• Is I a Real Juornalist?

    September 1, 2011 // 1 Comment »

    I thought journalists were supposed to think, but a piece by Tara McKelvey (photo), A Bigger Kill Than Bin Laden, is so sadly just stenography for the government that I hope she was paid off to jot it down instead of really being that stupid. She wrote about the US drone murder of the latest al Qaeda number 2 or 3 or 4.

    Tara (may I call you Tara?) wrote:

    Forget Osama bin Laden, the so-called terrorist mastermind. In real life, he was the guy watching videos of himself in a room in his Abbottabad compound; meanwhile, al-Rahman was making plans.

    Ok, check, Bin Laden was no big deal, which is why we took ten years to find him and everyone hated on him more than the Hamburgler. Tara, Tara, the US has killed al Qaeda’s number 2 or number 3 man so many times there are jokes about it.

    But wait, there is more from Tara. Here’s an objective paragraph that no doubt has her community college J-school prof in hiding:

    Obama supporters say the killing of al-Rahman is the latest in a string of White House successes against the terrorist group and further proof that the laserlike approach, with its reliance on drone strikes, is the right one. In this way, CIA officers are thinning the ranks of al Qaeda and gradually making them obsolete: Or, as Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said last month, Americans are “within reach of strategically defeating al Qaeda.”

    This is good news. With al Qaeda basically toast, we have repealed the Patriot Act, ended the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and can go back to wearing our shoes in the airport. Sweet. Thanks Tara!

    Ok, OK, here’s one more:

    Now that al-Rahman is gone, CIA officers in Langley, Va. and in stations around the world will double down on their efforts to pursue their other targets. These include al-Rahman’s boss, Ayman al-Zawahiri, (NOTE: He used to be al Qaeda NO. 2) who became bin Laden’s successor.

    In the meantime, CIA officials have reason to celebrate, since by almost any account the death of al-Rahman is significant. “Al Qaeda has not signed a surrender, and nor will it,” says Sageman, “but their ability to launch operations is diminished.”

    Now there’s the whole war of terror in a sentence. The goons celebrate some event as a major milestone (bin Laden dead, No. 2 killed) and then quickly add “but al Qaeda is still a threat” forever.

    It is almost as if the people making a living off of the war of terror just don’t want it to ever end.

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    US Losing Grip

    July 19, 2011 // Comments Off on US Losing Grip

    The Pakistan Observer ran an editorial today that was scary in its frankness and simplicity of tone as we approach the anniversary of 9/11 once again:

    Despite using excessive force and resorting to torture and intrigues for a decade, the US couldn’t disable Taliban power. Rather, they have become more powerful and resilient and are enjoying a military edge over the collection of most powerful armies of the world and are unprepared to negotiate with USA on its terms. With the killing of bin Laden, America is left with no excuse to prolong its stay, particularly when it claims that al-Qaida’s back has been broken. In fact it had barged into Afghanistan with the main objective of punishing al-Qaeda for its alleged role in 9/11. Ten years intense oppression and massacre of tens of thousands of Afghans and al-Qaeda operatives and death of most wanted top leader are enough to avenge deaths of about 3000 Americans.

    This amount spent in the name of insane war which has given nothing except pain and ignominy to USA is a big waste which can be profitably utilized for welfare of home public. It is ironic to see the sole super power mired in heavy debt and getting more and more dependent upon its archrival China for its sustenance.

    Read the whole article.

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    The Curious Case of Benjamin Qumu

    April 26, 2011 // Comments Off on The Curious Case of Benjamin Qumu

    Benjamin ButtonAbu Sufian Ibrahim Ahmed Hamuda Bin Qumu has lived an odd life, his own choices and actions constantly crisscrossing with the ever-fickle policies of the US.

    Qumu, the Guardian tells us, started his adult life in Libya as a thug, quickly ending up in jail for ten years for alleged “murder, physical assault, armed assault and distributing narcotics.” The US was in a state of semi-war with Libya at the time, though Qumu was unlikely aware of the changes in the US presidency that took place while he racked up years on the inside.

    He escaped somehow in 1993 and fled to Afghanistan, where, with US weapons and support, he fought the Russians while under the control of the good folks we’d come to know later as the Taliban and al Qaeda. Qumu likely did not know his weapons came from the US, but his existence depended on them.

    Under somewhat murky circumstances as the Afghan franchise closed down, Qumu found his way to Sudan, working for some of the same people he worked with in Afghanistan. Only by the time of his arrest and shipment to Guantanamo in 2001, the US no longer supported those guys. Osama and Sheik Khalid, once spunky revolutionaries comparable to our Founding Fathers and fat with US money, were now evil men. Qumu found himself in the Cuban lockup under US guard.

    History took another turn for Qumu in 2007, when the US and Libya renewed their vows and became diplomatic friends again. As part of the budding romance, Qumu was released from Guantanamo and sent back to Libya. The Libyans promptly threw him in jail, labeling him a “dangerous man with no qualms about committing terrorist acts.” Nonetheless, he was released from Libyan prison in 2008 under an amnesty.

    Now Qumu turns up again, this time helping lead whomever the “rebels” are in Libya, trying to overthrown Gaddafi, with US weapons and assistance. Qumu, once a bad guy, then a good guy, then a bad guy, is now a good guy again in the eyes of the US, practically ready to move in with John “More Blood, Please” McCain.

    Politics makes strange bedfellows indeed.

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