• Leave Trump Alone (Because It Does not Matter)

    June 23, 2023

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    The narrative is set. Everything between now and November 2024, absent an actual alien intervention, is filler material.

    Trump will ride his narrative to the polls, campaigning even if in hand cuffs and an ankle monitor. He is, he will make clear, the victim of a Democratic plot to weaponize “justice,” dating back to 2016 when Hillary was let off scot-free for her email shenanigans, followed by the FBI’s concocted Russiagate, two impeachments, and now a carousel of indictments. His opponent is Joe Biden, older than Yoda but presenting more like Jar Jar, crooked in cahoots with his scum bag son to hard suck bribe money out of eastern Europe. Sleepy Joe’s narrative is to count on the same FBI going after Trump with both barrels to shuffle its feet investigating him and Hunter through the election, with a final surge under the slogan “Oh who cares, I’m not Trump!” to wrap things up. It’s all a rich tapestry.

    The problem is it is compelling; there is a lot of truth underneath the showmanship. There was David Petraeus, Obama’s CIA Director, who leaked secret docs to his girlfriend, and Sandy Berger, Clinton’s NSA Director, who stole secret docs. But it was Hillary who did get away with it all, at the FBI’s discretion (so much for one law for everyone) what Trump has been accused of in Mar-a-Lago. Hillary Clinton maintained an unsecured private email server which processed classified material on a daily basis. Her server held at least 110 known messages containing classified information, including e-mail chains classified at the Top Secret/Special Access Program level, the highest level of civilian classification. The FBI found classified intelligence improperly stored and transmitted on Clinton’s server “was compromised by unauthorized individuals, to include foreign governments or intelligence services, via cyber intrusion or other means.”

    Clinton and her team destroyed tens of thousands of emails, evidence, as well as physical phones and Blackberries which potentially held evidence — obstruction as clear as it comes. She operated the server out of her home kitchen despite the presence of the Secret Service on property who failed to report it. A server in a closet is not as dramatic a visual as boxes of classified stored in a shower room, but justice is supposed to be blind. More recently, what of Mike Pence and Joe Biden, both of whom have escaped indictment so far on similar charges of mishandling classified information. Trump voters know if the FBI is going to take a similar fact sets and ignore one while aggressively pursuing another, it is partial and political. No matter which candidate wins and loses, DOJ’s credibility is tanked.

    The Stormy Daniels case, and the guilty finding in the Jean Carroll defamation case, reek of politics. Neither case would have seen daylight outside of Democratic hive New York, and neither could have held up outside a partisan justice system that permits it to ignore Jeffrey Epstein’s death in custody or a city in a crime tornado (New York in the past year reduced 52 percent of all felony charges to misdemeanors, opposite of what was done to Trump) while aggressively allowing the system to pursue a decades-old rape case of dubious propriety.

    Witch hunt meet Hunter. New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg ran for office on the promise to prosecute Trump. He fulfilled a campaign promise and paid off his George Soros-connected backers. Bragg, in the words of law professor Jonathan Turley, had a “very public, almost Hamlet-like process where he debated whether he could do this bootstrapping theory [bumping misdemeanors up to felonies in the Stormy case.] He stopped it for a while and was pressured to go forward with it. All of that smacks more of politics than prosecutorial discretion.”

    Calling it all a witch hunt is just a starting point. The point here is not innocence; it is whether the justice system is going to take fact sets and ignore one while aggressively pursuing another, risking being seen as partial and political. No matter which candidate wins or loses, credibility is tanked.

    Still to come (at the least) are whatever judicial actions will emerge from the Special Prosecutor over Trump’s role in January 6, and legal action over the 2020 Georgia vote count (with another Democratic openly anti-Trump prosecutor.) Trump jokes in his stump speech nowadays every time he flies over a Blue State he gets another subpoena. He could easily head into the Republican convention to accept the nomination with multiple convictions and/or indictments on his shoulders. It won’t matter. The justice system is going to take fact sets and ignore some while aggressively pursuing others, partial and political plain as day. No matter which candidate wins, credibility is tanked. It grinds that most of the serious charges against Trump are under the hoary Espionage Act, seen by many as reviving the now-discredited trope Trump was a Russian agent.

    Mostly overlooked for now is how much of the apparent evidence against Trump at Mar-a-Lago came from his own attorneys. Attorney-client privilege is recognized as one of the cornerstones of fairness in our system. In the Trump case, the Justice Department used the one major exception to privilege, when the communication is intended to further a criminal or fraudulent act, to compel Trump’s lawyers to give evidence against their own client. Justice asserted Trump lied to his own team about having no more classified documents, and that this constituted a crime of fraud and maybe obstruction, and thus privilege is not available and Trump’s lawyer can be made to testify against his client. The crime or fraud exception to attorney-client privilege itself has a long history, dating back to English common law. In the United States, the crime or fraud exception was first recognized by the Supreme Court in the 1840 case of United States v. Privileged Communications. But Trump’s supporters are unlikely to read deeply into the case law; all they’ll see is what looks like strong-arm tactics by the Department of Justice. No matter which candidate wins and loses, DOJ’s credibility is tanked.

