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    April 30, 2024

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    The critical element in the Trump “hush money” trial and the factor most likely to result in a reasonable doubt, is intent. What did Trump intend by paying Stormy (if indeed he did…) to keep quiet about an affair (if indeed they had one…)

    For a guilty verdict, the prosecution must prove Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels, paid her to be quiet about that affair, and that the principal purpose of the payment was to influence the outcome of the election, that the payment was from campaign funds (itself illegal in the amounts paid and lack of disclosure) and that Trump falsified business records with the intent to characterize the payment not as hush money but as legal expenses. Believe it or not, that’s the actual charge here when all the dust is blown away, falsifying business records.

    Before we get to the meat of the case — intent — a warm-up point. There is nothing illegal about paying out “hush money” per se. It is called a settlement and lawyers negotiate them all the time for clients via NDAs, non-disclosure agreements. A person receives a sum of money to not speak about some event, usually as a way to avoid a lengthy and often embarrassing public trial. So the term “hush money” is a bit disingenuous.

    As for the affair itself, the jury will need to weigh the statements of the only two people on earth who know the truth, Trump and Stormy. If you have nothing to “hush” you have no case. The jury will also need to weigh out whether money was paid to Stormy by Trump, and there again you have only two people on earth, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and Trump himself, one is lying. The so-called receipts for the payments are checks signed by Cohen, Don, Jr., and the former, and convicted, Trump CFO (who ain’t sayin’ ‘nuthin’ ’bout ‘nuthin here), but not Trump. The checks are claimed to be for payments to Stormy, again by Cohen and denied by Trump. No proof of payments for the purpose of hushing someone, you have no case (Cohen said he created fake invoices for legal services to cover-up the money.)

    The money must also come from campaign funds to end up as being illegal; it cannot be Trump’s personal money. This is because campaign finance laws limit the amount of a personal donation and require disclosure for a candidate’s own money donated to the campaign. Where did the money come from? Lastly, the prosecution must convince a jury that all of this, events from up to  nine years ago, usually charged as a misdemeanor, is actually worthy of a felony conviction. The prosecution must find a way, past the hoopla, to prove these points.

    But even if the jury can be convinced of the above points, largely on personal claims by disbarred lawyer and convicted felon and perjurer Michael Cohen, the case hinges on what was Trump’s intent all along.

    Trump may claim he need not discuss intent because there was no underlaying affair to begin with. More likely, however, at some point he could state something in legalese along the lines that if some sort of affair took place and if he paid Stormy to be quiet about it, his purpose was only to spare his wife and son further embarrassment. He was simply a marriage cheater. Besides, the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape was already out there, the one where Trump bragged about grabbing women by their private parts, and so how much of an influence could one more affair have on the campaign? Trump’s lawyer has already proposed another sweeping explanation in his opening statement to the court, saying “there’s nothing wrong with trying to influence an election. It’s called democracy. They put something sinister on this idea as if it were a crime,” he continued. “You’ll learn it’s not.”

    So the problem is, and it is a big one, intent. You have to intend to violate campaign finance laws, not make a mistake or just act like a sleaze. Any illegality comes from the supposition by Michael Cohen that he can speak to Trump’s intent, that the NDA was not, say, to spare Trump’s marriage from new embarrassment, but “for the principal purpose of influencing an election” amid everyone already knowing Trump was a serial philanderer. If the whole was primarily for the purpose of hiding Stormy from voters instead of hiding Stormy from Trump’s wife and kids, then the money was essentially a campaign contribution and a new set of laws kick in. But “it should be clear,” said the New York Law Journal, “Cohen’s plea, obtained under pressure and with the ultimate aim of developing a case against the president, cannot in and of itself establish whether Trump had the requisite mental state.”

    The prosecution has already begun setting the stage for the jury as to Trump’s intent with its first witness, former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker. Pecker testified at a meeting he and Trump (and Cohen) discussed how they might “catch and kill” negative stories during the campaign. If someone seemed ready to come forth with something that might hurt Trump, Pecker could “buy” the story from that person with the intent to simply hold on to it and never actually publish anything. That, the prosecution claims in what some lawyers call “storytelling,” will show Trump already had hiding stuff on his mind and worked out a mechanism to hush up a negative story. But if so why wasn’t that mechanism — the Enquirer route of checkbook journalism — used with Stormy? The jury will need to decide. FYI, prosecutors gave Pecker and another Enquirer executive immunity from prosecution so that they remain unindicted co-conspirators.

