• ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Leak Investigators Target of Leak Probe

    February 6, 2014 // 5 Comments »

    Oh yes boys and girls, we’ve really deep down the rabbit hole now. Following up on our previous review of the movie Lone Survivor as a porno, it’s time to look back at the Best of War Porn and its aftermath.

    Kathryn Bigelow, the greatest Leni Reifenstahl-clone of our generation, made one of the most shameless war of terror movies of our generation, Zero Dark Thirty. In the course of two hours, Bigelow glamorized torture, killing and most other crimes committed by Das Homeland in the name of Freedumb. What made her orgy of horrors especially glamorous was the constant “rumors” in the media that she had had inside information from the Pentagon, juicy details of our Seal Team Crusaders and CIA torturers to fuel her blood lust cinema.

    Well, well, well me droogies, it was true. Not only were there leaks to the filmmakers, an investigation revealed the leakers were none other than former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and the Defense Department’s top intelligence official, Michael Vickers. Neither man faced any punishment or prosecution for their leaks of Top Secret or above information to persons without any security clearance who went on to put that information into a feature film released worldwide, including in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other terror hot-spots. All that alone speaks of the terrible double-standard that defines our government, and would be horrid enough on its own.

    Instead, we now learn that the Pentagon Inspector General’s Office is working to root out who might have disclosed the findings on Panetta and Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Michael Vickers to a nonprofit watchdog group and to McClatchy.

    The issue is controversial because the draft report’s findings on Panetta were sanitized from the version that was released to the public.

    I really can’t think of much more to say about all this. I think it speaks for itself. If you don’t understand what it says, however, I’ll spell it out: Leaks that make the government look good are good. Leaks that make the government look bad are punished under the Espionage Act and you will go to jail (ex. Manning) or be forced into exile (ex. Snowden). Hollywood Uber Alles!

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    Drone News

    October 12, 2011 // Comments Off on Drone News

    Given the state of affairs in Congress and Washington in general, it is no surprise that the big news is all about drones. Yes, America’s robotic killers in the sky– other than assassinating American Citizens, what have they been up to?

    Skynet Joke Already Made

    Well, to start, drone HQ has a computer virus. A computer virus has infected the cockpits of America’s Predator and Reaper drones, logging pilots’ every keystroke as they remotely fly missions over Afghanistan and other warzones. The virus, first detected nearly two weeks ago by the military’s Host-Based Security System, has not prevented pilots at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada from flying their missions overseas. Nor have there been any confirmed incidents of classified information being lost or sent to an outside source. But the virus has resisted multiple efforts to remove it from Creech’s computers, network security specialists say. And the infection underscores the ongoing security risks in what has become the U.S. military’s most important weapons system.

    OK, point taken. A computer virus is messin’ with our drones. Nothing to see here, move along.

    Like Your Drone

    Like drones? Me too! Why not “like” them on Facebook? You can!

    The Congressional Unmanned Systems Caucus, a Congressional group made up of drone lovers, has its own Facebook page. You can see it, and “LIKE” it, here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Congressional-Unmanned-Systems-Caucus/222909124388885. I’ll try posting a link to this page, so look for that! DO NOT make Skynet comments there, it is too too obvious. C’mon, most of us are unemployed with free time, so be creative.

    Secret Drones

    Lastly, sad-as-a-hound-dog Leon Panetta was almost jolly as he confirmed that the CIA uses drones to kill people. That used to be secret. Oh well, now it is a “gaffe.” Leon said:

    “Obviously I have a helluva lot more weapons available to me in this job than I had at the CIA. Although the Predators aren’t that bad.” He added that the Predators were “something I was very familiar with in my last job.”

    A Drone of Your Own

    Want more? How about your own drone? Click on over to DIY Drones, “home for everything about amateur Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.” You can’t arm them (legally) but, good news!, while “commercial use of aircraft with cameras is regulated, UAV/drone aircraft flying under the recreational exemption may use cameras and GPS.”

    But don’t go to that site if you’re a hippie or a terrorist, because “if we see any discussion of UAV use that we feel is potentially illegal or intended to do harm, we will bring it to the attention to the relevant authorities.”

    And those relevant authorities (Hank Williams, Jr.) will hunt you down with a drone like a freaking dog and use a missile to stamp “Made in the USA” on your burning backside.

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    Panetta in Iraq: You Do the Math

    July 11, 2011 // Comments Off on Panetta in Iraq: You Do the Math

    Since new SecDef “I suffer from a permanent hound dog face” Panetta dropped by Iraq this week to beg for US permanent bases and to invigorate the new rationale for the war, or more precisely, for continuing the war (hint: it’s all about Iran now), a few things to review:

    Before 2003 (per the 9/11 report and others) there were zero al Qaeda in Iraq. Panetta now says there are 1000 members.

    — Before 2003, Iraq and Iran were sworn enemies (photo above is the “Victory Over Iran” Memorial), and had fought a bitter war. Now Panetta frets about Iranian weapons flooding into Iraq, and Iran and Iraq are good friends. Commerce and social intercourse between the two nations is at an all-time high.

    — Saddam hated Iran and had nothing to do with them politically. After 2003, Iran played a very significant role in brokering the agreement that led to the current Iraqi government’s formation. The current Iraqi government shares close ties to Iranian leadership.

    — Before 2003, the number of American soldiers who died at the hands of Iranian special forces was quite small, possibly limited to a few of our own special forces troops. Since 2003, Iraq’s Shia militias have benefited from Iranian weapons, training and likely direct action from Iranian Qods Force SOF present in Iraq.

    Despite these obvious realities, Panetta in his alternate universe “aimed at urging the Iraqi military to take stronger action against Shiite militias and to see Iran as the Obama administration does — not just as a threat to American troops, but as a potential cancer in the country.” Panetta is the third top American official to raise an alarm about Iranian influence in Iraq in recent days. The Iraqis seem unconcerned, as one might expect. Iran is at war with the US, not Iraq.

    Panetta’s visit to Iraq also coincided with the death of another American soldier in Iraq, bringing the total killed since 2003 to 4471.

    One final note: Number of Americans who will be killed by Sadr militia, Iranian weapons and other sources if the US keeps troops in Iraq after 12/31/2011: Unknown but significant.

    Number of Americans who will be killed after 12/31/2011by Sadr militia, Iranian weapons and other sources if the US departs Iraq on schedule: Zero.

    Which alternative seems the best course for America? You do the math.

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