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    March 25, 2019

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    I’m trying to understand the Democratic/Media argument:

    — There was no Russiagate, treason, conspiracy, etc, like we said for two years. I guess Putin doesn’t control us. Meh. Movin’ on!

    — We’re gonna nail Trump on obstruction into an investigation into something that wasn’t a crime, an investigation that concluded without fetters, and which proved he was telling the truth about no collusion all along. Yes, he tried to obstruct the investigation he knew would clear him!

    — We’ll forget Mueller could have recommended obstruction charges but did not. If Mueller found the evidence insufficient, he could have continued looking as long as he liked but instead voluntarily shut the investigation down.

    — We’ll forget Mueller, even if he could not charge the president, could have charged others around him with obstruction, perjury, conspiracy, etc. but did not, because the evidence did not exist.

    — We’ll ignore that in real life jurisprudence when the prosecution says the evidence isn’t there and declines to pursue the case, the defendant goes home a free man and the show is over. Courts do not issue some magic certificate of exoneration.

    — We’ll forget in the summer of 2016 we all said about Hillary that when the FBI did not indict her over her emails that meant officially she did nothing wrong and not speak again of hypocrisy.

    — We’ll ignore that AG Barr actually did little more than CONFIRM Mueller’s conclusion not to charge, indict, or continue. The two men agreed, coming to the same conclusion.

    — We who love the Rule of Law will ignore that it is indeed Barr’s Constitutional role to do this, and instead without evidence accuse him of favoritism because we lost this.


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    • chucknobomb said...


      Did AIPAC influence any U.S. election? Gantz makes BB look peaceful. Wow. I think he will be pm . MoveForWar…U.S. & Israel. Watch out world. Wage Peace…

      03/25/19 10:10 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Did you expect the Propaganda arm -CNN, MSNBC etc – of the liberal wing of the War Party to admit it was responsible for the Hillarious debacle? Blame the Russians, not the DNC. Right. And now these pinheads are pushing Biden so he can lose to Trump in 2020, the War Party preferred candidate. Talk about a conspiracy. The War Party cannot have Gabbard or Sanders threaten its parasitic business model. Trump or Biden win. You lose.

      03/25/19 12:00 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Please refrain from using fictional terms like Rule Of Law. It just plays like propaganda for the War Party, as if the peons have a real say where their tax dollars go. Last check the majority of your taxes went to defend US from all our enemies. Perhaps we should have a Special Investigator to determine why we have so many enemies.

      03/25/19 12:09 PM | Comment Link

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