• Five Stages of Mar-a-Lago Grief

    August 20, 2022

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    Another week, another silver bullet missing Donald Trump. The endless roll of waves of crimes, accusations, near-indictments, and just bad words slandered away which we had all endured for the past four years happened again. We went from Trump has classified material under lock and key at Mar-a-Lago to a group of people paying $1800 to fly a banner reading “ha ha ha ha” over the resort to mock a Trump staying 3000 miles away in New York. On cue the regulars on MSNBC and CNN brought out their running dog former CIA and FBI officers to tell us tick tock, the walls are closing in, this time it will stick, Trump is going down, he’ll be in jail before he runs again for office. If we can’t stop him with the electoral system we’ll use the judicial system. This. Is. The. One.

    Except it isn’t. The offense itself — some variant of mishandling of official materials — is muddled from the git-go by the former president’s former ability to declassify anything, a power he claimed he already used before he left the White House to magically spay the documents. An Espionage Act prosecution is a non-starter, requiring as it does the showing of intent to harm the United States. It seems the documents, however classified and/or sensitive they are, were securely stored at Mar-a-Lago and the risk of exposure was very minimal. The FBI nonetheless threw the kitchen sink at Benedict Donald with a full-on raid, to enforce the Presidential Records Act, a law that actually has no prescribed penalty associated with it. Given the presumed age of some of the documents and non-impact, it was sort of like not returning a semi-important library book.

    The story will drag on a while, buoyed by leaks supposedly telling us politically salacious details about the secret documents (the single handwritten doc stored by Trump will likely take on lore akin to the grassy knoll for Trump conspiracists) but in reality “Mar-a-Lago-gate” is fast on its way to closing, joining Russiagate, Ukrainegate, Stormygate, January6gate, and all the others off to the side of history. It is close enough to being a dead story that it’s worth helping our progressive friends through the five stages of grief — Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance — that accompany something once so important passing. RIP.

    Denial:  Are we really doing this all again? There is no way tRump is not guilty of something. There is no way way the Orange Man can finish his term without jail time. Mueller laid out a roadmap to post-term prosecution. Wait until we see his taxes. January 6 had to have been sedition or treason or truancy. It could not have been sort of a violent but potently nothing, amiright? OK, fine, now that he is no longer protected as president and is a regular citizen again the gloves are off and he is going to jail. There is no way Trump is going to run again unless he campaigns from prison. You gonna ignore (checks notes for name) Cassidy Hutchison? Whatta you mean Georgia still hasn’t filed an indictment for election fraud, it’s been how many years? Wasn’t his grabbing the wheel from the Secret Service driver on J6 enough? What about that we call it J6 now? We were so close with the Emoluments Clause, and then the DC hotel business. The walls have to be closing in. Dig up Ivana, her coffin is probably full of purloined documents! Repeat after me: “I know we’ve said it many times before, but this time…”

    Anger: Mueller time should have worked but he wimped out! I paid $29.95 on eBay for a Mueller bobble head doll and you’re telling me the guy had nothing at all, not a pair of twos to play? Sanctimony (“Nobody is above the law, you know”) runs inverse to memory (“But her emails!”) in the poli-grieving process. If you’re gonna take a shot at the king you better not miss. And Garland has been putting in a lot of range time. I Googled “RICO” and per Wikipedia this has to work unless the DOJ is in on it, too.

    Bargaining: So Dotard had top secret documents, probably was going to sell them to the Russkies, so he’s guilty under the Espionage Act which carries the maximum penalty of death, like the Rosenberg’s or someone else, this is it, the silver bullet! What the hell is wrong, there were hundreds of peeResident Brown Shirts at the Capitol, can’t you idiots get one of them to flip and accuse Trump? What about the Alfa Bank and the Yota smartphones, the hotel deal, what about the pee tape for gosh sakes! You made us believe there was a pee tape and this whole Trump thing was going to be over before it ever really began. Where is the pee tape, we were promised a pee tape. And a hero, we want a hero and all you gave us was Robert Mueller, Michael Avenatti, Michael Cohen, Adam Schiff, Dr. Fauci (optional), Liz Cheney, and now Merrick “Milquetoast” Garland. Somebody do something to fix all this and we promise never to use the expressions “Period. Full Stop. End of story” or “Let that sink in” or “I’ll just leave this here” or “methinks” again on Twitter.

    Depression: Yea, that Joe Biden, what a guy, woo hoo. Yes, I guess we all lost our minds again, this time over what is probably “presidential memorabilia,” stuff that would have ended up anyway in Trump’s presidential library on “indefinite loan from the National Archives” if Trump had just gone through channels like Obama and Bush.

