• So How’s That Coalition Thing Working Out in Afghanistan?

    January 13, 2017

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    embassy in iraq

    Short Answer: It’s been 15+ years of coalition and the Taliban are still there, the Afghan government in Kabul is even more corrupt, and most of Afghanistan is as economically decrepit as ever.

    A report, “Lessons From the Coalition,” emerged from a conference co-hosted by the U.S. Institute of Peace (yes, we have one, it is part of the State Department and doesn’t do much but organize events in Washington.) The conference brought together representatives from eleven major donor nations, the EU, UN, World Bank, and NATO to share common experiences and lessons from the Afghan reconstruction effort.

    Here’s what they concluded:

    — The confluence of conflicting goals and divided actors led to a situation in which countries were often pursuing disparate and sometimes ill-defined missions in Afghanistan. In fact, many nations were unclear as to what they were trying to achieve in Afghanistan.

    — Many countries were primarily motivated by their alliance commitments to the United States, rather than specific strategic goals related to Afghanistan, and were often more focused on what was happening in Washington than in Kabul.

    — Conference participants were critical of instances when military forces undertook development work, indicating their efforts often ended up costing more and being less effective than those of their civilian counterparts.

    — Inability to understand the local context led to projects that unintentionally benefited corrupt officials, threatened local governance, led to escalating violence, sabotage of the project itself, and wasted resources.

    — Development projects did not buy security. Participants believed that when development projects occurred in insecure places, the projects either benefited the insurgency or insurgents increased violence to counteract any potential gains.

    — One participant referred to the regular turnover of personnel as an “annual lobotomy.”

    — Conditions placed on funds were often not credible, as donors were ultimately unwilling to withhold funds that were essential to preventing the collapse of the Afghan government. Afghan officials were aware of these limitations and were able to call donors’ bluffs. When faced with a donor’s conditions, Afghan officials could often obtain funding from another donor.

    But, hey, I’m sure they all meant well in their efforts. Hell, someone should write a book about that so no one repeats the same mistakes in the next war.

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    • teri said...


      “Conference participants were critical of instances when military forces undertook development work, indicating their efforts often ended up costing more and being less effective than those of their civilian counterparts.”

      Interesting, in light of how it’s been suggested on this forum (not by PVB) that the military ought to undertake civilian development work right here in the US. Another negative with that idea is that it leads to resentment between civilians and military.

      01/13/17 7:46 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      In the mean time fancy medals are handed out in surprise inter palace ceremonies so the American ruling class can express their benevolence towards one another.
      A reminder: Obama gave Stevie Wonder the same Presidential Medal of Freedom (without distinction of course). Wonder has nine children by five different women. Obama whispered to Wonder when he hung that medal on Wonder’s neck. “Stevie. you the man, I couldn’t get away with that much fuckin’-not with Michele’s snoopin’.”
      Stevie to Obama, “No, Barry, you the man! You got the Peace Prize and started two new wars!”

      01/13/17 8:36 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      First…. What has 30 heads, 60 arms, 60 legs…. And no brain????

      Answer… Committee.

      Once… A long time ago…. I was in high school government class when a representative of the ‘government came to talk to the classes about how government works.

      The woman turned it into a fourm to bitch about a local family there that would not sell their property for the good of the society.
      To build a road to an upscale mountain lake.

      Woman bitched and bitched about that family. For a couple hours….

      Finally… The government teacher had enough…. And asked one question.

      Girl named Monica,

      Teacher asked…. ” Monica, isn’t that your families property she’s talking about?”

      The “government ” woman…. She ran like hell to leave….

      As an adult…. I now know… That the “government” woman… She owns 65% of the shore around that lake.
      She wanted her own private road.

      Her name…. Nancy Pelosi.

      She had an alternative agenda too.

      But…. Let’s here from you….

      How would you fix things???
      How would you stop imminent wars???
      Restart a dying economy???
      Provide for new roads???


      Without using highly trained specialist in the military???

      From the private sector…..

      It would take approximately… 18 months to 2 years…. Just to get the administration for companies to do that, up and functional. 2 more just to get started.

      Because…. The “civilian development” companies in the US….

      They are GONE….. They are out of business… 8 years of BS…. 8 years of screwed up taxes.

      They are GONE !!!

      The US…. It does not have 18 months… Much less 3 years.

      So….. From the self proclaimed socialist perspective….

      How the hell would you fix it.????


      When you said….

      ” Interesting, in light of how it’s been suggested on this forum (not by PVB) that the military ought to undertake civilian development work right here in the US. Another negative with that idea is that it leads to resentment between civilians and military. ”

      At least have enough respect …and courage…to say my name.

      Btw…. I was not military.

      I just know who the people of this nation owe a hell of a lot to

      Last thought for you.

      The military….. They only follow orders….. From politicians.


      01/13/17 8:55 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      The local crop has been booming since we have been there. Is there any Govt. Agency or group that could profit from it?

      01/13/17 9:04 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Could it be the damn Russians who made u.s. go there?

      01/13/17 9:07 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Who is going to pay for this?

      “U.S. troops acted in self-defense when they opened fire on homes in Afghanistan in a battle that killed 33 civilians, a U.S. military investigation has found. Twenty-seven civilians were also wounded in the incident, in the village of Boz in Kunduz province in the north of the country on Nov. 2-3.

      The investigation followed media reports that the fighting, which included airstrikes called in to support the Afghan and U.S. troops, killed members of the public including children, women and elderly men. Two American soldiers and three Afghan Army commandos were also killed in the battle.”

      So they knew the Taliban was hiding among civilian population but never thought about Collateral damage. Tom Cruise made a killing with his “Collateral”. “It’s not personal. It’s just business.”

      We are running out of collateral.

      01/13/17 9:41 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      To show my point…

      I walked a little job yesterday… 375k range.

      The cabinet guys… From Poland
      Floor guys… Yugoslavia.
      Tile guys… Brazil.

      8 years of killing business lead to this.


      01/13/17 9:45 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      US government will… Aka…. We will.

      US government as a routine pays out some BS amount to the families of innocents killed.

      Politicians. What can you say???


      01/13/17 10:19 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Who is going to pay for this?

      WASHINGTON, Jan 12 (Reuters) – The Obama administration has agreed to provide disability benefits to military veterans exposed to contaminated drinking water while at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, according to an official notice published on Thursday.

      Veterans, former reservists and former National Guard members who served for at least 30 days at the U.S. Marine Corps Base from 1953 to 1987 and have been diagnosed with one of eight diseases are eligible, according to the document published in the Federal Register, the government’s official journal.

