• Deal With It: The Democratic National Committee Lost This Election

    November 10, 2016

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    There is a meme ripping through the social media of Clinton supporters that her loss is in large part the fault of third party voters. Or the misogyny apocalypse. People, please.

    How about 18 months of unresolved email questions? The destruction of Bernie Sanders by the Democratic National Committee alongside Hillary-friendly media? The lack of outreach to third party voters along with fear mongering that a vote for Johnson or Stein would bring on Armageddon, the ridiculous name calling towards Republicans that should have been courted to crossover and vote against a candidate many did not enthusiastically support, the unresolved questions about the Clinton Foundation and pay-for-play, the unreleased Goldman-Sachs speeches, the changes of position and policy, the untrustworthiness, the empty and depressing strategy of I’m the Lesser of Two Evils, the weasel stuff like Bill on Loretta Lynch’s plane, the grossly negative final weeks of the campaign, the poor turnout in places, the silly accusations that Putin and Wikileaks and the FBI were rigging the election, the sneaky stuff like CNN leaking debate questions to her ahead of time — any of that matter?

    I mean, who could have anticipated a candidate with all that baggage, and some epically bad decision-making skills, might run into problems getting elected?

    Watching perhaps history’s least media-genic candidate, an old socialist with barely combed hair, come out of nowhere and only lose to Hillary via some dirty tricks, who on the Democratic side could have seen their candidate had any weaknesses?

    Meanwhile, out of deference to the Clinton Dynasty (How old will Chelsea be in 2020?!?!), excellent candidates such as Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and hell, even Joe Biden, were left on the bench. It is very likely that any of the three could have beaten Trump. At the very least, with their clean backgrounds, they could have kept the election on the issues and not seen it devolve into the mess it did. Imagine Biden pinning Trump down on foreign policy questions instead of leaving him a bucket of ammunition about pay-for-play to work with instead?

    The FBI did not defeat Clinton. Putin did not. Third party voters did not. The Democratic National Committee teed Clinton up to defeat herself, and whatever happens in the next four years is on them. Somebody better remember that before the 2020 election.

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    • Andrei said...


      Looks like a lot of Americans actually voted not for Trump but against Hillary.

      Truth be told, I have no sympathy for those protesters who now whine that ‘Trump ain’t their president, boo-hoo’, but who didn’t protest the results of the last DNC.

      11/10/16 4:49 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      Agreed…… And…. Democrat, republican, third-party, no party, what’s a party voters, have declared in one voice ….very loudly…..

      We are sick of the broken, business as usual bullshit.

      That is something many of the talking head types are overlooking.

      A hell of a lot of democrats voted against her. Not just everyone else, but…. Democrats too.

      That alone says volumes.


      11/10/16 5:31 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      11/10/16 5:39 AM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      Dear Peter, thank you again. Boy, that captured the whole state of things

      And I agree with what Andrei said already.

      I headed over to my nearby Starbucks yesterday to study and found myself behind two millenial Clinton supporters talking about the results and expressing surprise at how odd Pennsylvania flipped (they thought it was always a blue state) and that the older generations voted for Trump and if only millenials could vote, HRC would have won.

      At that point, I politely interjected pointing out, PA often flips and has had governors from both parties for a long while now. As for non-millenials voting not for Clinton — I pointed out the economy is very hard outside DC area and alot of people feel left behind. Women over 50 are the highest suicide group, beating out veterans, because they usually lost their jobs and likely homes. Both parties need to fix the economic problems or 2020 elections will be even more crazy. It was sad to hear these two millenials assess the situation that way. But people get hung up on the cult of one person or celebrity, and miss the big picture

      Starbucks was abuzz with everyone talking about the election results, even parents who brought their young kids. No matter the particular party vew or results, it was good in a way to hear people talk about the election, like they cared

      11/10/16 8:10 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Protesters should surround the DNC (that will weed out the D. Hillary supporters who have not protested for the past 8 years). I do not thin the protester majority were HRC supporters) The protester were getting in the streets no matter who won. Some Dems joined in to grieve. Hope the winter is not too cold. There may be a winter Occupy! TPP protesters will start in DC soon. Want to hear a good joke? Will Obama and Hillary supporters join the TPP protest? Is Hillary off to protest “The Black Snake” at Standing Rock?!