    Acceptance: OK, well, Russiagate didn’t work. Trump doing something naughty with the Ukraine didn’t end in an impeachment conviction. Michael Avenatti is in jail. The deal with Stormy Daniels and the other Barbies might have been sleazy but it was not criminal. And his 700 sexual assaults! So, alright, nobody could make a  indictment out of all that fuss over security clearances for Don and Eric. The Southern District of New York could not find something to charge Trumpkins with vis-vis property taxes or valuation stuff no one really understood, and the various walls never closed in. Maybe Trump will be forced to release his taxes if he runs again, there’s a bright side, gotta be something in those taxes, right? I mean, who takes the Fifth except guilty people, the Orange Man himself said that when he was talking about Hillary but it applies to him and the Trump crime family.

    The family, that’s right, that’s his Achilles Heel! Ivanka had some sort of sweetheart deal with China or something even before Hunter Biden to trademark her fashion things, and Jared sold NYC property too cheaply, and Don Jr., had his hand in some golf course thing I think I remember, in Sweden or maybe Scotland. And didn’t Trump flush secret documents down the White House pooper, that was wrong, right? There is still time for Trump’s accountant to flip and tell us all, got to be some indictable stuff in those books, eh? Or maybe Michael Cohen, he has a another book coming out, that will likely cement his role as Fredo and send tRump to the slammer. I hope his cellmate is ironically named Tiny. And Merrick Garland is not really done with the documents, is he? I mean, he hasn’t indicted Trump for anything over them yet — yet — but it could be just nine dimensional chess with Garland waiting for the exact right moment to bring in something from the Articles of Confederation or the Stamp Act showing Trump is guilty. He’s gotta be guilty of something. Right? We still believe.

    Maybe next time.

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    • Rich Bauer said...


      Good grief, Charlie Brown. Unfortunately for Trumpie the NSA has been snooping around too and has Citizen Trump by the balls. He is the creator of his own demise in making a big deal out of security violations and will be left with peanuts. Stop Linus.

      08/21/22 7:46 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Maybe Garland still keeps a drop gun ready to toss into the sleeping bag of some homeless guy on 5th Ave even though Trump no longer takes morning walks in New York City.

      08/21/22 8:52 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Trump Civil War Dies on the Pennsy Battlefield

      Trumpie has announced he will be returning to Pennsy to rally the White Nationalist troops for OZ and Demented Doug. Both idiots are going down in flames. History does repeat itself as the Trump Civil War dies in a Pennsy battlefield.

      08/21/22 8:57 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Step Six: Go back and repeat steps one through five. Corrupt Ukraine is now the USA’s proxy warrior against Russia. That scenario may have been only possible under a corrupt Joe Biden not Donald Trump. Trump could imagine a defeated Russia under Putin as a disaster whereas the idiot Biden would consider it a feather in his cap.

      08/21/22 4:53 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...



      Here in the USA the UKraine Special Military Operation has been erased from the minds of the voters. Nobody, even Peter, is talking about it. There is no grieving here. There is SCHADENFREUDE. Putin got Russians grieving for their sons who wont be coming home. There is no denying the fact.

      08/21/22 7:15 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Bauer: According to some distinguished historians and many Russian literary types Russians love to grieve. They feel it is their noble destiny to always be suffering. They have centuries of PTSD so it figures.

      08/22/22 12:09 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Trump stole the classified documents because he was in denial he actually lost the election by a landslide. He had his minions searching the TS documents to find evidence the Deep State was after him. He and his brainwashed supporters will never accept he lost…they can’t accept Obama was President.

      Talk about denial, 30 percent of Trump supporters still believe the South should have won the Civil War, and 70 percent of Trump supporters believe Muslims should not be allowed to enter the country. Surprised Nobody has asked them how angry they feel about Jews…like Soros and Zuckerberg and the rest who they think run the world. They just can’t accept they are responsible for their own depressed mess. Trump and his supporters are guilty of something called bigotry, which has caused grief in this country since the beginning.

      08/22/22 1:35 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Bauer: I also can’t accept that Obama was president Did it actually happen? 8 years where nothing changed except the rich got richer.

      08/22/22 9:31 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...



      If you really believe a President controls anything the 1% don’t want like raising taxes on the rich, then you should ask your nurse to increase your meds.

      08/23/22 3:39 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Trump was happy to see Reality Winner lose her freedom because she gave classified information to The Intercept about Russian spying. If the classified documents Trump kept are about Russian spying, then there is an empty cell with Trump’s name on it.

      LOCK HIM UP.

      08/23/22 8:55 PM | Comment Link

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