• Five Questions for Joe Biden

    September 19, 2019

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    I was inadvertently left off the list of pundits encouraged to submit questions for the last Democratic debate; meh, my questions were all for Tulsi Gabbard anyway. But in the spirit of open inquiry, I put together some queries directed at the front runner, Joe Biden, anyway.

    Q: Joe, how’s the asthma?

    Reason why I’m asking is you received five student draft deferments during the Vietnam War draft, the same number as Donald Trump and Dick Cheney, and in 1968, when your student status was wrapping up, you were medically reclassified as “not available” due to asthma as a teenager. In your autobiography, you described your active youth, you being a lifeguard and playing high school football and all. You also lied (note Biden lies are usually called gaffes) about being on the University of Delaware football team. Was all that hard with asthma? Were you diagnosed for asthma in 1968 by a podiatrist? Your vice presidential physicals mention multiple aneurysms. Asthma, no.

    Let me read you a quote, Joe. “You have somebody who thinks it’s alright to have somebody go in his place into a deadly war and is willing to pretend to be disabled to do it. That is an assault on the honor of this country.” Pete Buttigieg said that about President Bonespurs. Senator Tammy Duckworth, who was wounded in Iraq, called Trump a “coward” over the draft. Do you agree with those quotes?

    Q: Joe, can you explain your recent financial success?

    In 2008 you earned $165,200 salary as a senator, supplemented with $20,500 as an adjunct professor at Widener University Law School. You got an advance of $112,500 for your book Promises to Keep. Your wife Jill taught at a community college while you were Vice President. You two reported a combined income of $396,000 in 2016, your last year in the Obama administration.

    Then you and Jill made more than $15 million since leaving the Obama administration, mostly via a new book deal. In fact, you and your wife made nearly twice as much in 2017 than in the previous 19 years combined.

    Now we know about inflation and everything, but you were given $10 million for your 2017 memoir, Promise Me, Dad, roughly ten times what your first book pulled in. Jill was paid more than $3 million for her book, Where the Light Enters in 2018, same publisher as you, Joe.

    We all know how publishing works: The publisher, Flatiron, pays you, the author, an advance. Profits from book sales are subtracted from that advance. For a publisher to be successful, they need to sell more than they paid out for the advance, and because of this successful publishers like Flatiron get pretty good at estimating those numbers. Forbes reports your new book sold 300,000 copies against that $10 million, meaning you, Joe, took home about $33 per copy on a book Amazon is selling for only $13.99. Of course it is more complicated , but off the cuff do you feel you pocketing $33 on a $13.99 sale is a good deal for you?

    And speaking of which, a friend passes along her respect. Hillary Clinton only earned around $5 million from her campaign book.

    Your teaching pay went up nicely as well. You got $20,500 for teaching when you entered the White House. After you left the office, the University of Pennsylvania gave you $775,000 to teach, and then was nice enough to offer you indefinite leave of absence from actually teaching anything while you campaign. And you got signed for that gig only a month after leaving the White House. Side question: did you post your resume on Monster or Indeed.com?

    What role do you think your being the likely nominee played in how much you were paid? It’s almost as if people are giving you free money to be your friend. Is there a definition of corruption which might encompass that?

    Another friend sends his respect, too, Joe. He’s jealous almost no one talks about how you charge the Secret Service $2200 a month rent for a cottage on your property so they can protect you! He wants to ask if you jokingly call the cottage “Biden Tower.”

    Q: The cost of higher education is a major 2020 campaign issue. How much have you contributed to raising the price? No, no, sorry, that’s not fair. Joe, can you name a speaker you think is worth $180,000?

    The reason I ask is because Education Next calls you the “Higher Education Millionaire” based on the fees you and your wife collected from various schools. Those include Drew University $190,000, Lake Michigan College $182,679, Vanderbilt University $180,000, University of Buffalo $179,489, Southern Connecticut State University $124,515, Long Island University $100,000, Brown University $92,642, and Jill at Foothill-De Anza Community College District $66,400, Stanford University $37,853 and Loyola University of Chicago $36,000. Jill had some more speaking engagements and other gigs as well, for a total income of $560,000. There’s a full accounting here.

    And hey, Joe, did you know your 30 minute speech at the University of Buffalo was partially funded by “voluntary” student government ticket purchases? Anyway, at a total cost to the school of $230,000, that works out to about $7,600 a minute for your time in Buffalo. By comparison, a high-class escort there runs, albeit at a one hour minimum, about $400 (link NSFW.)

    Overall you are quite a talker, Joe. Since leaving office you made $1.8 million on book tour events and $2.4 million over 19 speaking engagements.

