• Another Win for Iran, in Iraq

    July 28, 2011

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    All-around Bond-villain Muqtada Sadr has won pardons for at least 50 prisoners jailed for crimes including murder, kidnapping and, oh yes, attacks on US troops. Among those pardoned are prisoners who were convicted under anti-terrorism laws, crimes for which the Iraqi Constitution specifically forbids granting a pardon. At least three prisoners were serving life sentences; some were arrested by the US military.

    One Iraqi lawmaker, Amir Kinani, defended the “legitimacy of the work” of Sadr followers who were jailed “for hitting foreign forces.” Sadr pledges to continue attacks on any US troops/trainers left in Iraq by year’s end. In fact, his group now requires members to sign pledges of conduct which include the note that yhey must consider “as enemies only the United States, Britain and Israel.”

    The pardons were granted by Prime Minister Malaki, Washington’s man in Baghdad.

    For those too stoned to understand what this means, it means Iran wins again. Sadr spent his years on the US hit list “studying” in Iran. Malaki is also deep into Iran’s butt, having spent time in exile there himself under Saddam and of course owing Iran for putting together the current coalition. This allowed Malaki to steal the Last Election That Will Ever Be Held in Iraq, last March. Of course, Sadr is part of that coalition, and thus Malaki owes him.

    In related news, June was the deadliest month for Americans in Iraq in two years, with 14 troops killed in attacks. The Sadr movement’s Promised Day Brigade claimed responsibility for 53 attacks against Americans last month, according to the US military. In the south, local governments in Basra, Maysan and Nasiriya have passed decrees banning US military personnel from entering cities.

    Wanna meet the Iranian now in charge of Iraq? He’s a well-known guy in Baghdad, even if his name is not commonly used in the West.

    For every parent, brother, sister, spouse and child who lost someone in the eight year’s war in Iraq, this is what your loved one’s sacrifice has been given for. As the US concedes we just plain lost another war, Iranian influence in Iraq will remain ascendant.

    The State Department will call this democracy for a few years until we realize how fucking stupid we have been.

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