• You Die, She Lies (Libya Edition)

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    Hillary must be tipping the diplomatic sherry again, because she seems to be just making this stuff up as she (burp) goes along. Let’s start with her ever-so-earnest Tweets, showing her grave concern over the deaths of her foreign service colleagues in Libya:

    If any of that was true, she’d turn into a pumpkin for Halloween. Instead of the blah blah concern for everyone garbage, let’s look at the facts:

    –The attack was September 11. The investigatory accountability review board has not yet started to meet, almost a month later. Clinton took a leisurely nine days after the attack to even announce forming the group.

    The board’s existence was just announced on October 4 in the Federal Register, along with a note that “Anyone with information relevant to the Board’s examination of the Benghazi incidents should contact the Board promptly at (202) 647-6246 or send a fax to the Board at (202) 647-6640.” So, all you terrorists and random Libyans with info, please be sure to phone in during business hours, preferably in English, or dig out an old fax machine.

    P.S. The point is to ensure the report comes out after the election.

    –The compound in Benghazi, which spokesdrone Nuland refers to as a crime scene, is still unsecured and sensitive documents, including names of Libyans working for and with the U.S., are scattered on the ground.

    You can see these sensitive documents online, and not Wikileaks this time!

    Since State’s Nuland had a kitten when CNN found the Ambassador’s diary, she must had laid a whole litter over this.

    –No one has interviewed many Libyans with first-hand knowledge of what happened.

    –The FBI can’t get to the crime scene apparently, but the Washington Post can.

    –For all the babble about how well the Consulate was protected, it turns out that the British contract guard company (Blue Mountain) which is all SAS Who-Dares-Wins on their web site, just hired some local thugs to do the work for $28 a day.

    Hell, you can even see their contract, left on the ground in Libya. (page 7)

    –Even when Blue Mountain felt the security provided was “substandard and the situation was unworkable” and the Libyans tried to bring in a third party — an American contractor — to improve security, a State Department contract officer declined to get involved. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the department’s investigation “likely” would address the issue.

    –White House press secretary Jay Carney declined to comment on an assertion by the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that requests from diplomats in Libya for added security prior to the September 11, 2012 attack on the diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, were denied. However, Regional Security Officer Eric Nordstrom, who was stationed in Libya from September 2011 to June 2012, confirmed for the House Committee the security incidents cited in the letter, and confirmed that the mission in Libya made security requests.

    –The Consulate’s backup plan in case of attack was to contact a local “friendly” militia. So much for the Libyan government. You can even see the formal diplomatic note to the militia (page 8).

    Of course this isn’t the first time that Hillary has said one thing and done another, so it is really no big deal.

    Sleep tight America’s diplomats around the world, mama’s got your back.

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