• See Ya, John

    August 26, 2018

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    It’ll always be too soon, won’t it?

    Glorifying McCain as a war hero allows us to imagine away the sins of Vietnam by making ourselves the victim. He encouraged unjust war in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria and more as a cornerstone of his career.

    When given the chance, he sold out and took Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate, enabling a change in the GOP and political discourse we are still paying for and he is responsible.

    As a victim himself of torture, McCain stood mostly silent when America tortured, finally mouthing some mild public platitudes while allowing the coverup to hide what we did. The American public knows 10x as much about McCain’s own torture as we do about what was done by American torturers to other human beings. Honor is not allowing torturers to go unpunished. Duty is not helping a coverup. Country deserves better from someone who knows better.

    “But I believe he thought it the right action to take” is not something I think you’d be willing to say to the millions of relatives of the millions of war dead victims of McCain’s lust for war. Shall we go to Vietnam and tell them? Libya? Iraq? Easy to overlook all those bodies and all those orphans in dismissing McCain as a man of conviction. Honor? He immediately dumped the wife who waited for him while he was a POW for multiple affairs. McCain voted with Trump 83% of the time, kinda an odd score for a maverick. He wanted to be president bad enough – for his own glory – that he brought an idiot like Sarah Palin on as his VP choice, pure pandering to the trogs of the dark side his party. In his final act of faux bipartisanship, McCain planned for and set up his own multiple funerals as platforms for people to glorify his own image and mock Trump. Classy AF.

    McCain allowed himself/profited from becoming a symbol and a myth. He positioned himself as a maverick and independent while towing the imperialist line for decades. I respect the things he endured as a prisoner. But his is a public life such that one can’t separate the individual out from the larger story at this point. I understand it is catechism to say only nice things when someone passes, but as long as people are going to turn McCain into something he wasn’t it seems useful to speak a little full-spectrum truth alongside that.

    I’m sorry for his family, but the America he claimed to serve is served better by the truth than another politicized shadow of the truth.

    Things that will be clearer someday: McCain voted with Trump. Millions of children and other civilians are dead and dying still today because of his advocacy for war. There is a meaningful difference between courage in surviving for oneself and courage to do brave things for others when the risk is a choice. When you are in a position to stop torture and don’t, and later in a position to expose torture and won’t, you are one of the torturers, too. RIP, Johnny. I’ll see you in a few years in hell.

    (The photo is of McCain with Ambassador Chris Stevens, killed in Benghazi. McCain died with that blood on his hands.)

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    • “Glorifying McCain as a #war hero allows us to imagine away the sin… | Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊) said...


      […] "Glorifying McCain as a #war hero allows us to imagine away the sins of #Vietnam by making ourselves the victim. He encouraged unjust war in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria… as a cornerstone of his career." https://wemeantwell.com/blog/2018/08/26/see-ya-john/ […]

      08/26/18 11:22 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Evidently McCain wanted George and Barack to speak at his memorial. Why not Sarah? McCain to me was a guy who saw the Vietnam War as an American tragedy. To the Vietnamese it was just a trifling home invasion- nothing even to report to the police- right McCain?

      08/26/18 11:27 AM | Comment Link

    • traven said...


      Thanks Peter for a realistic and honest look at McCains legacy.He had a crucial opportunity to go out in style when the voter of the big giveaway tax bill came up. He ingle hadedly could have killed it but he chose to put his name on it.
      We should also not forget that he was intimately involved in supporting Charles Keating who stole millions of investors money (including me) in a fraudulent fund for which he was ultimately sent to prison for.
      Nevertheless for the first time in my life I sBush Jr. upporte3d him iin the primary when he ran against Bush Jr. Somehow I had the preseance to see Bush as a greater danger to our counry. I met eith McCain a couple of times ar his fund raisers but began to suspect he waqsn’t the “maverfick” I thought he was.
      F.Scott Fitzgerals wrote in his novel The Great Gatsby. ” Show me a hero and I will show you a tragedy”.

      08/26/18 1:38 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      If John thought Arizona was hot….

      08/26/18 2:36 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      McCain: The Iraq War “can’t be judged as anything other than a mistake, a very serious one, and I have to accept my share of the blame for it,” as Politico reports.

      McCain was an ardent supporter of the “Bush administration’s decision to go to war with Iraq and a later US troop surge. As Michael Hirsh writes at Politico:

      McCain became, in fact, the first supporter of a “surge,” years before Bush and other Republicans did. “I came out of the Vietnam War convinced that frankly we could have won, and we had it won,”

      Brain dead.

      08/26/18 2:41 PM | Comment Link

    • chucknobomb said...


      Did Bernie say he was a hero? Bernie, sorry (for those killed and injured) McCain was a War Criminal, and your friend. Now that is sad. BDS

      08/26/18 3:04 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      A photo of McCain with the late Lawrence of Libya. Both loyal servants of empire. Chuck- Bernie is a phony. Maybe he and Hillary will run as a team on the Demo ticket. They can draw straws on who is Potus and who is vice Potus.

      08/26/18 5:05 PM | Comment Link

    • chucknobomb said...


      John and others…See Ocasio Cortez statement on McCain. Change we can believe in with phony Bernie?

      08/26/18 10:30 PM | Comment Link

    • chucknoBomb said...


      Does Bernie and O/C want Assange and Snowden Free?

      08/26/18 10:32 PM | Comment Link

    • chuckno said...


      Bernie and Ocasio/Cortez praise McCain. They are McResistance, and just as I have known and foolishly worked for BS, I am educated and work for the people. EDUCATE Sheeples. TY PVB

      08/27/18 9:52 AM | Comment Link

    • chuckno said...


      Bernie and Ocasio/Cortez praise McCain. They are the McResistance, a lesser evil at heart campaigning (the D Party), and just as I have known and foolishly worked for BS, I am educated and work for the people. EDUCATE Sheeples. TY PVB

      08/27/18 9:57 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...



      You are educated. Reminds me of the blind men feeling the elephant with the ass’s head. They are the same animal- the Wall Street War Party. Now pay your taxes and die.

      08/28/18 8:19 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      John McCain must be remembered for the millions who have suffered and died in accordance with his war hawk dogma. Trump, if he had the balls, should have been a man of his convictions about the futility of the Vietnam and Iraq Wars and denounced him. But the coward pussied out …like he always does.

      08/28/18 3:51 PM | Comment Link

    • MAA said...


      Great post, Peter. Ol’ JM – never met a war he didn’t like, including the one he got shot down in while attempting a bombing run over Ha Noi. Gee, I wonder why those people were so angry? I wonder why they wanted to kick the shit out of him and even kill him? WHY DO THEY HATE US(A)?!? Here’s the real McCain: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-542277/How-war-hero-John-McCain-betrayed-Vietnamese-peasant-saved-life.html So much for gratitude. War hero, indeed.

      Bonus: Johnny could sing, too, here about one of his favorite topics: https://youtu.be/o-zoPgv_nYg

      08/28/18 5:46 PM | Comment Link

    • chucknoBomb said...


      Pussied Out is AmeriKika. Don’t f with us. I am not angry. McCain is a Pig. Have a great day!

      08/31/18 1:06 AM | Comment Link

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