      The Associated Press, which first reported the story, said the estimated cost to taxpayers of the added benefits would total $2.2 billion over five years.

      The additional payments from the Department of Veterans Affairs would start in March and go to veterans who developed adult leukemia, aplastic anemia, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, multiple myeloma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Parkinson’s disease, the notice said.

      The department has estimated that up to 900,000 service members were potentially exposed to the tainted water at the base, the AP reported.

      Contaminants included the volatile organic compounds trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene, benzene and vinyl chloride.

      01/13/17 10:51 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Where will “O” find a job? Will he increase the unemployment #’s with other D’s? Pardon Truth Tellers. O No, Truth…Shut Up.

      01/13/17 12:49 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      We are Exceptional. Say What? Many here are. Have a nice day.

      01/13/17 12:51 PM | Comment Link

    • bloodypitchfork said...


      Mitch said…


      To show my point…

      I walked a little job yesterday… 375k range.”

      $375k… little job. Cabinets. Floor. Tile. right.

      Note to self.. file under

      Great Moments in .01% indulgence.

      Meanwhile, stock price in biscuit flour and fructose syrup companies are quadrupling. Pork and beans not so much.

      01/13/17 1:02 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Obomber helps warrant less info stuff days before The Donald. Exceptionalism. Tweet me!

      01/13/17 1:15 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      Is it troll or lurk that your doing?

      Thought you had gone away???

      Btw…. Your still proving my points…. So…. Clearly.

      Also…. You missed the point….

      The point being…. For trolling and lurking purposes….

      For many companies…. That is a very decent job.

      And labor had to be IMPORTED because of policies that killed the same types of business in the US.

      But…. Hey…..

      Chime in with your continued attacks all you NEED.

      Although…. I would suggest…. Turn off your internet…. And use the money to buy more food…

      After all…. From your…. Rants…. It would clearly appear your starving.


      01/13/17 2:26 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      An interesting study for you.

      A study of one day.

      In one day, Rich Bauer…. He went from being a trouble maker… And a general pain in the ass….

      To a person that is now, supplying information, conversation, and alternative view points… In open discussion.

      Proud of Rich Bauer. Very proud.

      And the alternative…


      Who in that same day….became far worse than the old Rich Bauer ever was.

      Bloodypitchfork…. Who uses terms such as ” people of color”…. To describe blacks.
      As a way to Justify his not being a racist.

      Who only chimes in…. To make personal attacks.


      But… Hey…. Nature adhores a void.


      01/13/17 2:55 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...



      The truth is the curtain has finally been pulled back revealing the wizard behind the curtain for all to see. Trump certainly had his eyes opened. Deep State finds it easier to discredit a threat rather than having to eliminate it. My bet is it has more on the Trumpster to discredit him if he doesn’t get the hint and resign or play ball. Ladbrokes has it even money he will resign in a year.

      When I worked for State, I wrote a report that got someone in DS very upset. It tried- unsuccessfully- to discredit me. It certainly opened my eyes. You can go back to believing the lie that the US is a force for good but then you have to blind. We aren’t in Kansas anymore.

      01/13/17 4:47 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      Thank you. Sincerely…. For making my point about you, very clearly.
      Well done.

      And… I understand very clearly what your saying. Too clearly.

      And… Yep…. Kansas got napalmed a long time ago.

      I’m just hopeful that… A change in leadership… From the way things have always been….just might… Hopefully….

      Change a way of thinking… And behaving…

      Just maybe…. The chain of behaviors…. Will break….

      If not… Shotguns and canned goods…. And… We all do a real reboot of mad max.


      01/13/17 4:55 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      America is sooooooooooooooo fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkked:

      WITH ONLY DAYS until Donald Trump takes office, the Obama administration on Thursday announced new rules that will let the NSA share vast amounts of private data gathered without warrant, court orders or congressional authorization with 16 other agencies, including the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Department of Homeland Security.

      The new rules allow employees doing intelligence work for those agencies to sift through raw data collected under a broad, Reagan-era executive order that gives the NSA virtually unlimited authority to intercept communications abroad. Previously, NSA analysts would filter out information they deemed irrelevant and mask the names of innocent Americans before passing it along.

      That THEY deemed irrelevant. They will decide who is innocent.

      01/13/17 5:26 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Imagine what perverted stuff Deep State has on Obama.

      01/13/17 5:28 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Imagine what perverted stuff Deep State has on Comey.

      01/13/17 5:44 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      That is soooo bullshit.
      Obama …. Time for him to leave.

      I do wonder how Teri is going to blame Trump for that stunt.


      01/13/17 5:47 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      Maybe we’ll get lucky and obama and comey’s info will get leaked to buzzfeed.


      01/13/17 5:49 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      Bet Obama changes his stand on Israel now….

      It’s going to cost him his golf score.


      Members at an exclusive Washington-area country club think President Obama is a real duffer when it comes to foreign policy and the fairway furor could cost him one option for a post-presidency home course.

      Though its unclear whether the outgoing president would even seek membership there, some at the Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Md., are preemptively trying to keep Obama out of the predominantly Jewish club amid complaints about his stance on Israel, according to reports. The members have sent a barrage of emails to club President Barry Forman and General Manager Brian Pizzimentisaying Obama is “not welcome.”

      The pushback stems from Obamas decision last month not to have the U.S. veto a U.N. Security Council resolution criticizing Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank and from Secretary of State John Kerrys speech two days later accusing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of undermining the possibility of a two-state solution.

      [President Obama] has created a situation in the world where Israels very existence is weakened and possibly threatened, longtime member Faith Goldstein wrote in a Dec. 26 email obtained by the Washington Post. He is not welcome at Woodmont. His admittance would create a storm that could destroy our club.

      A Dec. 15 email to Forman from Bethesda attorney Marc B. Abrams reportedly said Obamas stance on Israel should make it inconceivable that club leaders would even think of granting him membership.

      If you have views on this matter, I would urge you to make them known quickly, Abrams wrote. Timing is critical.

      During his eight years in the White House, the commander-in-chief racked up more than 300 days on the links with most rounds taking place at the course at Andrews Air Force Base or while on vacation in Hawaii.

      But with the Obama family staying in D.C. until their daughter Sasha finishes high school, the outgoing president will need to find a new club in the D.C. area.

      There has been no official indication Obama plans to apply for membership at Woodmont, but he has played at least four rounds at the course during his presidency and reports from last summer indicate Woodmont would be his club of choice when he leaves the Oval Office.

