• Sources Tell Me… Fake News, Kuwait and the Trump DC Hotel

    December 21, 2016

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    It is fully normalized now in American mainstream journalism to build an entire story, often an explosive story, around a single, anonymous source, typically described no further than “a senior U.S. official,” or just “a source.”

    For a writer, this makes life pretty easy. They can simply make up the entire story sitting in their bedroom, inflate a taxi driver’s gossip into a “source,” or just believe an intern they tried to pick up at happy hour who says she saw an email written by her supervisor saying their manager heard something something. The story goes viral, often with an alarming headline, and is irrefutable in an Internety way, demanding critics prove a negative: how can you say it didn’t happen?!?!?

    The issue for readers as critical thinkers is that we tend to feel we have only two options: wholly take the writer’s word for it all, or not. The result is a steady flow of amazing insider stories that get blasted through sympathetic repeat media, left like roadkill for us to Tweet about, labeling them as fake news or screaming at the people who label them as fake news.

    Any follow-up, including a straight-up debunking, is rarely sent viral, as it isn’t as click-worthy. Many sites that do little more than reprint other people’s work see no obligation to assume any responsibility for what they print; that rests with the originator, moving on.

    A Political Agenda

    Almost all of these “source” stories follow a political agenda, these days mostly to support a negative narrative about Trump (the last of the “pro-Hillary” stories like this, the Hail Mary CIA leaks ahead of the Electoral College vote, seem to have run their course for now.) And the best thing about these anonymous source stories? They are basically impossible to refute. How can you challenge a source’s statement, except perhaps by using another secret, counter, source? You can’t prove a negative, and you can’t do much if the base argument is only It May Be True!.

    How to Read Stuff Betterer

    That said, there are a couple of things a reader with a few firing synapses still left might do.

    The first is to examine the underlying political goal of the writer. If they seem to spend more time “proving some evil” than reporting facts, be skeptical. Be particularly skeptical of a writer whose proved evil tracks very closely with an established narrative the writer has driven before. Show me a (generally conservative) DailyCaller piece exposing Trump corruption, or a (generally liberal) DailyBeast piece exposing Clinton corruption, and you will have my attention. Not necessarily my belief; remain skeptical no matter the source. Don’t stop thinking.

    Next might be to ask if what is being reported as true fits with the “is the juice worth the squeeze” test? In other words, if what is being reported is true, is what’s gained worth what is being risked?

    As an example, a writer claims Candidate X had a police officer beaten after she ticketed his car. Ok, of course It May Be True! but in reality would a candidate risk news that he ordered a beating of a cop just to retaliate for a minor traffic ticket? Seriously? Yes, yes, who can refute it 100% (you can’t) if it is reported by a “source,” and since you hate Candidate X anyway you want to believe it, but trust yourself and apply the old sniff test.

    Trump and the Kuwaitis: Case Study in Bullsh*t

    But one of the most useful tools of skepticism is to employ an old spy trick: is the source really in a position to know the information they say they know? How could they have come across it? How many in the organization would have likely known Fact X?

    Let’s examine one recent example. The blog ThinkProgress reported this:

    The Embassy of Kuwait allegedly cancelled a contract with a Washington, D.C. hotel days after the presidential election, citing political pressure to hold its National Day celebration at the Trump International Hotel instead.

    A source tells ThinkProgress that the Kuwaiti embassy, which has regularly held the event at the Four Seasons in Georgetown, abruptly canceled its reservation after members of the Trump Organization pressured the ambassador to hold the event at the hotel owned by the president-elect. The source, who has direct knowledge of the arrangements between the hotels and the embassy, spoke to ThinkProgress on the condition of anonymity because the individual was not authorized to speak publicly. ThinkProgress was also able to review documentary evidence confirming the source’s account.

    The story certainly tracks an ongoing narrative, Trump’s conflicts of interest in general and his ownership of a Washington DC hotel in particular. It is a story persons who already dislike Trump are very willing to believe.

    But what about the risk versus gain necessary for this story to be true?

