• Review – Hooper’s War: Does it Offer Redemption?

    June 3, 2017

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    A Five-Star Review of Hooper’s War: A Novel of WWII Japan says:
    Does it offer redemption to witness the horrors of war through the eyes of one with a conscience? If so, then all must read Hooper’s War.

    Lt. Hooper is thrust into an invasion of Japan at the end of World War II – an alternative history that is as horrific as the actual account. His relationships with the Japanese woman, Naoko, and Sgt. Nakagawa make Hooper question his own humanity. Surviving battle after battle, often within his own army, does not provide Hooper solace nor victory. He must find a way to heal, even seventy years after the war’s end. The flashbacks unveil Hooper’s struggles bit by bit, making the reader yearn for the ending, if only to relieve the burden of memory. Hooper’s War is not an easy read due to the magnitude of the issue – the emotional weight of war – but it is necessary to read in the current divisive culture.

    Reminiscent of McCormick’s Purple Heart and Myer’s Sunrise Over Fallujah and Fallen Angels, Hooper’s War offers an intense emotional struggle not to be missed. As Van Buren writes, “..the question isn’t so much why Private Garner is screaming. It’s why we aren’t.”


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    • John Poole said...


      Survivor’s guilt was Rod Serling’s underlying theme in most of his notable Twilight Zone episodes. The survivor has a lifetime to ponder why they were somehow spared while the perished were liberated from the curse of examining their fate. External or self assigned redemption seems unlikely.

      06/3/17 10:18 AM | Comment Link

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