      Representatives from Woodmont did not return FoxNews.coms requests for comment, but the sentiments over the presidents policies in the Middle East appear far from unanimous among the clubs members and local Jewish activists.

      How cool is it that the first African American president of the United States may well be joining a country club originally established because Jews couldnt get in anywhere else? Ron Halber, the executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington, said in an article published over the summer by the Jewish newspaper The Forward. Halber is not a member at Woodmont.

      Jeffrey Slavin, the mayor of the Maryland town of Somerset and a legacy member at Woodmont, sent an email this week to Forman and copied fellow Woodmont members and local Jewish leaders outside the club in which he threatened to organize a mass membership cancellation campaign if the president were not welcomed at the club.

      This has gone way beyond the club now and this makes the Jewish community look bad, Slavin told FoxNews.com. The club needs to reach out to the president and say if you want to apply for membership well certainly accept you.

      Woodmont was founded in 1913 at a time when Jews faced widespread discrimination in applying to country clubs in the D.C.-area. Since then, the club has grown to 460 acres and offers its members an opportunity to play golf and tennis as well as socialize just outside the Washington Beltway. The club has an $80,000 membership initiation fee and members pay $9,600 in annual dues.

      Woodmont was a place you could go when you werent welcome anywhere else, Slavin said. There are so many ironies here.


      01/13/17 6:04 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      President Pence. Get used to it.

      01/13/17 6:22 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...



      Under new rules signed by Obama today, if NSA analysts stumble across evidence that an American like Trump has committed any crime, they will send it to the Justice Department,” Which the FBI may or may not investigate.

      So information that was collected without a warrant—or indeed any involvement by a court at all—for foreign intelligence purposes with little to no privacy protections, can be accessed raw and unfiltered by domestic law enforcement agencies to prosecute Americans with no involvement in threats to national security.

      Yo Obama, this is not the transparency we were hoping for.

      01/13/17 6:32 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      Yo Rich.

      This is what is called a….. What the hell is that word…???…!!!..???…..oh yeah….. Now I remember…

      Dictatorship !!!!!

      Fucking bullshit is what I call it.

      And…. Anyone with an IQ over room temperature should call it the same.


      01/13/17 6:37 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      So NSA intercepts a “foreign” phone call in which someone says “they” have evidence Trump has raped underage Russian girls. NSA provides this to the FBI because they have decided a crime has been committed, which Trump can’t face his Accusers because that would reveal NSA sources and methods. The FBI uses this “information” to get additional wiretaps which it uses to search for other crimes. Fuck the Fourth. You don’t have any Constitutional rights against unreasonable search and seizure.

      01/13/17 7:08 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      Ahhhh…. Rich….

      I see you are also a student of the law…

      You can just imagine the chain of events…. And… Presidence… That follows…

      It is however…. Quite interesting…. Behaviors…. For a individual …. Who is obsessed with his “legacy “.

      Sounds a bit more like someone trying to start…. A rebellion ???


      01/13/17 7:16 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Peter, I just looked at the USIP website. Who are those people?
      Who hired them? What are their salaries? If any of us here need a muffled laugh check out the site and then study the job titles of most. SNL wouldn’t touch the USIP- too grim to try and mock.

      01/13/17 8:00 PM | Comment Link

    • wemeantwell said...


      USIP falls under the State Dept. It was created under the George W. regime. Seriously.

      01/14/17 8:16 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      Ever play chess?

      Strange….. Indeed…… Very few people can ‘ordered’ this….. And I have not found who did order this….

      Maybe you can….


      The head of the District of Columbia National Guard has been ordered to step down immediately after President-elect Donald Trump takes office.

      Maj. Gen. Errol Schwartz will be stepping down at 12:01 p.m. on Jan. 20, just after Trump is sworn in, Maj. Byron Coward, a guard spokesman said.

      Schwartz, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, told The Washington Post in an interview “the timing is very unusual” but that he’s following orders.

      Unlike the commanders of state-level National Guard units, the head of the District’s National Guard serves at the pleasure of the president. At the time Schwartz departs, he will be in the midst of commanding thousands of Guard troops from the District and around the country who are providing support for the inauguration.

      My troops will be on the street, he said in an interview, according to the paper. Ill see them off, but I wont be able to welcome them back to the armory. He went on to say that he would never plan to leave a mission in the middle of a battle.

      Phil Mendelson, the D.C. Council chairman, criticized the move.

      It doesnt make sense to can the general in the middle of an active deployment, Mendelson told The Post. He added that Schwartzs sudden departure will be a long-term loss for the District. Hes been really very good at working with the community, and my impression was that he was good for the Guard.

      The Post reported that there have been contradictory stories about the behind-the-scenes developments leading to the decision. A person close to the Trump transition team reportedly said transition officials wanted to keep him, but the Army pushed for a replacement. Schwartz reportedly said the orders came in an email from the Pentagon. He will be replaced by a brigadier general at 12:01 p.m.


      01/14/17 5:07 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      You have a trend of bitching and soapboxing about the oligarchy, the power behind the thrones…. Etc…..
      About the powerful, etc….

      The following is why Hillary HAD to lose…..

      This is the guy that causes governments to rise and fall…. Candidates to win and lose.

      He is also the clown behind the Dakota protests. Which really personally pisses me off…

      Your terrified of Trump. Your screaming he is a Russian Stoge or puppet. You call him a ” carnaval barker “… Etc…

      Is Trump flawed….. Duh…. Of course he is….. If for no other reason than he’s not a politician. He never set his goals 50 years ago to be president.

      He ran, and won… Because he got pissed off at all the things that is pissing off the rest of us.

      Not because it was HIS TURN…

      Trump……. Yes…… I support him…… For TWO reasons….

      First…… Because he is a businessman…. Who will in all likelihood….. Use the office of President….. To increase his fortunes…… A clear and VISIBLE motive….which allows me…. And many like me…. To ride his coat tail….. And hire more…increase profitability…. Which allows me to hire more….. Go after bigger and bigger jobs…

      And….. Every person I hire….. Comes with a family….. Human beings…


      Because he is the WINNER of a DEMOCRATIC ELECTION!!!

      And…… Because of that…. We OWE Trump at least a chance….to do a good job.

      You said before…..words to the effect of “so what”…. When I told you that I had to hire 10 more employees. Which was in effect 10 families.
      ( btw…. 6 of them… Former military….. The skills they have…. They learned them in the Military ) ( communications specialists)…( not killers for hire )( that’s what the military does… Trains people)

      I had the chance to speak with a few of them yesterday…. Getting a feel for where their heads are at… How they like the jobs, company… Etc… Really getting to know them…and…. Letting them get to know me…

      Wish you had been there……. “so what”….. ????