      11/10/16 8:31 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Who will AIPAC nominate to run the DNC? Samantha P.?

      11/10/16 8:41 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Maybe the Clintons will divorce- Hillary will marry Huma and Bill will get back with Jennifer Flowers. Trump may even officiate at both services! Hell that sounds like a happy ending to this election cycle to me.

      11/10/16 8:41 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Did Obomber work on his kill list this past Tuesday or take a day off from War Crimes? Will he pardon “I’m with Her”? Glad the Secret Service did not have to stop a Drone incoming at Trump Tower.

      11/10/16 9:00 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Chuck- Ah, Samantha Power. She may be smitten with having a protective detail and never having to drive herself around in NY traffic. She might stay on if Trump OK’s her R2P intervention ruse. She loves saving innocent people from the wrath of tyrants.

      11/10/16 9:27 AM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      “Deal With It: The Democratic National Committee Lost This Election”

      Notwithsanding…The Ghosts of Tom Joad.


      But yeah. Moreover..the Democratic Party was a walking .1% zombie that couldn’t see the 800lb working class elephant in the room. It said…fuck you…payback is a bitch… and killed every DC zombie in the room. It had nothing to lose. Just like Trump said.

      However, I have to admit.. I’m as much to blame as is the rest of the 47% of America that didn’t even vote. As for me.. I believed the polls. This tells me something. Polls just became extinct. They were a product of media bullshit and it blew up in their face. Never again.

      As for the Democratic Party? It died a deservedly horrible, cruel death.


      The question now is.. what will the Ghost of the DNC do now? Michael Moore has a few clues for it


      11/10/16 10:45 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Pitch- Michael Moore in my opinion is a complete phony. He was all for a deeply flawed Hillary hoping he’d maybe get a job in her administration. He was not anti Trump he was pro Hillary and now he laments that the party needs to change course. Too late Mpore you shoed your hypocrisy with your latest film.

      11/10/16 11:22 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      M.M was on MSNBC & CNN the last four days of campaign. The MSM and powers that be thought it would help Killery. He is a phony D. for the people.

      11/10/16 1:30 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      I do believe….. Killary is going to need a change of underwear…..



      11/10/16 2:08 PM | Comment Link

    • Bruce said...


      It was Teh $lick Billary vas deferens which tainted B.S., EWarren and even DEM Gabby inta teh terminal BushC0bama Crime-family debacle! JeBushWhacked DEM$ELVE$!! Good RIDDANCE!!!

      11/10/16 2:45 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Is sarcasm allowed here? I should be deleted. ========Michelle Obomber/ Kanye West/ 2020. I will write in George Clinton. PVB, thanks for educating.

      11/10/16 6:09 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      If he can do it (and I would not be surprised) Bernie/2020. Howard Dean would want to be DNC chair again?! It is interesting. What do the people say? Stay Tuned (this message paid for by…continue) Happening Now. This Just In… I have gas. Enjoy!

      11/10/16 7:06 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      Interesting conversation with a man in Paris today.

      We were discussing the ‘interesting” election results.

      He has a perspective I have not heard before in all of this. And perhaps it has merit.

      His thoughts are this……

      The American election is nothing more that a different version than the Arab Spring. Which had a similar effect in Britain with Britain’s exit from the EU.

      His thought is that there are quite a few upcoming elections, world wide that could quite possibly go the same direction as Killary’s recent ‘little big horn’…

      Just a thought….

      Oh…. Btw.

      Like Custer’s last words of…” where the HELL did all those Indians come from????”

      I imagine Killary is saying……

      “Where the hell did all those Republicans come from???”


      11/11/16 12:29 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      11/11/16 2:28 AM | Comment Link

    • Andrei said...


      Guys, I’ve got a question. It appears that some US voters are already petitioning the electors to vote for Clinton. Do they have a chance to succeed?