    The Trump organization pressuring a foreign embassy to do anything would be explosive, likely falling very close to criminal. If caught, it would spark at minimum an investigation that Trump’s opponents would drag on for as long as possible. Someone wold suggest impeachment. This would be global front page news, the smoking gun of long-rumored corruption. The potential gain for Trump? Maybe a few thousand bucks of catering and ballroom rental money. It May Be True! but does it pass the sniff test? But to people who want to believe, the story also fits the belief that Trump will do anything for money, so It May Be True!.

    But who would the source have to be, to be credible?

    The story claims it was the Kuwaiti ambassador himself who was pressured. Was the source the ambassador himself? It Might Be True! but why would someone of his stature, or a close aide, risk anything to talk to a blog like ThinkProgress? Maybe a high level source inside the Trump establishment? It Might Be True!, but the same questions apply. How many people inside either institution, the embassy or Trump’s, would know about this “pressure” being applied? Who inside Trump’s organization would have the pull to get one-on-one with the Kuwaiti ambassador (Ivanka? Eric?) and why would they leak?

    Bottom line is that very, very few people would be privy to any discussion at those levels, and none of them plausibly would leak to a blog.

    Hearing from the Other Side

    Another feature of fake news is limited inclusion, if any at all, of opposing views or information. Either the writer doesn’t bother to try and obtain any, or works to get a no comment or negative non-response “Is it true you are beating your wife?,” falls back on the “no response was received as we went to press” (i.e., four minutes after I made the call) or the grandaddy, “Trump denies it because of course he would, what’s he gonna do, admit a felony?”

    That said, in the case of ThinkProgress and the Kuwaitis, another site, POLITICO, did trouble themselves to reach out to the embassy. Here’s what they got back:

    We were not under any pressure. Nobody contacted us whatsoever, Ambassador Al-Sabah said [Note: an actual named source]. I just thought ‘It’s a new venue, it’s been in the news… The novelty of the venue would encourage people’ — that was first on my mind.

    Al-Sabah called the ThinkProgress report ‘totally false and unfounded.’ Still, he said he had a tentative save-the-date understanding with the Four Seasons, where the event was frequently held in the past, although he’d never signed a formal contract. He also pointed out that his country held the same event at the Newseum in 2016.

    ‘Do you think a reception of two hours in the Trump hotel is going to curry favors with the administration when we host thousands of U.S. troops in Kuwait? When we have in the past and still do support American operations in Afghanistan and Iraq?’ the ambassador asked. ‘Our relationship is much deeper and much broader than me needing to be in a hotel for two hours.’

    ThinkProgress has since updated its story to include parts of the Ambassador’s quote. Most sites that printed the original story do not appear to have updated their stories.

    But… But.. It Might Be True

    Another line in the story raises questions — “ThinkProgress was also able to review documentary evidence confirming the source’s account.” Now what documentary evidence might that be? Would someone at Trump create a written record of said pressure on the ambassador? Would a source have access to that record? Would they show it to ThinkProgress? Why wouldn’t ThinkProgress release a redacted version of this documentary evidence, evidence that would go global? ThinkProgress has not stated what the documentary evidence is, even in broad form, such as an email, or a contract, or a recorded phone call.

    With fake news, as few verifiable facts as possible being used is a key indicator.

    In the end, ThinkProgress tips its hand with the highly-couched (emphasis added) “what it means” paragraph:

    The apparent move by the Kuwaiti Embassy appears to be an effort to gain favor with president-elect through his business entanglements, and it appears to show Trump’s company leveraging his position as president-elect to extract payments from a foreign government.

    A lot of qualifiers in that for something supposedly based on documentary evidence, but whatever.

    I Believe in Santa Claus

    Yes, yes, It Might Be True! and no one can prove it is not true. Believe what you want to believe, it is the Christmas season after all, but stay away from the word truth, willya?

    BONUS: Since writing this piece, I have been contacted by a source on the condition of anonymity because the individual was not authorized to speak publicly. My source stated the ThinkProgress piece is false, and that Kuwait shifted its plans to have its event at the Trump hotel based on little more than a lower price quote, all handled at the lowest administrative levels. The ambassador did not even know of the exact location of his fete until routinely reviewing his schedule with an aide a few days ago. My source showed me documentary evidence of all this, which unfortunately is not available to reproduce. Trust me…

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  • Recent Comments

    • chuck said...