      They are grateful…… 2 of them have real sick kids…. Took about 38 minutes…. To get the 30 day limit on insurance wavied….. Had their kids in the doctors office in 45 minutes. ( and YES…. We got ALL the new hires 30 limits wavied )
      One of the kids…. Ended up in the hospital….. She’s going to be fine…..but…. No insurance prior to hire…..can’t afford doctors…. I’m sure everyone reading this understands the problem.

      That’s a total of 43 people…. Human beings….. That now have solid futures…..

      Instead of looking at having to lay off…. Most likely… 16….. Which would have effected…. 79 people.

      Which is EXACTLY what would have happened if Hillary had won.

      Yeah……. “So What “!!!!!!!

      I know of MANY other companies that are having to hire…. Some in my range…. 60 to 75 an hour… Some…. A hell of a lot higher….

      Point is…. Business is already starting to return…..now….

      We, as a nation….. NEED to start getting real TRAINING for people.

      Besides….. He has to be better than Obama….. Hell… Castro…..would be better than Obama.

      I was not happy when Obama won…. But…. He won….. Supported him….until it became blatantly obvious….. That his personal agenda was not in the best interests of the Nation…..and was in reality… Destroying this nation… And doing great harm to the people in it.

      Obama’s agenda….. Who knows…..what his agenda really is/was….. Even after 8 years…. Pure Chaos…. Near as I can tell…. Other than…. Take a look at his and Michelle’s net worth before and after going to the whitehouse.

      But, Trump….. flawed…. Yes….. Making mistakes…. Duh…. Of course…..

      But….. Far better than anyone that the man below is holding the leash of.

      Such as Hillary…. Sanders…. Wasserman…. Podesta…. Obama…..the list is endless…..

      This guy…… He is the puppet master…..

      And now….. He’s losing his ass.

      So which is worse……

      A possible Russian Stoge…… Or a George Soros puppet ?????

      The liberal agenda is not about soclal causes…. Or income equality…fur is dead… Plastic is bad..Mars is made of red cheese…etc….(name your own cause)…

      Its is the agendas of people like this…. That just want more money.


      George Soros, the billionaire hedge-fund manager and liberal financier, lost nearly $1 billion after becoming bearish after Donald Trumps election victory, The Wall Street Journal reported.

      The 86-year-old was cautious about the market prior to Novembers election became more bearish after Trumps win. So far, the bet was a mistake, and the stock market has risen about 9 percent over the past two months, the report said.

      Soros Fund Management LLC has about 250 traders and manages about $30 billion. The billionaire took a more active role in the company in anticipation of turmoil in China and the European Union, the report said, citing people familiar with the matter.

      Over the past few years, Soros has become an advocate and donor for liberal causes.  His name reportedly appeared in the Wikileaks emails of Hillary Clintons campaign chairman John Podesta 60 times.

      Soros, who last year, called on a global system of political decision-making, came out strongly against Trump during the campaign. He reportedly contributed  $7 million to Priorities USA Action and gave Clintons campaign the maximum $2,700 donation. He also contributed $5 million to a super PAC aimed at mobilizing Latinos and other immigrants in hopes to stop the Trump campaign.

      Soros has a long history of contributing millions to liberal political causes, and pockets don’t get much deeper than his. He ranked No. 23 in the latest Forbes richest men list.

      The Wall Street Journal reported that overall, Soros fund is up about 5 percent on the year.


      01/14/17 6:54 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      Even the dog is pissed about the election.

      Some places in this nation…. Like…. All of this nation…. This would require a police report…. quarantine….. Little things like that ……

      Jan 13, 2017
      A White House visitor suffered a cut below her eye Monday after she was bitten by the first family’s dog, Sunny, TMZ.com reported.

      The 18-year-old, who was not identified, was bitten when she went to pet the 4-year-old Portuguese Water Dog, the report, which was published Thursday, said.

      The bite left a gash under the girls eye and she was treated by the Obama’s family doctor who said she needed stitches.

      This is not the first time Sunny made headlines. In 2013, the $2,500-dog jumped on a toddler during a holiday party while being held by the first lady. In that instance, the girl was fine, Sunny even reportedly licked her face. 


      01/14/17 7:21 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Any idiot who kisses a strange dog has less brains than said dog. She is lucky the dog didn’t blind her.

      01/14/17 8:13 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Speaking of idiots, if Trump is really concerned about autism, why is he only interested in determining if vaccinations are a factor and resistant to the possibility that pesticides are also?

      01/14/17 8:26 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Let me steer this subject back to sanity. Like my bumper sticker which said, Friends Don’t Let Friends invade impaired” -Vlad Putin. The Russians clearly and forcefully warned the USA to stay the hell out of Afghanistan. If Trump had been POTUS in 2000 he would have at least listened to the plea- not czarina Hillary. My guess is the USA will do OK with Trump as POTUS but with Hillary’s strange brew of supporters wanting to destroy Trump at any cost-we’re all going to be hurting soon.

      01/14/17 8:43 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      Too cool…. Guess that explains why she was in the whitehouse.


      So…….. You have done the math on the swine flu vaccine and its ties to other … Affecting…. Problems….
      Like falling asleep…. Dying…. Retardation…. Learning handicapps…. Paralysis….. Few hundred others…..?????


      01/14/17 8:50 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      I was one of the few who said no thank you to the swine flu shot. But measles, mumps shots , come on, the risk of not getting it outweigh the chance of autism. It could be similar to honeybee colony collapse disorder…pesticides at the top of the list.

      01/14/17 9:01 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      I would respond…..

      But…. My insanity prevents me from not getting pissed off when peoples hate and agendas and personal ‘moral’ blindness, prevent them from seeing the big picture

      When individuals go out of their way…. Masquerading as ‘journalists’, ‘bloggers’…. Etc…..attempting to change other peoples thinking and perspectives…. To mirror their own…..simply because they are in a position to do so.

      That simple reason is why… The bias of the press is so important…. And…. Dangerous.

      The leaking of questions…. Fake news….made up bullshit…..so many actually believe it.

      And form opinions from it.

      Never realizing……. They are being manipulated….. By someone with their own agenda.

      The big picture being…. If Trump fails……

      It will have catastrophic ramifications….. World wide…. Economicly…. Poverty….

      And quite possibility….. A world war.

      The tensions are so high….. In so many parts of the world…

      How many wars is the US in???