      11/11/16 4:56 AM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      Andrei said…
      ” It appears that some US voters are already petitioning the electors to vote for Clinton. Do they have a chance to succeed?”

      Andrei, I haven’t got the foggiest idea what you are asking here?????? Care to explain?

      11/11/16 6:39 AM | Comment Link

    • Andrei said...



      I just came across this petition on change.org.


      “We are calling on the Electors to ignore their states’ votes and cast their ballots for Secretary Clinton. Why?
      Mr. Trump is unfit to serve. His scapegoating of so many Americans, and his impulsivity, bullying, lying, admitted history of sexual assault, and utter lack of experience make him a danger to the Republic.
      Secretary Clinton WON THE POPULAR VOTE and should be President.”

      11/11/16 7:00 AM | Comment Link

    • Andrei said...


      Over 2 million signatures already. Our (Russian) media are already writing about it.

      11/11/16 7:01 AM | Comment Link

    • teri said...


      The electoral college does not officially cast its vote until Dec. 19. Although they are supposed to vote the way they are “pledged” to, I’m not sure what happens if they don’t. (The electors cast their votes based on the outcome in their state; which in 48 states means the winner gets ALL of the electoral college votes for that state, instead of a proportional count based on the actual vote, I.e., if Trump was even slightly ahead of Clinton in a state, he got all the electoral college votes in that state. Let’s pretend that Trump beat Clinton here in Md – he didn’t, not even close, but let’s just pretend for the sake of example. Let’s say one million people voted in Md. and Trump got 501,000 votes and Clinton got 499,000 votes. That’s only a 2000 vote difference. Md. has 10 “electors”. In this case, all 10 electoral votes would be given to Trump because he technically won. If the electoral votes were counted proportionally, however, he would only be awarded perhaps 6 electoral votes, and she’d be awarded 5. (Since you can’t cut the electors, who are real people, into fractions.)

      You do this in state after state, and that’s how they got the results we have in this election, where Clinton has actually won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college count. This has only happened 5 times in our history, where the popular vote and the electoral college vote were different, and some people are petitioning the electors to vote based on the popular vote this time when they cast their votes in Dec.

      Not sure they can do that. The “punishment” for the electors not voting the way they are pledged is left up to the each individual state, and I think it’s only actually happened once where an elector didn’t follow the rules of the electoral college system. (Once, a DC elector abstained from casting a vote instead of voting with the other 2 electors. I don’t think anything happened to her for it, though.) Anyway, the way the system is run has never been really tested by a widespread refusal of the electors to vote the way they are pledged.

      I don’t think we are finished with the surprises of this election.

      PS: It’s being rumored that Obama is going to give Clinton a preemptive pardon before he leaves office, so that the FBI – and Trump – can’t do anything about whatever they find in their Clinton Foundation investigation. Ha. I told people he’d do that.

      11/11/16 7:45 AM | Comment Link

    • teri said...


      In this sentence of mine, there’s a typo:
      “If the electoral votes were counted proportionally, however, he would only be awarded perhaps 6 electoral votes, and she’d be awarded 5.” Should be: they would each get 5, or perhaps he’d get 6 and she’d get 4.

      11/11/16 7:59 AM | Comment Link

    • Andrei said...


      December 19, huh? Something tells me that it’s gonna be a bloody tense month.

      11/11/16 8:29 AM | Comment Link

    • Andrei said...


      Also it kinda bugs me: where were those thousands of protesters and petitioners when other Democratic candidates were brushed aside by the DNC to pave the way for Hillary?

      11/11/16 8:42 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      I’ve said this before, however….. I must say it again….. When Teri talks… Damn well better listen.
      Thank you for knowing the answer. I didn’t have a clue of what the hell.
      So, it is actually very possible that the election results can be over ridden and Killary appointed president?
      Seems a friend across the pond used exactly that word not too long ago,… Hi Andrei.

      Also…. If the protesting reached the level of rioting….. The long held rumors of martial law could be true?


      I’m thinking your exactly right. Sounding like a very bloody month.
      I venture a guess that the “protestors” have a plan. And a deadline

      Where I come from, we say…. This is bad.