    Actually you were paid a lot more for your speaking than those disclosed fees would have us believe. Your gassing at the University of Buffalo, for example, included $10,000 for travel expenses. Your speech at Southwestern Michigan in October 2018 included $50,000 in travel expenses. Do you order a lot of room service, or are you padding your speaking fees with exaggerated travel expenses that you do not have to claim as income for tax purposes?

    Now we all remember Old Man Bernie chastising Candidate Clinton in 2016 for the large sums of money she received for private speaking engagements, what some called “Pay to Play” as powerful organizations, donors, and lobbyists paid jumbo fees to a candidate for a speech in lieu of simply bribing them directly by handing cash over in a paper bag. Can you explain how what you and Jill are doing is different?

    Q: Joe, do you remember the tax loophole you and Obama tried to close, S Corporations? Since leaving office you and your wife laundered money through S Corps to save millions in taxes ordinary Americans have to pay. Why the change of heart, Joe?

    In 2012 you said paying higher taxes on higher incomes was patriotic. You told us “We’re not supposed to have a system with one set of rules for the wealthy and one set of rules for everyone else.” Along those lines, you and Obama sought to end a well-known dodge, the use of S Corporations to avoid paying Social Security and Medicare taxes.

    You remember, Joe: By creating a paper S Corporation, an individual receives money for things like book advances and speaking fees not directly, which would cause him to have to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes as with salaries, but laundered as divestitures from a corporation he owns. As corporate money, nasty personal taxes are fully avoided, and the corporation can claim nearly unlimited “business expenses” to be deducted against those profits, as well as benefit from other tax rules which favor companies over individual earners.

    So Joe, it seems after trying to close that S-Corp loophole while in the White House you and Jill are now fans. In fact, your lucrative deals are funneled to you through two S-Corps, CelticCapri for Joe and Giacoppa for Jill. Your S-Corp is registered at 1201 North Orange in Wilmington, Delaware. That’s a popular block; right nearby is 1209 North Orange, the legal address of 285,000 separate businesses. Delaware, in fact, is ground zero for corporate tax shell companies; Michael Cohen had his there for Trump’s use as well.

    Delaware has more (paper) corporate entities than people. Joe, you of course were one of Delaware’s senators for decades. So you knew how things worked when you established your his-and-her S-Corps only days after leaving the White House. As a corporate entity, S-Corps can also make political contributions. Joe, your own S-Corp did so, neatly donating money to your own political PAC, American Possibilities.

    So Joe, the question is: is everything regarding your taxes a load of malarkey?


    Q: Final question, because I know you’re getting tired. How do you intend to debate Trump when corruption, tax fudging, and skipping out on military service come up?

    Are you just going to rely on the MSM not to ask about those things? Or are you going to go with Trump’s sleaze is worse than yours and you’re the lesser of two evils candidate because that worked out so well as a strategy in 2016?

    Bonus Sixth Question! Joe, name a couple of substantive accomplishments for your eight years as Vice President.

    Cat got your tongue? The Obama White House official archives include some of these as your accomplishments, Joe. Ring any bells?

    You led the Administration’s Skills Initiative to improve effectiveness of federal workforce training. Big one. You chaired the Middle-Class Task Force, which was “a guiding force in the Administration’s efforts to improve the livelihoods of middle-class families.” How’d that work out? You “unveiled” It’s On Us, a campaign to engage students and bystanders in preventing sexual assault. You also lead a national “Cancer Moonshot” to dramatically accelerate efforts to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer. Any luck with that? You “engaged the leadership in both Japan and the Republic of Korea to improve relations among two of the United States’ closest allies.” That’s going well, right? Do you plan to feature any of these accomplishments in your debate presentation?


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    • Rich Bauer said...


      Biden could adopt Demented’s strategy and call all this Fake News. This would undoubtedly blow a fuse at FoX Fake News. Instead, better to ask questions of all Dem candidates and Trumpie to screen for signs of dementia. Biden and Trumpie would likely forget where they are. The winner would be the one who could go the longest without uttering a lie. Of course, this will not be indicative of future performance.

      09/19/19 12:09 PM | Comment Link

    • Kathy said...



      Hi there!
      Thanks for all your work, first of all.
      I just wanted to share with you something I think is really important:


      This is a Subcommittee Hearing from the House Foreign Affairs Committee Republicans called “Meeting the Challenge of White Nationalist Terrorism at Home and Abroad”.

      It has a lot of troubling parts including:
      They are asking for laws to force tech companies to ban “hate speech”, which is now defined as anything globalists and leftist organizations like the ADL don’t like (and if you want proof that ADL is a dangerous leftist organization, watch this: https://youtu.be/6aDkQrTmZ1w ).