      Sources say Obama will have Santa deliver clean coal!

      12/21/16 9:58 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      One group who HAS to know about venue change is the protection detail (not the reason for the switch of course) One cannot just decide one morning to switch venues at the last minute after the detail has spent the last week sweeping the old venue site.
      Apparently Russia had no protective detail for their ambassador killed in Ankara. I wonder if any of the rich Trump donors up for ambassadorships are having second thoughts about being an ambassador to an “iffy” nation? They all can’t get Paris, London, Rome, Madrid etc. But wait, all those nations are on the ISIS hit list as collaborators with the great Satan America. Ooops.

      12/21/16 11:29 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      I want to be Ambassador to Iceland, or Mars!

      12/21/16 12:42 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      NOW? It has been that way for a loooooong time. We just have the web to make cynical comments about the lies our gov and media tell US.

      12/21/16 2:15 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Here’ s the truth. Hey, Don, drain the swamp of the warmongers at Foggy Bottom and the CIA before they kill US all.

      12/21/16 2:18 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      Peter said:
      “Trust me…”

      I have it on good authority, that Donald Trump is a women groping, racist, tax cheating, no good lying piece of shit sociopath, who would sell his mother if he could make a quarter, and moreover, sold his soul to become President, notwithstanding appointing a Cabinet right out of Frankenstein Meets Hellraiser.

      Furthermore, sources close to Trump, speaking on condition of anonymity, have informed me based on their first hand witnessing, Donald Trump picks his nose and eats the boogers, scratches his balls in public, coughs up lougies and spits them in his hand and then secretly wipes it on the back of the closest person while feigning slapping them on the back while smiling ear to ear, continuously amuses himself by loudly farting next to strangers in public, to his own laughter, plays with his boydoll’s privates while tweeting, jumps up and down on his bed in childlike amusement, explodes in temper tantrum rage when he doesn’t get his way, stomps his feet, makes ugly faces and sulks when rejected by women, and talks to himself in third person while looking in a mirror. Moreover, he eats with his hands, spits bubbles, and lowdly burps on purpose during dinners with guests, again to his own laughter, and continuously amuses himself by playing childhood pranks on unsuspecting people, like using a buzzer in the palm of his hand when shaking hands with official guests, taping “kick me” signs on his staff, or appears unexpectedly wearing outrageous masks while acting if everything is normal. All to the chagrin of everyone around him of course, who are all too afraid to say anything, but laugh along with President Buffoon in solidarity. Furthermore, he has even sent a memo, notifying the entire White House staff, when he finally settles into the White House, everyone must wear clown outfits, learn a trick a day, set up a room full of McDonalds type child amusement equipment, build slides adjacent to all stairways, and build a full blown throne, with all the bells and whistles, where he will hold court while wearing his crown and purple robe, where all must bow to His Majesty, King Drumpht.

      Remember..I have it on good authority….

      Trust me.

      12/21/16 2:30 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Pitch, the only way you could know all this is if YOU are his boydoll. God, what some of us will do for money. Right, Melanie?

      12/21/16 3:51 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      Rich Bauer said…

      “Pitch, the only way you could know all this is if YOU are his boydoll.”

      I’m told he doesn’t take his boydoll anywhere. So how would I know the other stuff. Like I said..”anonymous sources”. Trust me.
      All we need now is for WaPo/NYT’s to pick it up and go viral.

      12/21/16 4:03 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      btw, I’m not the only one who thinks those who despise this sociopath, should wage online, verbal abuse war on him. After all,..he’s the master at unsubstantiated allegations, lies, obfuscation, plain libel and scumsucking allegations he knows you can’t prove a negative. So..fuck him. I’m even joining Twitter to wage verbal war on this maggot. ..just like this..


      If he can use twitter..so can I. Trump.. here I come. Wait for it. You ain’t seen nothin yet.

      12/21/16 4:37 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      Meanwhile, the Totalitarian Wannabe’s-R-Us, continue their quest to eventually burn the protections laid out in the Constitution.