      11/11/16 8:48 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      We would be calling the protesters…. A paid army… Now?

      I think that would be the term.


      11/11/16 8:50 AM | Comment Link

    • teri said...



      The thing is the electoral college system is actually written into the Constitution. It’s a very weird, archaic system that should have been abolished long ago. After all, what kind of “democracy” allows for a president to be elected when the population voted more heavily for someone else? Besides, it guarantees that third-party candidates have pretty much no chance of ever winning an election.

      I don’t like War-pig Clinton and didn’t vote for her, but I’d sure agree to getting rid of the electoral system. And the freaking super-delegate system in the primaries. (Which ain’t in the Constitution – the Dems and Reps just decided to do that on their own. Matter of fact, primaries themselves didn’t used to exist.)

      If the electors do break their “pledge” in the 48 states that use the winner-take-all electoral votes, it might force some kind of constitutional crisis. Or, fuck, another Supreme Court decision like in 2000. Not to mention that the other half of the country, the half that voted for Trump, would then be out in the streets.

      Right now, Clinton is ahead in popular vote by almost 400,000 votes and they aren’t finished counting in all the states yet.

      Why the fuck the DNC rigged the primaries against Sanders and decided to go with Clinton is beyond me. Assholes. I maintain that Sanders would have beat Trump in a landslide. And fuck Trump and fuck Clinton, too. (And Obama and Cheney and Bush and a whole lot of other people.)

      (Sorry for the language, Peter. It’s just that shit’s fucked up and shit.)

      – Teri

      11/11/16 9:16 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Are the protestors the ones who type your when they mean “you’re”? Maybe

      Obama is in a quandry- the timing of any pardon for Hillary which of course is also a self pardon will be tricky. To pardon her and for her to accept a pardon is an admission of guilt. I’m more impressed with First Pardoned President than first woman POTUS. Even Argentina or Brazil would be impressed and feeling a little left behind in the crookedness game. We’d be besting any third world shenanigans. It might get weirder than any of us could have imagined if Hillary challenges the Electoral College dominance.

      11/11/16 9:19 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Teri- that 400K lead by Clinton was due to Donna Brazile voting 400K times from a secreted voting machine in the DNC basement. If that comes to light she’ll say she only regrets not being able to pull the lever fast enough to get it up to perhaps 700K but she was dog tired.

      11/11/16 9:23 AM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      Terry’s post above excellently summarises the electoral college voting.

      As for Andrei’s later question, can the change petition remove it? Think it would require an act of Congress – is it 3/5’s vote to do that?

      11/11/16 9:39 AM | Comment Link

    • Andrei said...



      “Why the fuck the DNC rigged the primaries against Sanders and decided to go with Clinton is beyond me.”

      Maybe because DNC’s goal was catering to Clinton’s interests first, and interests of the Democrat voters second?

      11/11/16 9:43 AM | Comment Link

    • Andrei said...



      There are street protests, and then there are “street protests”. For example, how many of you have heard about protests in Montenegro against the country becoming a NATO member?

      11/11/16 9:49 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      I knew of the college, I just did not know of the Dec 19th… Mess.

      And yes, I agree that it should be abolished… Right after an election…. Hmmm… Not a good idea.

      So…. We have a HUGE mess.
      “protestors”…. Applying pressure.. Mob pressure…
      And a bunch of worms that will change their vote the second their neighborhoods get weird.


      Yep…. Know about that one…. And the anti- Chinese riots. And..

      Saw the king riots in LA up close and personal… Saw Katrina too.
      Those are why I live in the “country”.

      So…. It looks like the fix is in. Shit.


      PS….. Teri….. I’ve said lots worse.

      11/11/16 10:44 AM | Comment Link

    • teri said...



      “As for Andrei’s later question, can the change petition remove it? Think it would require an act of Congress – is it 3/5’s vote to do that?”

      No, Congress can’t just change or amend the Constitution and the electoral college system is in the Constitution. To be revoked or amended, two paths are possible.