      Building up troops and amour along Russia’s border?

      Constant drone strikes???

      The list is endless.

      And everyone of those situations….. CREATED by professional Politicians.



      The reason I respect Peter Van Buren…

      He supplies Topics……and common sense.

      He does Not overtly try to shove a perspective down someones throat.

      Thank you Peter.


      01/14/17 9:10 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      My son was in high school when they tried the swine flu shit.

      Question 4

      Have you or any member of your family had ” Guillain-Barré syndrome”..(a temporary nervous system paralysis)

      Dude……there is NOTHiNG temporary about Guillain-Barré syndrome…..

      Look it up….. A fucking nightmare….. Unless 4 or 5 YEARS in a hospital is “temporary”.

      If question 4 is a lie….. Then everything after that is lie as well.


      01/14/17 9:17 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      The agitated agitators will be agitating! Have a nice day! Peas…

      01/14/17 12:14 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      All of us here now know Democrats are so petty that they put their bruised egos ahead of the good of the nation. Any sane person wants a POTUS to do good for the USA regardless of party.

      01/14/17 1:47 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      I want good for the people. Thanks to all who bring it on.

      01/14/17 2:46 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      Anyone who can get Vald Putin to do this…

      ” Putin unexpectedly did not retaliate against the U.S. for the move, a decision Trump quickly praised. ”

      I think has tremendous potential.

      When one POTUS is trying to start a War…. And the other is trying to keep peace.

      I can’t even imagine how hard it was for Trump to convince Putin to not go apeshit after the sanctions.

      And…. Trump…. Or Flynn….. Managed this…. Over TEXT?????….

      In a theater, where anything seen as weakness is exploited…. To get Putin…. One of the most dangerous people on the planet….. To give up his National Pride…. A man who is Rabid about his national pride……. And Trump… Or Flynn…..were able to get him to Not do a sucker punch…..

      Just DAMN !!!!!!!!!

      That sanctions stunt….. It could have escalated so out of control….. As those situations have a tendency to do….

      Just….. DAMN !!!!

      I hope and pray the price was not to high.

      Entire article below.

      The Donald Trump transition team has acknowledged that its incoming national security adviser has been in contact with Russia’s ambassador but denies reports they plotting over recently imposed sanctions on Moscow.

      A transition team official acknowledge a call on Dec. 29, the day President Obama hit Russia for election-related hacking but said the conversation was about logistics for a call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump, who on Friday is sworn-in as president.

      That was it. Plain and simple, the official told reporters on the teams daily conference call.

      The official said retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trumps pick for national security adviser, texted Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak to wish him a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. He said Kislyak, in a return text, requested and was granted a phone conversation in late December about the logistics of setting up call with the president of Russia and the president-elect.

      Flynn’s contacts with the Russian ambassador were first reported by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius.

      I believe Ignatius will print an update now that he has been provided information to clarify, the transition official also said.

      It’s not unusual for incoming administrations to have discussions with foreign governments before taking office. But repeated contacts just as Obama imposed sanctions raised questions about whether Trump’s team discussed — or even helped shape — Russia’s response.

      Reuters reports that Flynn and Kislyak talked several times on Dec. 29.

      Putin unexpectedly did not retaliate against the U.S. for the move, a decision Trump quickly praised.

      More broadly, Flynn’s contact with the Russian ambassador suggests the incoming administration has already begun to lay the groundwork for its promised closer relationship with Moscow.

      That effort appears to be moving ahead, even as many in Washington, including Republicans, have expressed outrage over intelligence officials’ assessment that Putin launched a hacking operation aimed at meddling in the 2016 presidential election to benefit Trump.

      In an interview published Friday evening by The Wall Street Journal, Trump said he might do away with Obama’s sanctions if Russia works with the U.S. on battling terrorists and achieving other goals.

      “If Russia is really helping us, why would anybody have sanctions?” he asked.

      During a news conference Wednesday, Trump highlighted his warmer rapport with the Russian leader.

      “If Putin likes Donald Trump, I consider that an asset, not a liability, because we have a horrible relationship with Russia,” he said.

      The sanctions targeted the GRU and FSB, leading Russian intelligence agencies that the U.S. said were involved in the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and other groups. The U.S. also kicked out 35 Russian diplomats who it said were actually intelligence operatives.

      Trump has been willing to insert himself into major foreign policy issues during the transition, at times contradicting the current administration and diplomatic protocol.

      He accepted a call from Taiwan’s president, ignoring the longstanding “One China” policy that does not recognize the island’s sovereignty. Asked about that Friday by the Journal, he responded, “Everything is under negotiation.”

      He also publicly urged the U.S. to veto a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements, then slammed the Obama administration for abstaining and allowing the measure to pass.

      Questions about Trump’s friendly posture toward Russia have deepened since the election, as he has dismissed U.S. intelligence agencies’ assertions about Russia’s role in the hacking of Democratic groups. In briefing Trump on their findings, intelligence officials also presented the president-elect with unsubstantiated claims that Russia had amassed compromising personal and financial allegations about him, according to a separate U.S. official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the official was not allowed to publicly discuss the matter.

      The Senate Intelligence Committee announced late Friday that it would investigate possible contacts between Russia and people associated with U.S. political campaigns as part of a broader investigation into Moscow’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

      Trump acknowledged for the first time this week that he accepts that Russia was behind the hacking. But he questioned whether officials were leaking information about their meetings with him, warning that would be a “tremendous blot” on their record.

      Flynn’s own ties with Russia have worried some Republicans who are more skeptical of the Kremlin than Trump appears to be. After leaving his position as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014, Flynn made appearances on RT, a state-run Russian television network. In 2015, he was paid to attend an RT gala in Moscow, where he sat next to Putin.

      As national security adviser, Flynn will work in the West Wing close to the Oval Office and will have frequent access to Trump. Unlike Trump’s nominees to lead the Pentagon, State Department and other national security agencies, Flynn’s post does not require Senate confirmation.

      Flynn’s contacts with the Russian ambassador were first reported by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius. The U.S. official who spoke to The Associated Press was not authorized to confirm the contacts publicly and insisted on anonymity.

      The Trump team’s account of Flynn’s contacts with the Russian envoy changed throughout the day Friday.

      Trump spokesman Sean Spicer initially said there was one phone call between Flynn and Kislyak on Dec. 28, as well as a Christmas greeting via text messages over the holidays. He said sanctions were not part of the discussions.