      Fellow denizens of WMW.. we are witness to that period of time when the citizens of this country HAD a choice. At such time when they acquiesce to gun turn-in..or confiscation.. humanity is literally fucked. What I’m still waiting to see, is Trump’s policy in regards to the 2nd Amendment. However, I’m not holding my breath. After all.. he just admitted.. DRAIN THE SWAMP was just a meme to get votes. DUH. whudda thunk. Insert rolling eye smiley here.


      btw..I pray that maggot Newt Gringwich has a massive heart attack of biblical proportions..

      However.. I’d submit.. his stance on the 2nd Amendment will evaporate on Jan 10th..or is it the 20th. No matter..

      Meanwhile, I have something I want to share with you that somehow I missed in 2014. I’m not sure if you can find it on youtube, but I saw this last night on Netflix. I HIGHLY recommend you watch it if you can. fuck.


      Ok, it’s my birthday, my wife is fixing my favorite meal, I’ve got my favorite beverage, my week of fixing shit is over for the moment, I’m warm, comfortable, and have a feeling of contentment for the first time in many years, and will now put away my disdain, anger, and cynicism for a few hours. Good night.

      12/21/16 5:12 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PITCH. You’re a good man.

      12/21/16 5:25 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Wish it wasn’t fake news

      Trump: Can you believe these morons believed anything I promised? Lock her up, drain the swamp, won’t touch their Social Security and Medicare God, this IS the dumbest country on the planet.

      12/21/16 5:46 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      “In PVB We Trust”. How about a petition to get Peter on he new $2 bill?! Clowns to the left, clowns to the right. Dogs and cats living together. Damn. Exceptionalism is US (the people).

      12/21/16 6:34 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      I am starting a count down til the end of the year. Hope all make it! A big thanks to P V B.

      12/21/16 6:45 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      chuck said…
      “A big thanks to P V B.”
      Motion has been passed. (slap of gavel heard)

      Rounds on the house from me. Congratulations PVB.

      12/21/16 6:57 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      My Hero. I heard he did not make some top Blacklist of lots of people. Sorry In the Top Ten, Peter is good ( a source from Silver Spring, Ft. Meade, Fairfax, Bayone, told me. I was born in NJ. Excuse me! Happy Holiday if you do that. Peas on Erth. Tweet me.

      12/21/16 7:36 PM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      Thank you, Peter.

      It’s getting really ridiculous – between the HRC-staffed media outlets and Fox

      Hope we finally get third parties and new indepenent media springing up or it’s going to be a long 4 or 8 years

      12/21/16 10:55 PM | Comment Link

    • teri said...


      Happy Birthday, Pitch!

      – Teri

      12/22/16 3:54 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Speaking of parties, any reports of Jonestown parties at the State Dept Christmas parties this season? The Grinch is coming, folks.

      12/22/16 8:42 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Trump has a Muslim list and he’s checking it twice whether you are naughty or nice. He says we know his plans. If anyone does please let the rest of US know.

      12/22/16 8:54 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Happy Birthday Pitch

      12/22/16 9:04 AM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      Happy Bday, Pitch:)

      12/22/16 10:39 AM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      Hello everyone. I mean this. I hope everyone has a nice, warm, family gathered Christmas. I also want to thank everyone for the B’day wishes too. It was very nice.

      Ok, now to focus back on reality. fuck. reality. sheezus. Last night, I watched one of my favorite movies of all time.. Dr. Strangelove. I have an old VHS tape. I still watch old movies via VHS..sometimes. I still listen to music on cassetts too. Anyway, towards the end is this dialog between the US President and the Russian equivalent. …


      Today, what do I find?…


      fuck. fuck fuck fuck.

      12/22/16 5:15 PM | Comment Link

    • MR. Tom Trefts ( Walt ) said...


      Let’s do the timewarp again !!!!!!

      12/22/16 8:45 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Speaking of time warps, here’s Adolf Hitler assuming power:

      We need to expand our crematorias until as such time as the world comes to its senses regarding crematorias.

      12/23/16 10:54 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Trump must have big bucks invested in cement companies. First he wants to build the Wall and now Mr Dead Zone will make us all build bomb shelters…again

      12/23/16 1:51 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      us abstains from vote today? BDS for xmas.

      12/23/16 2:40 PM | Comment Link

    • Chuck said...