      1) Both houses of Congress can agree, by a 2/3 majority in each house, to an amendment proposal. If that happens, then the proposal is called a “joint resolution”. (The president is not allowed to play any role, nor is the Supreme Court, in any of this, by the way. The president does NOT sign the joint resolution.) The resolution is then sent to the governor of each state, and he presents it to the state legislators for debate and vote. If 3/4 of all the states pass the resolution in their legislatures, it becomes an amendment to the Constitution.

      2) An amendment can be offered by the states themselves. If 3/4 of the states agree to a constitutional convention to discuss whatever the matter happens to be, they can pass an amendment at that convention, as long as the amendment is passed by all of them and it doesn’t affect any states rights. (E.g., this constitutional convention can’t pass an amendment that says Texas can’t be part of the US any more or that sort of thing.) The amendment would then become added to the Constitution. We’ve never had the states convene a constitutional convention; amendments have always been passed through method 1 above.

      What the petitioners are asking for here (in the petition that Andrei brought up) is that the electors boycott their pledges and not vote the way they are “supposed to”. If the electoral college ends up with a tie vote for the president or VP (these are actually two separate votes in the electoral college), the whole shebang is sent to Congress to vote on and decide who is president and VP, and they have until March to do it. It’s possible for the electoral college to end up in a tie just out of happenstance and not due to any electors changing their pledged vote. Supposing a bunch of electors change their pledged votes and it resulted in a tie this time, the election results would still probably be sent to the House and Senate to vote on. Supposing enough of the electors change their votes to actually give a MAJORITY to Clinton (taking it away from Trump, who right now has the much higher electoral vote count, as opposed to just enough of them doing it to result in a TIED electoral vote) – well, I don’t know what happens. Such a thing has never occurred. That’s why I said a couple of comments back that it would probably result in some kind of constitutional crisis.

      Each state has its own “punishment” for electors who don’t vote as pledged – some kind of fine they have to pay, or that their vote doesn’t count at all, or things like that – but if enough of them did it that it actually went around the entire electoral college system as written in the Constitution, that would be an entirely different matter. And that’s basically what the petition is asking them to do.

      Not sure that the electors would be bold enough to face the uproar this would cause. I don’t even know who the electors ARE, actually. In most states, you aren’t really voting for the pres and vp, you are voting for a certain electors. I know that electors can’t be anyone serving in public office, and each state has its own method for appointing them and that the state is responsible for any disciplinary action if they fail to vote the way they are supposed to, but that’s all I know. I assume there’s a public list by state somewhere on the internet.

      11/11/16 10:54 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      What party over the past eight years gave u.s. no prosecution of war criminals (Moving ForWar(D), no prosecution of torture crimes, the NDAA, Drone kill lists, unlimited Govt. surveillance, continued wars, no Bankster in jail, and party members that stopped protesting wars and injustice? They now will protest, while Barry the Bomber pushes the TPP !

      11/11/16 11:29 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Forgot a few tidbits. Who put Chelsea Manning in Jail and other whisleblowers? Will Trump restore internet access for Assange?!!! Will Snowden be able to come home? Imagine…

      11/11/16 11:33 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Under who’s watch over the past 8 years, did the police in the U.S. become a militarized force? After protesting Bush for eight years, what party had me jailed, pepper sprayed, and banned from Congressional grounds,and threatened with long jail term during eight years? Who Obama pardons will be interesting. If he helps bad cronies, the Dem Party will Burn (sp) even more. Is Hillary, Podesta, etc. on the list for Pardon, or Manning, Snowden and others?

      11/11/16 12:08 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      What party shut down Occupy?

      11/11/16 12:27 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      DNC # 2028638000 (tell them PVB and friends say hi!)

      11/11/16 12:39 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Andrei- Obama owed Hillary. He jumped the line in 2008. He was stuck with her. The deal was sealed the moment he cheated Hillary. Forget that she bested him in 2008. He had no right running when he did- too young and inexperienced. But he knew the longer he waited the dirtier his record would be so he made his move. We were all fooled by the guy. He was a phony and a tool for the elite going back to his college days.

