” he says, and the cops haul the offender away.

      Trump’s “rebuttal” speech was jibber-jabber about how great and impressive his buildings are, how he had lots of money, who knows how much he is worth, really, and he is audited every year because he has so much money, and he uses the best materials on his hotels, how he had written, like, the best-selling book of all time, or maybe the second-best selling book, anyway, it was up there on the best-seller list for all time and he is going to build that wall between us and Mexico and name it the “Trump Wall” because that’s the brand, that’s the name that sells and means quality, and it’ll come in under-budget and ahead of schedule because that’s just how he does things, and he will impose a 35% tax on corporations that move jobs overseas, he’ll make those companies have to come back to the US because it’ll hurt them not to, and by the way, he remembers when Romney needed his money to run for president, and he could have told Romney to drop to his knees, and old Mitt would have. And Arnold Schwartzeneger is taking his old spot on “The Apprentice” and we’ll see how Arnold does with that, but we wish him luck. That was it. His rebuttal.

      Trump is truly stupid. Really and truly and unrepentantly ignorant. He says nothing that means anything, and nothing that can remotely be translated into a “policy” of any sort. He says nothing beyond, “I’m great, I’m worth a lot of money – who knows how much exactly? – don’t you agree I’m great?” That is his entire fucking platform. Literally.

      I wasn’t taking him too seriously until yesterday. What got me was not Trump himself, he’s a minor thug and the town fool, but his followers. These people are rabid brownshirts in the making and can’t even tell that the guy is saying nothing and stands for nothing; but they will follow him over a cliff and take out anyone who doesn’t go along. That’s the frightening thing. The bald meanness and utter vacuity of so much of the country.

      We have Trump, and if you haven’t listened to a full half-hour of his patter, you can’t appreciate what an embarrassment he is to the human species. He would be a disaster as president. On the other hand, he’d probably quit in less than a year and sue the US for making him spend his own money to run for office, so we ought to pay attention to whomever he picks as running mate. Then we have Cruz, who is Satan, I swear to God (who knew the anti-Christ would be born in Canada?), and Rubio, the neocon anti-immigrant born-from-immigrant-parents (talk about a personality issue), and the criminal war-pig Clinton, who ought to be in jail, and who may win the election only to be promptly impeached by the Republicans on day two in office.

      The oligarchs have us truly fucked. Although if they stage a false-flag before the election and delay the Dread Vote, Obama may get to retain his throne for awhile longer than expected. And by that time, maybe he won’t be looking quite so bad. Given the alternatives, I mean.

      Sorry this comment is so long, Peter. I figured hardly anyone would be coming back to the thread and so I wouldn’t be disrupting things too much by spouting off this way.

      – Teri

      03/4/16 4:16 AM | Comment Link

    • Links 4/3/2016: Linux 4.4.4, KDE Outreach Program | Techrights said...


      […] Brave Afghan Forces Kill Inside Hospital, for Freedom […]

      03/4/16 7:38 AM | Comment Link

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