• Counterinsurgency Tips: A New Series

    February 21, 2012

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    Well, it looks like my previous posting of counterinsurgency tips was not enough, as some ‘Mericans a’fightin’ the ever-lasting gobsmacker of a war in Afghanistan just thought it would be OK to burn ’em up a bunch of unneeded Korans. This is a perfectly normal kind of mistake, since Americans always burn unneeded flags bibles garbage.

    A Western military official said the Korans were removed from a library at a detention center because they contained extremist messages. The reporters covering this story had no curiosity about exactly what that meant and so did not ask any questions as they took down dictation from the White House.

    One more fucking time now, and pay attention:

    Burning Korans is bad.

    Using Nazi symbolism is bad:

    Peeing on Taliban, also bad.

    It all reminds people of this:

    Any questions, please see your chain of command for more information! Otherwise, continue to follow the plan of the day.

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    • Lisa said...


      Oh, boy — fantastic, and terribly pathetic, no? It doesn’t get any clearer, does it?

      Perhaps you could find a cartoonist and submit this as a new FM?

      02/23/12 4:05 AM | Comment Link

    • jim hruska said...


      i’d suggest you edit your rule-instead of-using nazi symbols is bad should read-USING NAZI THINKING/LOGIC IS BAD. the symbols are less important than the mind set.
      Marines have written to my blog and stated that they think that COIN is garbage, and maybe i do too,but they believe that killing is the solution. that’s where i get off the bus.
      violence is never a solution, even in warfare.
      there must always be limits.

      02/23/12 2:36 PM | Comment Link

    • jim hruska said...


      i’ve been thinking about my cmt all day, and i must add-what do we expect from the troops when fm 3-24 clearly states that there will be elements of the host nation THAT MUST BE KILLED b/c they are oh so trouble some, and don’t love jesus.
      i must ask-how does this differ fron what the nazis did in all their conquests?
      ps – i hope i get this picture thing right this time.

      02/23/12 11:55 PM | Comment Link

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