      11/11/16 3:06 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Obama says the healing from this contentious election cycle may come from the Veterans. Yeah, sure. Clueless Powell said regarding Iraq, “if you break it- you own it.” He was wrong. America broke it and the world is now stuck with figuring if it is fixable. America has no intention of owning or fixing Iraq. Does Bush check out headstones in national cemetaries? Many have Operation Iraqi Freedom as the source of service/invasion which lead to the soldier’s death. That irony can’t be bested in muy opinion. Veterans should be going after the Bush cabal like Wiesel went after the Nazis.

      11/11/16 3:22 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      Teri said….

      A LOT!!!


      Ever thought about going on the lecture circuit, for constitutional law??

      I once saw an interview with Cuba Gooding Jr. About the moive ” Redtails”.

      He said ” I was through college, I was done with my education. I knew Nothing of my heritage. My past. “.

      I know how he felt now, when he met real WW2 redtail pilots.

      So. Oh Sage of the Constitution….

      If the game is screw with the Constitution…. Which it would appear is out of their grasp….

      And despite what the, oh so wonderful, Harry Reid has to say….

      It would look as if the college wants to change their votes… It will cause a total meltdown.

      And the “deplorables” will be pissed.

      Any ideas what their plan is. ????

      As in… Do these “protestors” have any angle in which to play games with out causing a Constitutional crisis???


      11/11/16 4:34 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      There will be protest in the streets this weekend, and new improved ones next week if Obama approves DAPL. Water is Life

      11/11/16 5:09 PM | Comment Link

    • sglover said...


      “Guys, I’ve got a question. It appears that some US voters are already petitioning the electors to vote for Clinton. Do they have a chance to succeed?”

      A woman I met in the course of volunteering for Sanders sent me this petition. I discouraged her. I think it’s a terrible idea.

      The EC is just one of **many** intentionally anti-democratic (small ‘d’) structures built into our decrepit political machinery (thanks, sainted founders!) And like everybody here I’m horrified by the Trump win. But c’mon… The time to start jiggering the rules is NEVER after they’ve gone against your team. The time to do that is before you begin to play.

      Honestly, can anyone think of a better way to bolster Trump’s image?!?! “Oh look, my opponents don’t like my win, so now they’re going to attack Our Holy Constitution.” The script writes itself.

      For what it’s worth, this kind of rule manipulation — and RELYING ON this kind of rule manipulation — is classic Clintonite behavior. Look how well it’s worked our for all of us.

      11/11/16 6:03 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Sglover. Yup

      11/11/16 6:29 PM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      Dear Terry,

      Thank you for clarifying the the processes –

      11/11/16 11:56 PM | Comment Link

    • teri said...


      I agree with sglover.

      And I’ll add that the way the Democratic party is structured now, its shift ever rightward and its bolstering of rule by the corporations and the wealthy, its basic alignment with the Republicans on everything from non-regulation of the banks, illegal wars, support of the MIC, the way the economy is run, the neglect of the worker, and the loss of civil rights is directly linked to the Clintons’ control of the party, which began when Bill was in office and continued with Obama.

      The party left the people. Now the people have finally figured that out and are leaving the party.

      The DNC spent all their money on Hillary and completely ignored the down-ticket candidates, they pointedly turned against any progressives in their own party, and they cheated, lied, and conspired to get rid of Sanders, O’Malley and Webb so the queen could have her coronation. She herself is a corrupt Wall Street grifter, a Tammany Hall party boss, a warmonger neoliberal, and a criminal. [The Clinton Foundation is openly a pay-to-play scheme. Its “charitable work” consists of forcing Monsanto onto as many countries as possible and offering micro-loans financed by Wall St banks to poverty-stricken areas around the globe. Its only other purpose is to enrich the Clintons and provide insider favors to its donors.]

      Trump’s win is the fault of the Clintons and the Clinton-run DNC.

      And some sadly mis-informed fools want to REWARD her by forcing a constitutional crisis on the country, already in deep societal and financial crisis, and give her the presidency? The Clintons are the reason we’re in this mess. You don’t reward that, you don’t enable her, you don’t cave in to the stupid “lesser of two evils” shit the wealthy oligarchs (and she’s part of that group) forced on us in this crappiest of elections we’ve ever had.

