• Student Thrown Off Flight After Passenger Heard Him Say ‘God Willing’ in Arabic

    April 17, 2016

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    So once again people from The World’s Most Frightened Country (C) fully overreacted to nothing. One of the 230 million people worldwide who speak Arabic happened to be on an airplane and happened to use one of the most common expressions in his language.

    Hilarity ensued. Bigoted, frightened, discriminatory hilarity, in keeping with the American Way.

    UC Berkeley student Khairuldeen Makhzoomi, 26, above, whose family fled Iraq in 2002 after his diplomat father was killed under Saddam Hussein’s regime, was booted from a Southwest Airlines flight and questioned by the FBI after another passenger heard him speaking Arabic. Makhzoomi was flying home from attending a dinner at the Los Angeles World Affairs Council with Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon when he stopped to make a call to an uncle.

    Makhzoomi explained he was talking on the phone with his uncle and, as he said goodbye, he used the phrase “inshallah,” which translates as “if God is willing.” The student said that after hung up, he noticed a female passenger looking at him who then got up and left her seat.

    Moments later an airport employee made Makhzoomi step off the plane into the arms of security officers. Makhzoomi was told the woman thought he said “Shahid,” meaning martyr. Because in-shal-lah and sha-hid sound the same, at least to a dumb ass who speaks no apparent Arabic and likely learned the term shahid when it was last mispronounced on AM talk radio.

    The student was told he would not be allowed to get back on the plane. Security officers searched his bag again, asked him if he had any other luggage he was keeping “secret,” and publicly felt around his genital area and asked him if he was hiding a knife.

    “The way they searched me and the dogs, the officers, people were watching me and the humiliation made me so afraid because it brought all of these memories back to me,” Makhzoomi said. “I escaped Iraq because of the war, because of Saddam and what he did to my father.”

    Makhzoomi said the FBI questioned him about his family, and about his phone call and what he knew about martyrism. The FBI informed Makhzoomi that Southwest would not fly him home. He later booked a flight on another airline, arriving home nine hours later than expected.

    According to Southwest Airlines, the student was removed because crew members decided to “investigate potentially threatening comments made onboard our aircraft.”

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    • rich bauer said...


      Of course, the FBI will list this as another terrorist attack thwarted.

      04/17/16 9:14 AM | Comment Link

    • lindaj said...


      SBOYCOTT that POS airline (Southwest)!

      04/17/16 6:49 PM | Comment Link

    • Student Thrown Off Flight After Passenger Heard Him Say ‘God Willin… | Roy Schestowitz - API Key Placeholder said...


      […] Thrown Off Flight After Passenger Heard Him Say ‘God Willing’ in Arabic https://wemeantwell.com/blog/2016/04/17/student-thrown-off-flight-after-passenger-heard-him-say-god-w… religious […]

      04/18/16 3:44 AM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      Note to self..file this under

      Great Moments in the Dumbest, Most Scared Fucking Country On The Planet.

      Meanwhile, the local county Sheriff of the most poor, desolate, least populated county in Michigan, located in the most ass backwards, two block long village of Baldwin Michigan, is the lucky recipient of a massive Dept. of Homeland Security mobile communications trailer, …


      of which I’m positive, notwithstanding becoming Baldwin PD’s party trailer, will be used to intimidate all the bikers at next month’s “Blessing of the Bikes” motorcycle gala, whereby 20k bikers inundate my little town for a weekend of inane, stupid, motorcycle worship and an official “blessing” by the local Catholic priest. And I DO mean stupid..behold..


      I’m also sure this DHS “communications” trailer will become the laughing stock of northern Michigan, as the local police already have a Michigan wide reputation of the Best official interpretation of Mayberry PD. Barney Fife would smile with pride.

      Did I mention the Dumbest Country on the Planet? Well I’m now positive.. the town I live in…is the Dumbest Town in Murika.

      bartender.. gimme a shot of 100prf ObnoxiousNoise and two bottles of UglyTattoo beer

      sheezus. Only in Murika..

      04/18/16 8:19 AM | Comment Link

    • Sokollu said...


      Mr. Makhzoomi should sue Southwest and, inshallah, collect a multi-million dollar judgment.

      04/19/16 6:26 PM | Comment Link

    • Jeb B. said...


      Scared?- I will die some day(body) per God’s plan. This I learned in church as a small child, big deal. God expects me to fear him because he can kill the soul and the body. I fear NO other. My country is not a nation of cowards.

      Dumb?- Why so many students from other countries
      in US colleges if that is the truth?

      The woman was possibly mistaken about what was said no more, no less. Only hatred could be behind the comments here.

      I pray for God’s hand in your life and the people of the USA. There is no hope to overcome such hatred and anger without him.

      04/20/16 1:38 PM | Comment Link

    • Liz said...


      Heard it was an Arabic speaking passenger that turned him in, as well as an Arabic speaking manager of SW that agreed. Might be more than meets the eye, on this one.

      04/21/16 7:18 PM | Comment Link

    • wemeantwell said...


      04/21/16 7:42 PM | Comment Link

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