      12/23/16 4:54 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      “MR. Tom Trefts ( Walt ) said…

      Let’s do the timewarp again !!!!!!

      Please.. please.. if you’re going to post here, please don’t take a hit off your bong full of cocaine, k? Thanks. Now … fuck off.

      Meanwhile, our dude full of joy wishes you a day full of enjoyment..
      Chuck said…”Enjoy.”

      sheeezusfuckingchrist ..the whole world has gone fucking mad.

      yeah yeah.. ok Merry Christmas and all that shit.
      As you might have surmised.. I too am part of the Mad Mad Mad Mad fucking world. So what.

      bartender.. two shots of 100prf Joy to the World.. and a bottle of that great new cult beer.. BAH HUMBUG.

      12/23/16 7:41 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...



      Mad Mad World was about a bunch of greedy people trying to find some stolen money but the Man in Black was waiting to steal it from them. Pretty much describes Trumps angle. No matter what he says, somehow he’s trying to steal money from someone. Makes sense out of his nonsense.

      12/23/16 8:22 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      Rich Bauer said…


      “Mad Mad World was about a bunch of greedy people trying to find some stolen money”..

      I’m sorry Rich, but you, like most of the Dumbest Country on the Planet missed the point.. it wasn’t about the plot.. it was living proof of the Dumbest Country on the Planet laughing about themselves without realizing ..it was them in the picture.

      Meanwhile, Bob Dylan was testifying to the fact …


      12/23/16 8:49 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      btw.. rumor has it Dylan dedicated that song to Trumps voters. Trust me. I have it on good authority.

      12/23/16 9:14 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      Good Morning,

      Merry Christmas Eve. And to all a good day ( yep…. Political in-correctness rules)

      Happy Late Birthday, Pitchfork. (sorry… Been a week..)



      Been doing some thinking about the trend of the media (shut up, Pitchfork).

      And I do believe I see the overall problem.

      Once, a long time ago…. Reporters, journalists, etc…. There were penalties for false reporting. Serious penalties… Which you and Teri still hold to.

      The big ones…. They are counting on their lawyers being tougher than whoever they are trashing and bashings lawyers.
      Which allows then the immunity, and impunity….. To say whatever the hell they want….
      To shape the story …. Aka….. Fabricate it any way their personal goals, agendas….. Payrolls….. Skeletons….. Dictate…..

      With that in mind…. That approach allows the anti-Trump crowd to paint him as a lecherous, bugger eating, fart bombing, scicophant, psychopath, that is hell bent on eating everyines children….. Of course after he gets done sacrificing them in the grove with all the other world leaders…. And dumping their bodies on the dark side of the moon so they can be part of the body count in the war up there. ( btw…. Thanks for the reading list…. Helped me understand Bauer… Sort of ) ( btw, Bauer… Already have an underground ‘storage’ facility… Came with the house and property when I bought it… Awesome…. Built in the 50’s….. Back when tin foil became the rage in hats, so no need for concrete investments ( turned it into, as my wife calls it..the “man-cave from hell” ) ( even has a feng shei fountain in it… (when you have a bad day fighting aliens from planet “wherethefuckdidtheybreedyou”)

      With absolutely no regard for the simple fact….. That he has not even taken office yet.

      Trump has not had a chance yet to do any of the doom and gloom…..

      Does he have the potential…. Fuck Yeah he does !!!!!

      Courtesy of Obama and all the ones before….

      Does he have the potential to do a wonderful amount of good….. Yep…. That too…

      Would Hillary have done all the things Trump is forecast to be planning???

      Ummmmm…. DUH!!!!!

      But strange…. When he is such a monster….. Even the national enquirer ( saw the headlines going through a check out line yesterday) which many of the “voters ” of the US, seem to get their information from…. Is already touting Trumps successes ….

      So…. Just some thoughts…..

      Btw…. I read an article about the new press secretary….. His statements sounded very familiar….

      .. A great deal like your article about Trump bypassing the media and going directly to the public, via twitter, etc…..

      At the same time…. Other articles appeared…… One from Biden, another from Reid…..
      Both of them bashing the DNC for almost exactly the same things you said in your article about why Hillary lost… According to Hillary.