      Yup, we need to get rid of the electoral college. We need to get control of the country out of the hands of the plutocracy and into the hands of the people. But at no point of this process do you hand control of the country over to the Clintons. That’s just forfeiting the game before the ball is even in play.

      Trump and the Republican-held houses of Congress are going to be bad. You don’t want these guys in charge when the next financial crisis hits, which it will very soon, and you don’t want their strange anti-human ideas of how to shape our society into a fundamentalist Christian nation running roughshod over a nation in turmoil. Turns out, though, as we can see by what has happened to the country since Obama took office, with wealth inequality at its highest level in history, that you don’t want the Democrats in charge either. Funny how that works.

      The problem is capitalism itself and the two major parties that serve it and ignore the people. The Ayn Rand “free market” isn’t a market and it isn’t free. It’s not a market – it’s a few cartels running their own economy at our expense. And it’s not free – its completely rigged to benefit only the biggest firms and wealthiest corporate owners.

      Our young people get that, even if they don’t understand the mechanics of it. That’s why they flocked to Sanders’ mild socialistic ideas.

      Maybe things will get bad enough under Trump that we finally face the issue head-on and decide to take our government back and make it serve the people. Or maybe it’ll turn into a civil war, because we just aren’t very smart any more and a lot of us are pretty selfish. But whatever happens with Trump in office can be laid directly at the feet of the Clintons and the DNC. He’s here because of them.

      And that’s all I have to say about that.

      11/12/16 4:31 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      Sglover and Teri,

      Agreed. Absolutely agreed.

      Capitalism in its base form, has worked well for me though. But, until recently, I was never involved with the “state” side of it.
      Since attempting to go larger scale…. All I have done is chase my own tail.
      It is almost as if they do NOT want any business, execpt what they have ties to, and control of.
      State Department is just a damn nightmare.

      And now, they charge so large fees to process applications.

      The idea of government for the people, again. That would be very nice.
      But, I think that well has been poisoned with apathy, and special interests.


      11/12/16 7:47 AM | Comment Link

    • Sokollu said...


      If anyone would enjoy a bit of schadenfreude, here’s a piece from the Hill on the sorrows of Hillaryland:

      11/12/16 8:50 AM | Comment Link

    • StarkNakedTruth said...



      Hillary Clinton teed up herself to lose the 2016 Presidential race; aided and abetted by the DNC and a hopelessly incompetent main stream media. And then throw in a dozen or so crank pollsters.

      And for what it’s worth and IMHO, Hillary Clinton lost the chance to return to the White House, when she acquiesced to the community organizer from Chicago 8 years ago.

      She stepped aside for so called, “party unity” and it was probably the biggest mistake she made in her political career.

      11/12/16 9:40 AM | Comment Link

    • Deal With It: The Democratic National Committee Lost This Election … | Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊) said...


      […] With It: The Democratic National Committee Lost This Election https://wemeantwell.com/blog/2016/11/10/deal-with-it-the-democratic-national-committee-lost-this-elec… stop blaming @drjillstein et […]

      11/13/16 8:17 AM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      Teri, totally agree with what you wrote @ 49

      11/13/16 10:51 AM | Comment Link

    • rich bauer said...


      Waited until the dust settled before making any comments. Sad to see the Dumbest Country on the Planet live down to its name. Trump and Clinton were two sides of the same coin. The Wall Street War Party ran unopposed. Defense stocks celebrated. Look on the bright side, the War Witch lost and the world has to realize what idiots with the nuclear button can do to their little piece of the crumbling world. The good news is the crumbling Us empire will not be able to wage war abroad when it is fighting the war on the homefront. Thank god for Donald Trump to reveal the fascist face of Amerika. When five million people shut down Constitution Ave then maybe the rest of this country will wake from the illusion that this place was ever a democracy. Party on in Trump World.

      11/14/16 7:50 AM | Comment Link

    • rich bauer said...


      Hey, State Dept, start deleting all those incriminating files. Hey, Donald, when are you going to lockup the War Witch?

      11/14/16 10:06 AM | Comment Link

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