    What you are likely to hear in the media, and from the prosecution, is that this trial is really about something much bigger than false business records. It is about Trump trying to steal the election, something they’ll claim has plenty of proof of intent behind it (see January 6.) Never mind all the technicalities of campaign finance law and all the salacious details provided by ex-con disbarred lawyers and porn stars, this is about something we all know to be true, election fraud, the desire by Trump to win at any cost. He was afraid of what effect Stormy might have. He laid out plans with the Enquirer, used with another alleged extra-marital girlfriend, Karen McDougal, to kill bad news. He directed Michael Cohen to pay off Stormy. He had records altered with an intent to commit or conceal the real crime. He created a criminal conspiracy to help manipulate the election. He is guilty of something.

    We’re left at this early point with the question that nags everything to do with Trump — so what? It has been long-established Trump’s slimy personal life matters little to voters. Trump himself has done a masterful job of setting the stage for all of his trials, labeling them in bulk election interference and an attempt to use “lawfare” to prevent him from even campaigning for the presidency. The “so what” question here is so what if Trump is found guilty? In whatever form this all shakes out, guilty or not, will it matter on the one day it matters, Election Day 2024?

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    • Rich Bauer said...


      “The critical element in the Trump “hush money” trial and the factor most likely to result in a reasonable doubt, is intent.”

      The critical element in Diapers’ trial is not his intent for a jury to find a reasonable doubt. It is his ability to stay awake. The MAGGOTS do not care he is a rutting pig. They do care he is an old, old man well past his nap time. His STRONGMAN image is at stake. MAGGOTS are attracted to an authoritarian. Diapers is low energy. It shows at his pathetic speeches. The horseface is coming down the homestretch and fading badly.

      Old fiend, old fiend
      Sat on a court bench endlessly
      A fart blown through his ass
      Falls on his lawyer’s nose
      Oh the sound of the old fiend

      Old fiend, the old fiend
      Lost in his thoughts, waiting for the sunset
      The sounds of the city sifting through trees
      Settle like dust on the shoulders of the old fiend

      Can you imagine him years from today
      Sharing a court bench quietly?
      How strange to be nearly 80
      Old fiend, memory brushes the same years
      Silently sharing the same fears

      04/30/24 4:34 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      I’m baffled. Karen McDougal- playboy of the year. admitted to a nine month affair with Trump. She later apologized evidently to Trump’s wife. Surely she had plenty of toned rich guys hitting on her-why Trump? Anyone? Her wiki entry doesn’t seem to suggest a daddy fixation.

      05/1/24 9:12 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...



      Many MAGGOTS have unresolved abusive daddy issues, stemming from trauma they suffered in childhoods, often caused by abusive, cheating fathers. MAGGOTS identify with the cheating father that is Diapers. Mcdougle came from a broken home. Her mother got divorced when McDougle was nine. No doubt she was attracted to Diapers, her cheating daddy replacement.

      05/1/24 4:20 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      “We’re left at this early point with the question that nags everything to do with Trump — so what? It has been long-established Trump’s slimy personal life matters little to voters.”

      Peter, of course, means MAGGOT voters. Last election over 83 million voters apparently did care about Diapers shitty life.

      These maggots don’t care about life when it comes to shooting dogs in the face, cheating on a pregnant wife, etc. For all their faux outrage about abortion (especially not the ones they paid for), these maggot moral degenerates don’t care about their own lives. Following Mr Bleach’s advice, are you not Surprised any of these idiots are still alive?

      Although the Maggots failed to burn the Capitol and blame it on the Commies, I mean Antifa- their cowardly leader wants to make Germany again, planning to round up millions of migrants and deport them using the National Guard. Maybe he will inject them with bleach if they don’t leave.

      We are left at this late point with the answer that nags everything to do with Diapers- he attracts voters with shit for brains.

      05/1/24 9:21 PM | Comment Link

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