      Later Friday, a transition official said Flynn and Kislyak had spoken by phone on Dec. 29, following a text message from the ambassador the day before. During the call, the Russian ambassador invited U.S. officials to a conference on Syria later this month that is being held in Kazakhstan, according to the transition official, who was not authorized to publicly discuss the matter and insisted on anonymity.

      The official also confirmed a phone call between the men earlier in December.

      The U.S. official who spoke to the AP Friday described the contacts between Flynn and Kislyak as “very frequent.”

      It’s unclear how U.S. officials became aware of the contacts between Flynn and Kislyak, who has served as Russia’s envoy to the U.S. since 2008. U.S. monitoring of Russian officials’ communication within the United States is known to be common.

      Flynn has spoken with other foreign officials since Trump won the November election, as have incoming White House senior advisers Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law. State

      Department spokesman Mark Toner said he saw nothing inappropriate in Trump’s transition team contacting Russian or any other foreign officials.


      01/14/17 3:03 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Time Out (deleted) Listening To Ten Years After “I’d Love to Change The World”. A Space In Time. (1971) Have a nice night. PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP’s

      01/14/17 3:50 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Back to work!

      01/14/17 3:50 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      “War, What Is It Good For” ?. Music from the past.

      01/14/17 4:07 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Wow. Jan. Protest in DC has Cher, Katy Perry and Schumers bitch blood. Enjoy!

      01/14/17 4:20 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Bullwinkle and Rocky are Boycotting election!

      01/14/17 4:33 PM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Imagine only 100k at the rally? Hillary/Hollywood is losing market share.

      01/14/17 4:45 PM | Comment Link

    • teri said...



      Either you deliberately misrepresent what people say so you can have an excuse to attack them, or you have a serious reading comprehension problem. I no longer care which it is and won’t bother trying to correct what you misunderstood (or twisted around on purpose) in any of my comments. You are doing it to everyone who posts here. Perhaps you should consider reading people’s comments a little slower and thinking about what they are saying before you spout off and make accusations or assumptions.

      Just an idea.

      – Teri

      PS: Malaysia is not a socialist country.

      01/14/17 5:24 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...





      01/14/17 6:56 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Chuck that may be but Boris and Natasha will definitely be at the inauguration- incognito of course.

      01/14/17 7:15 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      No wonder Trump doesn’t like Rosie….


      — ROSIE (@Rosie) January 12, 2017

      She might want to research it a bit…. Of how martial law actually works.


      01/14/17 7:50 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      Some things are just not meant to be messed with.



      01/14/17 8:01 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      Ahhhh…. suppression at its finest.


      YouTube removes influential conservative website’s channel

      Jan 13, 2017

      The YouTube channel of influential conservative politics and law website Legal Insurrection has been removed by the video sharing service, citing copyright infringement claims.

      This account has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted, explains YouTube, in a notice posted to channels page.

      Legal Insurrection founder and publisher and Cornell University Law Professor William Jacobson voiced his anger and astonishment at the channels removal. Its very frustrating, its very scary, to have 8 years of content removed without a chance to defend yourself, he told FoxNews.com.

      In an email, Jacobson said that he never received notice of the claims prior to the channel’s removal on Thursday. On Friday the publisher received notification from YouTube that the copyright claims were filed by the Modern Languages Association (MLA) based on audio posted of a recent MLA vote on a resolution to boycott Israeli universities. The boycott resolution at the MLA Delegate Assembly failed.

      “Clearly this was a politically motivated move,” he told FoxNews.com. “I never received any request or complaint from MLA. These were perfectly legitimate fair use excerpts with great news value.”

      “This is an attempt to silence our reporting on a matter of great public importance,” added Jacobson, whose website reported on the vote. “We intend to pursue all available remedies, and call on YouTube to restore our account.”

      The Legal Insurrection website, which is widely cited in the conservative media, receives hundreds of thousands of visitors a month. Its YouTube channel contained a wealth of content, including original reporting, according to Jacobson.

      We take copyright issues very seriously both on YouTube and our website,” he said. We have a large readership, and the videos that disappeared included substantial original content that has been shared widely at other websites.”

      Owners of copyright-protected work that was posted on YouTube without their authorization can submit a copyright infringement notification to the video sharing site, according to YouTube’s website. YouTube also has a counter-notification process in place if a user believes a content owner has misidentified their video, and will reinstate videos if a user succeeds in that process or if it receives a retraction from the content owner that submitted the original notification.

      “It is the MLA’s practice to issue takedown notices when its proprietary material is used without permission,” an MLA spokeswoman told FoxNews.com, via email.

      Founded in 2005, YouTube was bought by Google for $1.65 billion the following year. YouTube now has over a billion users, encompassing almost one third of all users on the Internet.


      01/14/17 8:56 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Trump has a rep as an equal opportunity tweet offender but it is noticeable that he doesn’t offend Russia,

      YoDon, just for equal time, drop US some lines on the evil empire else the Reaganites will begin to suspect that hIs Ras-Putin is “In Like Flynn” The White House is “RussiaHouse”.

      01/15/17 7:18 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Palestinian Embassy opens in Vatican City. No comment by BB yet.

      01/15/17 7:39 AM | Comment Link

    • chuck said...


      Obomber (the Peace Prize winner) dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016. What does he say if his daughters ask him about it? Does he answer “I’m Exceptional?

      01/15/17 7:45 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      Well….. Now this is not a surprise…..

      Wonder what happened to all the money.

      And….. Where are her supporters now?

      Where. Is the…. Outrage????
      And the calls for…. Investigations???

      Double standards…. And no accountability.


      In a “mass layoff” event reported late last week by the Department of Labor, the Clinton Foundation announced it would lay off some 22 employees at the Clinton Global Initiative, which attained notoriety during the John Podesta leaks, when the various details of the fallout between between CGI head Doug Band and Chelsea Clinton were revealed; it also emerged that long-time Bill Clinton friend Band was soliciting donations for Clinton through his PR firm, Teneo in an sordid example of “pay for play” which most of the mainstream media refused to cover, especially after Band emailed Podesta “If this story gets out, we are screwed.”

      Filed as mandated by the Department of Labor’s Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification, or WARN notice, on January 12, the Clinton Foundation’s Veronika Shiroka advised the DOL that as part of a “Plant Layoff” it would layoff 22 workers on April 15, with reason for the dislocation stated as “Discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initiative.” The layoffs are part of the Clinton plan put in motion ahead of the presidential election, to offset a storm of criticism regarding pay-to-play allegations during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

      As the Daily Caller notes, the layoffs were reportedly announced internally in September, ahead of Clinton’s stunning loss to President-elect Donald Trump. Many other employees had already begun looking for or accepting other jobs at that time, as it had become clear the future of the initiative was in doubt. It’s unclear how many of the once 200 strong staff might remain at the Clinton Foundation in some other capacity.