    The thing is no one has to work very hard to convince Trump supporters of the truth of what he is saying, that he is the victim. Trump support remained unmoved by the many investigations that plagued his presidency. Even during peak crises, views of him were static. Post-presidency polls continued the trend. Public opinion of Trump remains remarkably stable, despite his unprecedented legal challenges, and about half of Americans do not see his behavior as disqualifying, sharper if you divide along partisan lines. When asked if Trump’s legal troubles would impact their views of him, two-thirds of his supporters said it would not make a difference. That’s a committed bunch. Perhaps just as important, 57 percent of voters, including one-third of Democrats, said the indictment in New York earlier this year was politically motivated.

    No one can say who will win in November 2024, but one loser is certain, faith in the rule of law by a large number of Americans. They will leave the polls certain the system was bent to “get” Trump, either saddened by the fall of blind justice or saddened that it did not work and Trump remined a powerful figure with a large movement behind him, either in or out of the Oval Office.


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    • Rich Bauer said...



      1. When did you get hired by the Onion?

      2. The only big movement behind Demented is his bowel movement.

      06/24/23 8:32 AM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Donald Trump – anagram “damn TURD POL”- should be left alone. AS his ex-friends and politicos who touched the TURD found, all they were left with was shit on their hands.

      06/24/23 8:39 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      The guiding ethos (faith) in American style enterprise today is that with enough wealth and prestige one can escape any punishing accountability for criminal misbehavior under a no exceptions rule of law. Americans strive for “exceptionalism”.

      06/24/23 11:55 AM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      Hillary Clinton after reading PVB’s latest: “Where is MY justice? After being assured by my weasel posse full of Strzoks with their guarantee that, ‘We’ll stop him!’ I still lost. It was then- back in 2016 – that I lost my faith in the partiality of Departments and Bureaus.”

      06/24/23 1:44 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Trump takes a Dump- your name is your destiny

      Donald Trump- damn turd Pol- has an obsession with toilets. The guy has complained about the need to flush his toilet 10 to 15 times. Now that we know he was flushing classified documents down his dumper, it all makes sense. Trump’s huge Turds and copy paper are very difficult things to dump. And now we know the dumper was where he stored top secret docs. We don’t know who took photos of those top secret docs. Reportedly a copier was inside the dump room.

      How many times will the dumbest country on earth need to flush the damn turd Pol down the electoral dumper? I’m betting the next time the lever is pulled, the political toilet is going to clog and it will take much longer to clean up the place.

      Speaking of shit, It’s almost impossible to believe Demented exists. It’s as if we took everything that was bad about America, scraped it up off the floor, wrapped it all up in an old hot dog skin, and then taught it to make noises with its face.

      God, dumbass Americans sure love their hotdogs.

      06/24/23 6:45 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      While Demented should go to prison for his blatant crimes, chiefly sharing top secrets with those who did not have security clearances, let US not forget those who should have gone to prison for not sharing secret information – our vaunted intelligence community. There are sad parallels, depending on your parallax view, that those in the know and those who had a need to know failed or deliberately did not share classified info, and which contributed to the greatest tragedies in US history. X-ample: the CIA knew Lee Harvey Oswald was a threat, knew he bought the infamous rifle and had a job in the right spot to take a shot at JFK. It chose not to share that info with the Secret Service. X-ample: the CIA knew terrorists who met in KL had US visas and had entered the US. It failed to notify FBI Counter-Terroriism. The terrorists died on flight77 which hit the Pentagon. Then there were intelligence reports that would have provided sufficient notice that domestic terrorists planned to attack the Capitol. But bigger plans in Vietnam and and in Iraq and in DC would take presidents. In each case a case could be made it was not incompetence that critical intelligence was not shared.

      Faith in the rule of law was lost long ago, pal.

      06/25/23 8:39 PM | Comment Link

    • pyrrhus said...


      Trump won’t be left alone because 20% of the US population, but 90% of DC politicians, have an extreme irrational hatred for him as an outsider who never should have been allowed in their little club..And Trump matters because if it’s a race against Dementia, he’ll probably get 70% of the vote…but will not be allowed to win…At that point, most people will understand that American “democracy” is a scam, and America is finished….

      06/26/23 6:08 PM | Comment Link

    • John Poole said...


      PVB you knew decades ago that lady justice was winking behind her ocularly porous blindfold.

      06/26/23 6:37 PM | Comment Link

    • Skeptical Banana Republic Kid said...


      So, you’re telling me some are a little more equal than others?
      But, but, but…

      06/26/23 11:42 PM | Comment Link

    • Rich Bauer said...


      Trump and Desantis will Make America like Florida

      National security threat Trump and Meatball DeSantis have made competing fascistic denunciations of socialism. DeSantis told Fox News that he would “destroy leftism and socialism” if he won the presidency in 2024. Meatball’s mantra is “make America like Florida.”

      ——Florida is the second highest state in the nation with the most welfare recipients – including SNAP, TANF and Medicaid – and the second highest number of social security beneficiaries.

      06/27/23 1:05 PM | Comment Link

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