      So… This begs the question…. Has your blog been hijacked…. Or… Have you started your own think tank ?????

      Its not the first time I have seen the similarities…

      If so…..

      Need the name and number of a good copyright attorney?????

      I know a couple good ones….

      Or… To put it another way…

      I was in a meeting yesterday…….. An old friend who I have not seen in a couple years walked in.

      We were both happy.

      The old friend clarified for everyone present we were old friends.

      The man chairing the meeting( ranking type) said quote…

      ” strange…. I don’t have friends…. I have people I have leverage on… ”

      totally deadpan…

      And very serious.


      12/24/16 8:21 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...




      Found this for you. You will love the graphics. And…. Its a blast from the past.



      12/24/16 8:31 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      Simple lesson for world and national economics.

      When business is up and good….. The possibility of war goes down…

      And prior to Nov 8….

      Business in the US SUCKED!!!!!! Has for most of a decade.

      Since Nov 9…. Business is up almost 30 %

      Let me guess though….. The business jump is because of Obama with his UN thing, yesterday… His banning drilling the day before…. His new Obamacare enrollments, his new IRS hires on Monday, etc… Etc… Etc….

      Btw…. You should look at how business jumped up yesterday after the news of the “warm ” Christmas letters between Trump and Putin became public. 12 % yesterday alone….

      Maybe some people have forgotten…. But 4 months ago….. War with Russia was a VERY REAL possibility.

      Now….. They are sending Personal letters.

      War scares the shit out of the average business.

      Now…. If things can chill with China.

      And…. BTW……Everything can be fixed…. Up until guns come out….


      12/24/16 8:44 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Thanks for great old song Mitch. Worried about being 62 an on S.S. with Trump BS? Check out the article from Ann Wright Dec. 20 at Op Ed News ! I have been with Ann many times doing our duty.

      12/24/16 9:07 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Great points on the press Mitch. Anyone remember when one could get equal time on TV ? Truth is what it is. Have a happy.

      12/24/16 9:09 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      Forgot something to add….

      Bauer….and Pitchfork…..

      Your reference to the nuke building….

      Exactly how….especially you Bauer…. Would you restart a dead and dying economy…. Where most of the real rocket scientists have gone over seas or private to work…. After NASA was pretty much shut down,

      HIGH paying tech jobs, engineers, scientists, etc…. THOUSANDS of jobs….

      Or…… Maybe its been forgotten that Obama laid the ground work for Iran to get more nukes.

      Besides….. What left of NASA said earlier this week… That we are over due for an ELE event….

      They would come in …. Useful for that….. Or…. When Bauer’s frineds from planet “wherethefuckdidtheybreedyou” get here.

      Either way…… Yee of all the answers……..how exactly would you jump start a dead and dying economy, which if nothing changes would within the next 2 years, would have had open fighting in the streets over who gets to eat the stray cats?

      You want change from what was…. Then bitch up a arorm about how that change goes about.

      How about some ideas on what he should do, and do differently…..
      Who knows…. It might happen…..

      Pretty clear Peter’s blog is being read by someone with “authority”


      12/24/16 9:17 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      Hey Chuck,

      When in looked like Hillary was going to win…. I had it as my ringtone.

      I know who she is….read a bit of her….. But…. She does not allow commets. Bummer.

      Merry Christmas Eve.

      Becareful driving…. Silly seaSon is upon uS…..


      12/24/16 9:21 AM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      Mitch said…



      Found this for you.”

      Insert double face palm smiley here. 🙂
      I get the satire Mit. But GAWWWWWWWD that song sucked. Along with a shitload of others like it of the times.
      But here’s one for you that was a prediction of today…


      moreover…on Politicians..


      Jack Bruce was the greatest rock singer/bass player ever to grace a stage. No one, and I mean no one could touch him. RIP Jack.

      12/24/16 11:41 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      Ok…. First…. Yes…. The bass player… Absolutely knows what he’s doing….

      But….. Not to try and sound under…. 90…. But…. I have never heard those songs… Heard of the group…. But….. I was….. Not born when those came out…

      Btw….speaking of things from before I was born….. How are the tapes?


      12/24/16 1:02 PM | Comment Link

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