• State Department Fixes Unfair Afghan Translator Visa Change

    March 18, 2016

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    “No one left behind” sounds nice, but in America’s wars it usually only refers to Americans. Foreigners who risked their own and their family’s lives to help the United States are optional.

    But a small victory. After extraordinary outside pressure from Congress and veterans’ groups, the State Department agreed to undo a change to visa procedure that would have condemned even more Afghan translators to their deaths.

    The idea was that Afghans translators who loyally served the United States and who were at risk in their own country could apply for visas for themselves, their spouses and their children, to live in the U.S. These were never called refugee visas or anything that might imply our freedom war was not fully successful, but were pitched as a kind of parting gift for good work.

    And so we learn that the latest blunder in the government’s management of a special visa program for Afghan interpreters was fixed this week.

    In recent months, Afghan interpreters were told, without warning, that their visa applications were denied as a result of the way officials at the State Department were implementing a change to the eligibility criteria set by Congress. Lawmakers said that as of September 30, in order to qualify for resettlement in the United States, interpreters would need to provide evidence that they had worked for American personnel in Afghanistan for at least two years. In the past, they had to prove only one year of service.

    Inexplicably, the government began applying the two-year standard to applicants who had submitted petitions long before the rule changed. Applying laws retroactively is not how things generally work in America. Not that that stopped the State Department from unilaterally just doing that. The State decision slam dunked hundreds of the more than 10,000 applicants with pending cases.

    As they learned of State’s action, various Congressional leaders demanded change, and hauled John Kerry up to the Hill to answer for his Department’s decision. Kerry “conferred” with this underlings and this week State reversed itself, and will not apply the new rules retroactively.

    New applicants are still screwed, but then again, this is Afghanistan.

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    • Kyzl Orda said...


      Another stupid action that fans the enemies’ propaganda. Why don’t the officials at State just start asking the Taliban to be paid by them for doing the Taliban’s public affairs propaganda for them? They are better at that than doing something decent for our country. Best part — they don’t have to exert themselves and can still get out of the door to be home by 5 o’clock

      03/18/16 8:20 AM | Comment Link

    • Bruce said...


      Poppy’s produce : $ame in any language –

      03/18/16 7:02 PM | Comment Link

    • Links 19/3/2016: Slackware 14.2 RC1, ONS 2016 | Techrights said...


      […] State Department Fixes Unfair Afghan Translator Visa Change […]

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