      Other troubling ideas these people have is that they want to use US military against European nationalists, and they want “White” nationalism (which they never define in the hearing as something else that someone who is aware that Europeans are indeed being demographically replaced via third world migration, which they admit is a FACT during the hearing at the 1:16:20 mark) to be considered terrorism, and classify anyone who doesn’t even join any group as a “White” nationalist if they ever agree with ideas like uncontrolled illegal migration being a threat to the health of Western Countries.

      It is a really insane video, I suggest you watch it and talk about it, because the leftists in the US government are going insane.

      Thanks for reading, have a great day!

      09/19/19 3:12 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      This could be a repost since I’m 75 so I’m now loitering outside the Alzheimer ward. I remember reading that Bolton managed to avoid the Vietnam draft because he felt by his time of eligibility America had already foolishly blown the war. Not that the war was wrong or anything but that it was a lost cause due to incompetence and he didn’t feel that dying in a rice paddy for a blown cause. Hell, he should run against Trump as an Independent!

      09/19/19 4:56 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...



      They don’t just send you old geezers out to Siberia anymore?

      In the old days Joe- Stalin, not Biden- the little man of steel, would just shoot anyone who would dare threaten his authority.
      We Americans are too soft. Trumpie may say he could shoot someone, but even his wife knows he only shoots blanks.

      09/20/19 1:51 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      The $64 million question for Joe Biden:

      If elected, will you pressure foreign leaders to shutter Trump properties in their country if they want to get foreign aid?

      09/20/19 4:16 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      If the Dems are only sticking this far and long with Biden to take the heat off their real candidate maybe they’ll use Victoria Nuland in a show of bipartisan camaraderie to make the call to Biden. Nuland: “Fuck you Biden!” Obama listening in on the conference call: “Exactly”.

      09/21/19 12:34 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...



      While you and Moscow Mitch may be enjoying Trumpie burning this country down, dont think you guys even in Siberia are not gonna get burned by his efforts to fan the flames of global warming. Trumpie is like Thanos: he just has to snap his fingers and the idiots in the Senate go along with his plan to kill half the worlds population. Trumpie golfs while the whole world burns.

      09/21/19 3:35 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Is Siberia Burning?

      Russia has declared a state of emergency in five Siberian regions after wildfires engulfed an area of forest almost the size of Belgium amid record high temperatures as a result of climate change.

      Officials said 2.7 million hectares of forest (about 10,400 square miles) were ablaze on Tuesday as soaring temperatures, lightning storms and strong winds combined, sending smoke hundreds of miles to reach some of Russia’s biggest regional cities.

      The fires, which began earlier this month, and the Russian government’s lacklustre response have raised concerns over Moscow’s commitment to addressing climate change. The country relies heavily on the oil and gas industry and has a poor record of enforcing green initiatives.

      Poor babies.

      09/21/19 3:52 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Trumpie is actually helping the Dems win. You just know Biden would self destruct. Don’t believe the Fake News that Biden is a better candidate. The same aholes who backed Hillary want to give US Hillary2.0. So, Ukraine, if you are listening, do whatever Demented tells you. He got rid of the guy who threw the last election- Comey.

      09/22/19 3:57 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Bauer- The good ole USA will survive Trump even two terms of Trump. Lighten up- bad stuff has been happening for thousands of years. We’re just one of many empires who finally sink.

      09/22/19 10:22 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...



      Such an optimist. Don’t think it matters if Trump is serving another 4 year term in the WH or ten years in the Big House. As you guys know in Russia, global warming is already causing more damage than the Orange Clown. You guys already experienced mass starvation, thanks to your little man of steal. Imagine half the world.

      09/23/19 8:55 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Bauer- empires come and empires go. The informed of such a fact are just hoping for a soft landing ala the once mighty empire of Great Britain. There are plenty worse places to live today than in the UK.

      09/23/19 1:08 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      And other question for Joe…Biden

      Reporter: Assuming our Demented Presidunce was so stupid to have his wires tapped, lots of people know exactly what he offered to bribe the Ukraine to dig up dirt on you. Assuming the idiot is impeached for this final act of treasonous incompetence, will you seek the death penalty for him and his coconspirators?

      When it Ukraine’s, the money pours.

      09/23/19 3:54 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      PVB-it is cruel and sadistic to ask to Joe Biden to address five questions. Two, maybe three at most but five? That is elder abuse and a misdemeanor in New York city.

      09/23/19 6:32 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...



      Speaking of cruel and sadistic, if Trumpie is sentenced to death for treason the Saudis do have the experience in executing the head. But we should waterboard him first to get him to finally tell the truth. That’s what you guys in Russia would do, right?

      09/23/19 10:32 PM | Comment Link

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