• Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (PDAS) Reveals Classified Info?

    October 22, 2011 // Comments Off on Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (PDAS) Reveals Classified Info?

    So, thirteen months ago I submitted my book manuscript to the State Department for clearance. Nobody at the State Department said anything about the contents until thirteen months later when Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State (PDAS) Dana Shell Smith sent a fax to my publisher asking for the redaction of what she said was classified material.

    The publisher refused to redact anything. You can read Dana’s original fax with the demanded redactions.

    So I wrote to Dana asking about this, and she replied. Better read our emails before proceeding.

    But, now I am confused.

    The unclassified email by PDAS Dana Shell Smith refers to an unclassified fax sent by PDAS Smith already on the Internet that acknowledges that the Department as represented by PDAS Smith considers material in a book openly for sale worldwide classified, meaning that this unclassified email by PDAS Smith confirms that the material in my book is classified, at least according to PDAS Smith.

    And somehow I am the one accused of disclosing classified with the suspended clearance because of a link to Wikileaks?

    I may issue an appeal to everyone who bought my book to please not read the sections PDAS Smith now admits in an unclassified setting are classified. If they have read them already, I will suggest they do Jaegermeister shots until they forget what they have read.

    Also, the claimed classified material deals with another USG agency. No one from that Agency has contacted me or my publisher. Indeed, no one from Diplomatic Security has asked about this claimed classified material.

    Just PDAS Smith. Digging the hole a little deeper.

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