• DS Hawaiian Murder Update: Bullying and Self Defense?

    November 19, 2011

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    As reported here and everywhere, State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security “Special” Agent Chris Deedy is charged with second degree murder in Honolulu. Deedy was in Hawaii to provide security for the APEC conference. Something went down at a Waikiki McDonald’s at 3am and Deedy shot a local guy in the chest, killing him. Deedy is also charged with using a firearm in the commission of a felony.

    The dead man tested positive for alcohol and cocaine. Deedy refused to take an alcohol test, but the press has carried reports that he had been drinking too.

    After a first court appearance in Hawaii, a few more details have come out in the media. The clearest version of the story online now is that the victim was “”aggressively bullying someone else” at the McDonald’s at about 2:30 a.m. November 5. There is nothing to indicate that the victim was armed. Deedy asked “Do you want to get shot?,” then kicked the guy in the chest, before cranking off three rounds from his State Department-issued firearm. The bloody knife mentioned in some reports appears to have been Deedy’s. Deedy claims he pulled the knife to cut open the victim’s shirt before performing cardio pulmonary resuscitation on the victim after he was shot.

    Special Agent Deedy remains in Hawaii, on “admin leave.” His arraignment is set for November 20.

    So a couple of questions for you legally educated folks:

    1) When I learned CPR it was not taught that we had to cut open a victim’s shirt. Anything changed with that?

    2) Is it normal for a law enforcement guy to fire three shots in a crowded fast food restaurant against an unarmed man, even if that man was a bully, even in “self defense”? Deedy’s lawyer says the killing was self-defense. I thought self defense was supposed to meet some sort of proportional test, otherwise cops would just be free to blow away anyone messing with them.

    3) Is it DS’ policy that its officers are allowed to carry their service weapons off hours even when drinking? Asked if Deedy was drinking beforehand, his lawyer said, “We’re investigating to see whether that is so, and if so, if drinking had any impact on Mr. Deedy’s behavior.” The victim’s lawyer said Deedy was drunk. It is usually bad news when your own lawyer won’t say clearly that you weren’t drinking.

    4) Can’t the Hawaiian cops get a warrant to force a murder suspect to take an alcohol test? Cops can do this in alleged drunk driving cases. Why wasn’t Deedy tested? Some kind of cop courtesy thing?

    5) According to Deedy’s lawyer, “The [State Department] want him to come back to work as soon as he’s able.” Does DS have no other criteria other than a stone-cold felony conviction? Can you kill a man in McDonald’s at 3am and just pop back into Rosslyn HQ a month later, no questions asked? Maybe like about judgement and suitability?

    6) Does Deedy still carry a State Department badge, gun and ID card while on admin leave awaiting arraignment for murder? In some cases (er, mine), admin leave is accompanied by State physically taking away my ID card and barring me in writing from entering any State Department facility. For the record, I did not kill anyone, just wrote a book. Does DS apply the rules evenly, even with its own special agents?

    7) (Extra credit) Do cops in Hawaii ever say “Book ’em Danno” just to amuse themselves? Did they say it with Reedy?

    Anyway, we’ll know more come November 20. Stay tuned!

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    • Peter (aka Dick) V. said...


      I am such an a$$hole. I enjoy writing about things that get me publicity for my ill conceived book. I do not believe in our current rule of law nor do I appreciate the fact that I am keeping many other (and much more competent) people from working at DoS because I continue to waste a spot there. I am opportunistic and feel that today’s issues are fodder for my “blog” regardless of the truth. I will continue to write my version of the truth and shine the lense of the microscope on EVERYONE other than myself. Thanks to all of you who believe the world is MY oyster…and remember Truth is a victim here at “We Meant Well.”

      11/28/11 9:31 PM | Comment Link

    • Administrator said...


      Awww, Mom, I told you not to write to me here at work… but what are you doing in Addison, Texas?

      11/28/11 9:45 PM | Comment Link

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