      As a reminder, while the FBI has cleared Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing regarding her use of a private email server, a parallel probe into the Clinton Foundation regarding allegations of corruption is still ongoing.

      The decision to sunset the Clinton Global Initiative reportedly set off a dispute within Clinton Foundation circles regarding the best way to handle the fallout from the allegations. Some complained the layoff process was “insensitively” handled, Politico reported, while others took issue with the optics of allowing anyone with the Clinton Global Initiative to stay on.

      And while CGI is now officially being “discontinued”, the same fate likely awaits the Clinton Foundation itself following news in the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s loss to Trump that Australia has cut its donations to the foundation to $0, while the far more generous Norway likewise slashed its donations by 87% as the political cout of the “charitable” organization dried up and as the opportunity for any future “quid pro quo” is now effectively gone.


      01/15/17 10:43 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      Which is worse…..

      That the US is doing this????


      That a law is needed to prevent this?????

      And … Again….. Where is the outrage?????

      But….. At least….. There is a bit of…. Bipartisan…. In it.

      If memory is correct…. We blame these groups for 9/11.


      Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has broken free of the corporate media’s narrative by accusing the United States of funding and arming terror groups al-Qaeda and ISIS.

      “If you or I gave money, weapons or support to al-Qaeda or ISIS, we would be thrown in jail,” Gabbard tweeted on Saturday.

      If you or I gave money, weapons or support to al-Qaeda or ISIS, we would be thrown in jail. Why does our gov get a free pass on this?

      — Tulsi Gabbard (@TulsiGabbard) December 10, 2016
      Most importantly, however, is her introduction of the “Stop Arming Terrorists Act,” which she presented last Thursday. In her presentation of the bill, Gabbard cited prominent publications such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journalto show that the rebels the U.S. is supporting in Syria are aligned with al-Nusra (which is essentially al-Qaeda in Syria).

      She is co-sponsoring the bill with Rep. Thomas Massie, who says the bill “would prohibit the U.S. government from using American taxpayer dollars to provide funding, weapons, training, and intelligence support to terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS, or to countries who are providing direct or indirect support to those same groups.”

      These concerns are not conjectures — they can be verified by none other than suspected war criminal Tony Blair. A think tank founded by the former U.K. Prime Minister released a report in 2015 that concluded it was ultimately pointless to make a distinction between the various rebel groups on the ground since the majority of these groups share ISIS’s core belief system (and would impose Sharia law if they came into power).

      “The CIA has also been funneling weapons and money through Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and others who provide direct and indirect support to groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda,” Gabbard stated on the House floor last week.

      She went into more detail:

      “The CIA has long been supporting a group called Fursan al Haqq, providing them with salaries, weapons, and support, including surface to air missiles. This group is cooperating with and fighting alongside an al-Qaeda affiliated group trying to overthrow the Syrian government. The Levant Front is another so-called moderate umbrella group of Syrian opposition fighters. Over the past year, the United States has been working with Turkey to give this group intelligence support and other forms of military assistance. This group has joined forces with al-Qaeda’s offshoot group in Syria.

      “This madness must end. We must stop arming terrorists. The Government must end this hypocrisy and abide by the same laws that apply to its’ citizens.”

      Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration are well aware of the support the Gulf states have provided to ISIS.

      The bill would prohibit any federal agency from supporting a terrorist group or funneling support through other countries that directly or indirectly support terror groups. It is also co-sponsored by lawmakers Peter Welch, Barbara Lee, and Trump ally Dana Rohrabacher

      01/15/17 11:00 AM | Comment Link

    • Kyzl Orda said...


      Hello Mitch – what is the weblink for the Clinton Global INitiative info? Thanks

      01/15/17 11:03 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      Hey Kyzi,

      That one came from came from a Canadian off shoot.

      Its in BBC… Just about everywhere now….


      01/15/17 11:17 AM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...


      Hey Teri,

      Found this for you…..

      When you say… Willfully distorting…..

      The words should be familiar…..

      They are yours….

      As I said…. Predictable.

      “. So they will be “at risk” for a couple of weeks while their weapons and attack ships are re-tooled. So the fuck what? Considering that our troops are mainly attacking extremely poor and defenseless countries and deliberately turning them into cesspools and ruined desolate ghettos that can no longer support modern human life, I wonder why, exactly, you spend one minute giving a flying fuck if “our troops” face a minuscule “risk” for a week or two. ”

      Teri said.

      “. teri on January 1, 2017 at 06:25 said:
      Oh for God’s sake, Mitch.
      You weren’t talking to me, but since this isn’t a private email between you and Pitchfork, but a public comment section, I’m going to respond to you.
      First, in your comment about the US military being at risk because the fleets and carriers are in dry dock: it is Christmas season. Traditionally, this is the time of year when the most servicemen are on leave and where there is little military action anywhere globally. It is the best time for the carriers to be overhauled and re-fitted.
      Also, you mention that our military is involved in 7 different arenas right now (and they have no support! the fleets are docked! they are at risk with no way to resupply! they have no support systems! they are at risk with no support! say it ten times with me!). However, these US military troops are involved in no legal war in any of those 7 arenas. They are simply operating outside the law, both US and international. Maybe you forgot to mention that part. Now, I know we are supposed to worship the warrior class, and hate everyone else on the planet, but I will say this to you (and to the NSA): fuck the US military, the weapons’ manufacturers and oligarchy that actually run it, its plans to dominate the entire globe, the volunteers who knowingly sign on to commit murder on its behalf and the mercenaries who kill anyone for money and who also serve the US military.
      So they will be “at risk” for a couple of weeks while their weapons and attack ships are re-tooled. So the fuck what? Considering that our troops are mainly attacking extremely poor and defenseless countries and deliberately turning them into cesspools and ruined desolate ghettos that can no longer support modern human life, I wonder why, exactly, you spend one minute giving a flying fuck if “our troops” face a minuscule “risk” for a week or two.
      You seem to understand that 9/11 was an inside job, that we were lied to in order to invade Iraq (and Afghanistan and Libya and Syria), that the US created al Qaeda and ISIS, and yet you reflexively fuss over the safety of the very troops that are wreaking havoc on and destroying multiple countries in response to those lies. I frankly find that puzzling, dude.
      In regards Trump vs Clinton, it is possible for someone to hate Trump and yet still be glad Clinton didn’t win the election. I wouldn’t vote for either one, since I hate them both and know that this whole election was a false choice presented to the public. The plutocracy is going to take it all – our social security/medicare/safety nets, our commons, our property, our liberty, our jobs, our money, our future. Either one would serve the same masters and I suspect that Trump was finally chosen (whether he knows it or not) as the fall guy who will eventually be blamed for the final nail in America’s coffin. He’ll be blamed once Americans figure out what is really in store for us. It’s going to be bad. And I can say that I am happy Clinton lost and at the same fucking time say that I am sorry Trump won. Can you grasp that? Both were forced on the public as our “choices”. And the election was rigged from the very first announcements of who was running, all the way to election day, when millions of people found that they couldn’t vote for either one because both were so hated. Tens of thousands – hundreds of thousands – literally couldn’t vote, since their names were erased from the voter rolls or their polling place had been moved to a place they couldn’t find transportation to.
      Last thing – about Trump’s tweet that you quote:“Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don’t know what to do. Love!”
      I don’t know what you see when you read that. What I see is a man who has a serious emotional problem. Trump may be an accidental fascist or perhaps an incidental fascist; i.e., he will exhibit and use fascist methods to get what he and his rich buddies and the military he so adores want, or he will let them use him to install such fascist powers as they need to get what they want because he is basically stupid and won’t know he is being used that way. Whichever. Some of his choices for administrative positions put the military in charge of civilian agencies (and in other countries, the military has to run a coup to gain control of the government – here they just get named into office), and his other choices put the oligarchy in positions where they can simply strip the population of all assets and protections of law. But getting back to this tweet you so gleefully share, it isn’t about fascism; what it shows is a man who is seriously retarded in his emotional makeup. He has the maturity of a six-year-old. There is something wrong with him, beyond narcissism or egotism or fascist tendencies – all words his critics like to use. I suspect that in a court of law, he would be found to be incapable of aiding in his own defense, because he is so severely stunted in his emotional capabilities and maturity level. Lucky for him, he has a cadre of attorneys on retainer so he has never had to be tested on this.
      It’s going to be a serious problem. I found it unreal that Sarah the Stupid Palin had so many admirers. She spoke in gibberish and couldn’t even put together a grammatically correct sentence. Now I realize just how dumbed down the population has become, even more so since the ’08 election. Ever see the movie “Idiocracy”? That’s where we are, as a nation. Trump supporters are going to be surprised, to whatever extent they are capable of comprehending what is happening to them, at how fast things they took for granted will be destroyed and laid waste.
      Saying that doesn’t make me a pissed off Clinton fan, because in truth I loathe her above almost all other humans, it just makes me a realist. Neither of them deserves support from anyone who is aware, alert, or who has any tendencies toward empathy for other people. They are both lethal and unacceptable. Both deserve all the free-range distain, distaste, and alarm that a thinking person can muster.
      Pitchfork – and I – made it clear for months how much he disliked Clinton. That he dislikes Trump is not a change in that opinion on her. It is so simple I don’t see why you have trouble getting it: he doesn’t like Trump either, with good reason. It’s possible to hate both of them at the same time. I sure do. ”


      01/15/17 2:15 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      I met Donald Trump. Talked to him. The guy ain’t stupid. He will take the townspeople for everything he can. It’s the ignorant townspeople who keep me awake at night. Just yesterday I asked one what was the most important issue to him. “Stop all this communist climate change propaganda and bring back coal.”

      We are swimming in an excess supply of oil, we are fracking our brains out, and this guy thinks we need more coal.

      How do you reason with people like this?

      01/15/17 7:17 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      Nice way to present it.

      Hell if I know the answer.

      I don’t know…. At this current time….

      Green energy… Not cost effective. Way to expensive to supply power, in comparison to the cost of building it… In a large scale plan.

      Not to mention…. The habit damage to big fixed blade does.

      Nuclear….. Yeah right… Too dangerous….and too controversial.

      Coal…hillary mde a big deal about it…. So maybe he’s
      Just trying to do exactly opposite


      So… Hell if I know.

      Here at home… We run 3 Dutch style windmills… A lot more efficent than the big blade things tht power companies use all over hell and back. Without the habitat damage.

      And a 3 acre, computer controlled solar field. Solar panels only charge in Direct sunlight… Which is in reality… About 2 hours a day…. Unless you have the field tracking the sun as it travels. Hence… Computer control.
      Very expensive. The 3 acre field buy back time was 6 years before it was cost effective.

      The large arrays…. About 44 years to buy back/ cost effective point. And not many companies can afford that.

      Big problem with solar…. The panels are a magnet for lighting strikes.

      Worse than windmills, by far.

      Expensive as all hell to put in…and…. If I had known what the replacement costs of the storage batteries was, when I did it,… I doubt I would have done it..

      Up side… We sell power back to the power company, about 10 months a year, from our excess.
      Most years anyway.

      Down side….

      Battery storage…. Bank of 50 deep cycle batteries that have to be replaced every 2 years.

      For the big, commercial fields….. Millions of dollars every 2 years.

      So….. Hell if I know how to get the message through.

      I do know…. If the repressed technologies would get released…. Things would be a hell of a lot better.

      Question/ information….

      Did you know that back in the mid 90’s… A man made a carborator…. That raised the burn temp of Any internal combustion engine by 6 degrees…

      In doing this… He created a carb that would bolt to a car….. Any car… That would get a hundred miles to the gallon…. And reduced emissions by 95 percent….

      So….. Great mileage… Virtually zero emissions…..

      And the man had so much pressure put on him….

      He finally sold the patent to GE….

      Who….. Promptly buried it.

      So….. Hell if I know.


      01/15/17 7:55 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Here’s a thought. We got brains. Us them. For example, autism rates have doubled in the past few en years. Thimerosal, the stuff in vaccines that some believe causing autism has been around for decades. What has changed in the past decade? What about Roundup for GMOs? It affects the gut bacteria, and the vast majority of autistic children have digestive problems. Trump trusts his gut. But he should use his brain too. Roundup the usual suspect said Rachel Carson.

      01/15/17 9:51 PM | Comment Link

    • Mitch said...



      I know.

      Here’s a thought for you….down under, there’s a girl… Just a kid… Middle 20’s…..she’s working with polymers. She may have figured out how to use them to defeat bacteria and viruses with out the use of antibiotics.
      If it works…its a game changer.

      You’ve seen the super bugs?… Yes?


      01/16/17 5:40 AM | Comment Link

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